And so it goes…

It would appear that I was right in my post last week regarding the 2.1 patching process. As soon as I logged in last night and saw the “extended maintenance” message, I was pretty sure this was the real deal. Turns out I was right about that <nyah nyah!>.  I was also right about that PTR button, it was grayed out when I loaded my client this afternoon.

Unfortunately my server is one of those targetted for a hardware update, so I’m not getting to review the new content as quickly as most of you will be. I’m sure you’re all out there, gleefully questing and having a blast while I sit and wait. Sadly I was also right about the fact that servers often do not come back up at estimated time. Here it is 2:30 pm and my server is still down. With a new message posted saying the hardware updates are taking longer than expected <truly, I’m shocked> and will require another two hours. There’s at least a 50/50 chance that the new time window will also slide and it will be dinnertime for me when I am finally able to log in. Ah well, such is life. You’re probably not even reading this, you’re so busy enjoying the patchy goodness. Fine – you guys go have your fun while I sit around and wait. Go on then … Shoo!!

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  1. Tsark Says:

    Kal if it’s any consolation – I logged in promptly at 11:15am PST (when my server came up), got to Shadowmoon Valley, got my Netherwind quests, killed 2 man-rays, gathered two bushes and…. lost connection! My ISP somehow decided to stop working for the subsequent 12 hours. So, yeah, I feel your pain.

  2. kaliope Says:

    Aww, I’m sorry to hear that Tsark. Sometimes it’s even more frustrating when it’s just you with the connection issue, I’ve been there myself. I finally got onto my server about 7pm and was told by a guildie it had come online just minutes before that. So we were offline for a good 17 hours. Even after that it was super laggy for another 1-2 hours beyond that.

    I was poking around the forums before my server came up and Blizz had to do rolling restarts for all the servers around 5pm to apply a hotfix. Patch day is never smooth… hopefully tomorrow will be better!

  3. Betruger Says:

    I’m reading this :) I’m always reading your blog, but this is the first time i dare comment on anything.

  4. Grise Says:

    For what it’s worth, 8am to 10 am CST Windrunner saw three count’em three restarts. Combat was impossible (for me at least) due to lag, so I stayed in Silvermoon, chatting and perusing the AH in depth. (silk bolts and spider silk are _insanely_ high right now…) I gave up when the counter came on for the third time; I’ll sign on tonight.

    Hope to the Havens things are smoother tonight.

  5. Headrush Says:

    I was able to play on Kul Tiras this morning for about 90mins before the this server madness hit me. Onthe bright side, that whole time I didn’t get one gold site spam!

  6. kaliope Says:

    Looks like the fun never ends, more downtime scheduled for tonite :)

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