By special request – Epic Tribal Update

I know I neglected to include the Epic Tribal set, I assumed that all you other druids out there are now Feral and wouldn’t particularly care. At least in my guild all the other druids went feral, I’m one of maybe two of us that are still Resto (and I’m fence-sitting atm). But Trevor has called me on my omission, so here is the updated Windhawk set from the PTR:

Windhawk Tribal LW Updates

I’m actually happy with the changes they made here, although not “wowed” by them. The current Windhawk chest piece has

+25 INT
+25 SPI
+24 STA
+28 to Heal and Dmg spells
+35 to heal spells
+16 spell crit
and a socket bonus of +4 AGI <blech>

Now for the most part this is a healbot/oomkin piece, so what’s with the stupid AGI bonus right? But the real problem with this item is when you compare it to the blue level 65 version, the Living Crystal Breastplate:

+23 INT (only 2 int lower than the epic)
+17 SPI (7 spirit lower than the epic)
+25 STA (wow, I gained 1 stamina!)
+29 Heal/Dmg spells (one point higher than the epic?)
+55 Heal spells (holy crap, I’m gonna lose 20 heal bonus!)

Dunno about you, but for the relatively easy materials of the Living Crystal Breastplate I can’t really justify the bazillion extra primals including a nether required to “upgrade” to the epic version. Sure I gain 2 whole INT, but I lose 20 heal in the process, which actually is a raw deal for me. +20 heal is equivalent to about 5 INT worth of healing power. For you oomkins out there, sure the Windhawk is probably a notable upgrade. For us resto druids, I’m not feeling the love. But then again, when did we ever feel the love when it comes to gear, right?

Anyways, you can see from the PTR image that I will now gain 6 INT and only lose 10 healing bonus. A more reasonable trade-off at least. Plus they changed the socket bonus to +spell dmg instead of agility, a more logical choice. For a resto druid using this as their healing tunic, I’m still not convinced this is a meaningful upgrade, but at least the stats make more sense now. Me personally, if I decide to make this item it will probably be more for the extra spirit/stamina and the sockets than for the INT/Heal stats. We’ll have to see how I’m feeling once I actually hit 375 in LW and whether I’ve already gotten anything nifty from running Karazhan <wink>

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  1. vempy Says:

    Windhawk chestpiece compared to Living Crystal Breastplate:

    +3 stamina
    +6 intell
    +12 spirit –> mana/health regen :)

    -10 healing +19 crit chance ==> i dunno about u, but i definitly go for the critchance, you can have the 10 healing ;)

    +124 armor… (not really worth mentioning, but nevertheless)

    and on top of that 3 (threeeee) gems + 5 spelldmg

    So i’m pretty sure this is a nice upgrade of the Living Crystal Breastplate, altho i must admit for the amount of primals (and the nether) it is pretty costly… But nvm i’ll take it anyhow =)

  2. kaliope Says:

    You’ve hit on my true issue with the Windhawk tunic, the high materials cost for something that’s a marginal upgrade. Obviously I’d be happy with any epic gear I can get, but this thing takes over 30 primals and 2 primal nethers. That’s a huge investment in something that’s a modest upgrade in terms of stats, you’re probably looking at close to 1000g in primal value to craft it. By contrast the Primal Mooncloth Robe takes 40 primals and no nethers. True, it would take you 56 days to craft the 14 primal mooncloth, but you could probably trade for some of them and reduce the time investment.
    Personally I think they should remove the nethers completely, that would make this item more comparable to the Tailoring gear which I presume is intended to be roughly equivalent in value. I see plenty of priests running around in their set, which can easily be made without setting foot in a Heroic instance. For me to make my Windhawk set I’d have to run enough Heroics to win 3 primal nethers (so let’s say 15 runs if I have a 1 in 5 chance). Either that or collect 30 badges, which would also require 8-10 clears of a Heroic instance. That seems extremely unfair compared to the epic BoP Tailoring sets which don’t appear to require any primal nethers at all.
    And before everyone goes ballistic, yes I’m aware that Blacksmithing also has even worse primal nether requirements for their epics, I have a weaponsmith too *rasp* Although smiths actually have the option to craft the 1.0 version of their epic with no primal nethers and only if they want the uber-epic are the primal nethers required. So I still feel leatherworkers have gotten a raw deal compared with other specialty professions.

  3. Squorg Says:

    When comparing items, you really have to look at what you can put in the sockets. Here’s a few things you can do with this item:

    3 +9 healing gems (red) – you can buy these from a vendor in Hellfire for 1g80s, so for less than 6g you can turn your -10 healing into a +17.

    3 +18 healing (teardrop living ruby -red) now your -10 becomes a +44. The gems are expensive, unless of course you have a crafting alt who’s a miner and a jewcrafter…

    1 +9 heal, +4 int (luminous noble topaz – yellow/red)
    2 +9 heal, +2 mana regen (Royal Nightseye – blue/red)
    so that gives you 32 healing 4 int and 4 mana regen with the set bonus (turning your -10 into a +22 plus other junk)

    Is the server back up yet?

  4. kaliope Says:

    Squorg! You must be really bored, lol. No, our server is not up yet, I hate when I’m right. Since you appear to be championing the sockets — does this mean you’ll be making a Windhawk tunic as well? I’ll make one if you will, heheh.

  5. Pal Says:

    Well it depends on how much you farm Nightbane in KZ, as I think that boss is the only one which drops a healing chest piece: I’m not sure if those stats are before or after the patch buff, all the KZ epics were buffed a bit.

    34 Stam
    35 Int
    31 Spi
    77 Heal
    9 mana/5

    It’s very nice, but then you’re looking at less than 10% chance to drop on a clear. Meaning it’ll never drop until you invest in the crafted piece, then it’ll drop in your lap. 8(

    The sockets on the crafted item are the difference, at least blue gems in there and it’s a similar item. The primal nether can be annoying for sure. If your group is farming a raid instance it’s tough to justify the expense of a crafted epic. I made the frozen shadoweave and spellstrike sets for my shadow priest, and now we’re working our way through KZ and all the drops are sidegrades to me.

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