Patch Day Blues

I don’t know about you guys, but my guild has been all abuzz with anticipation about today. Will we be getting our patch 2.1? Well my prediction last night was “unlikely” and it appears I was right about that. The main reason I had doubts: downtime window too short.

Now I know that everyone is thinking “but we’ve been getting new data from the downloader”. Yes we have, this is true. I think it’s been so long since we had a real patch that you guys have forgotten what it’s like on patch day. More often than not they announce an extended downtime window. Since it looks like 5am-11am is now the standard downtime for maintenance day, there was no extended downtime announcement.

Now occasionally they don’t announce an extended downtime and try to stick with a regular downtime window. When that happens, the servers are never back up on time if there’s an actual patch in progress. For something this major I wouldn’t be surprised to see servers offline for 12 or more hours.  So the fact that the servers were mostly back online by 11am is a guarantee that there was no patch today. For those of you at work who can’t log in yet… no patch. Most servers were back up by 11am PST.

One additional indicator in my mind, but I can’t be sure it’s a confirmation really. This morning when I tried to log in around 9am, of course all the servers were still down but the PTR button was still up. I’m assuming that when the patch goes live they will remove the PTR button. I should have tried to get onto the test server but I didn’t have time. I will try that next Tuesday though :)

So I’m sorry to say that we have at least another week with no new content. They delight in torturing *ahem* building the suspense don’t they?


3 Responses to “Patch Day Blues”

  1. Xavier Says:

    Ya, I think a lot of people were disappointed due to anticipation. I am very excited about the patch, but I am trying my best to be patient. The last thing that I want is login on patch day only find half of the game to be broken.

    However, the past shows signs of hope! Blizz has been doing this pre-patch download thing for the past few patches now. The routine is often the same when they are getting really close to release. They start off by having everyone download the majority of the content followed by disabling the feature which allows you to create a new character on the PTR. This usually leads to one or two more weeks of final bug fixes and then they release the patch. So far, we have downloaded the content and we can no longer create new characters on the PTR. I am guessing that we will see the patch either this coming Tuesday or 2 weeks from now at most.

  2. Crazyhippo Says:

    I want 20 second fishing :(

  3. PostOffice Says:

    “So the fact that the servers were mostly back online by 11am is a guarantee that there was no patch today.”

    Huh, you mean since no patch was loaded when I logged on means there is no patch loaded when I logged on?

    If you log in at 6:00am Tuesday morning and get no servers found, there is no patch. If you log in and “Downloading Patch” shows up, thats how you know.

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