Epic LW Upgraded Sets

By special request, I bring you the PTR version (as of 5/15) of the Hunter, Rogue and Shammy crafted epic leather sets.

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Ebon Netherscale Armor Set

Netherstrike Armor Set Upgrade

Primalstrike Armor Set Upgrade

If there are any other craftables on the PTR that anyone wants a sneak peek of, please let me know :)

12 Responses to “Epic LW Upgraded Sets”

  1. Aufero Says:

    Still no sockets on Primalstrike, I see. Wish they’d change that, half the fun of high-end armor in the expansion is getting it just right for your character through socketing.

  2. Peruze Says:

    Are the mats required for these items remaining the same? Or have they tweeked that as well?

  3. Dan Says:

    Now you went and got me interested in leatherworking… =)

  4. kaliope Says:

    Sorry Peruze, I don’t know what the mats are for any of these recipes. I don’t have an easy way to view that since I’m Tribal and my LW is still stuck at 358. I will dig through them and get all the item codes once the patch is released so I can update my site with the changes.

  5. Borrodir Says:

    Thank you very much for this. So you can understand my predicament, I’m about to go Survival spec, which focuses mainly on agility as its damage scaling. As you can see, the ebon nethercale set has ZERO agility on it. This, clearly, has not been changed.

    However…. that primal strike set looks awesome. I’m gonna have to run some comparisons, but I wouldn’t mind wearing leather if it meant having an actualy upgrade to my damage output. Too bad about the lack of sockets, though…

  6. Borrodir Says:

    Well, without sockets, I can’t get anywhere close to the agility I already have. My felstalker set, once socketed, can give me 110 Agility (62 of which is unsocketed). Primal Intent set gives only 73. Of course, Ebon Netherscale won’t give me more than 48 fully socketed, but it’s just not worth it. :( If primal intent got gems, I’d immediately switch from Dragonscale and level up to make them. That would be an awesome set if I could just tweak it for my needs.

  7. kaliope Says:

    I agree that it’s a shame this “epic” gear is rather iffy compared to some other crafted items. I had previously decided against making myself the Windhawk chestpiece because I would actually lose INT and +heal by “upgrading” from the Living Crystal version at lvl 65. With the 2.1 tweaks it becomes a marginal upgrade, it may not worth all the crazy mats though. So I can understand your disappointment with these new and improved epics. I guess the good part is that the regular crafted blues look pretty good for what you get, in comparison to the specialty epic gear

  8. Xavier Says:

    There is a lot of debate about the quality with the upcoming improvements with the epic equipment. I think that a lot of people have different beliefs about why Blizz is implementing these changes in the first place. If one takes a look at the different subcategories of epics (i.e. LW, Blacksmithing, Karazahn loot, etc) and then you compare all of the epic loot within those subcategories, then you will notice there is a consistency within each subcategory. That consistency is the so called “Inventory Level”. For those who are not aware, the inventory level is a system that blizzard uses much in same way as our character levels work. Basically, for each inventory level increase, all of that stats for a piece of equipment rise by a certain amount. What Blizzard has done is taken into consideration each subcategory and chose to raise each of the epics in a particular category by the same number of inventory levels. After implementing those changes, they went back and made some minor custom changes here and there as they saw fit.

    Personally, I felt that this was a fantastic approach to the problem of epics not being powerful enough in comparison to some of the better blues out there, which was the original problem they were addressing. Blizz already implemented what they believe is a balanced system when it comes to different sets of epics and their comparison between crafted loot and raid loot. Instead of going through all sorts of custom changes, they simply shifted their pre-made system in large chunks. This solution is a great way to preserve balance in the game. Granted, certain pieces or sets of items are still subject to debate, but those few pieces here and there can undergo further consideration after the dust from 2.1 settles. Blizz has a good sense of control with the situation despite how slow things appear to be happening.

  9. kaliope Says:

    I think you make a good point here Xavier, and I agree that I’d rather see them take a consistent and fair-minded approach to upgrades than kneejerk answers to individual class complaints. As a druid I don’t get too offended by the lack of uber-set gear, I tend to go for specific pieces and end up hodge-podgy anyway. But I guess other classes don’t suffer from the patchwork gear issues like we do, so maybe this is a bigger deal to them. The most important thing is… they are still working on it and trying to make things better. This is always a good thing =)

  10. Borrodir Says:

    I suppose I just find where they choose to spend their item budget a little frustrating. While the set my have the same ilevel as a cool raid drop set, the stat focus is not at all what I need. Dragonscale Leatherworking is the obvious pick for hunter crafting professions if they want to make their own gear. I don’t know about shaman, but I think this set is only good for 2 of the 3 hunter trees. Survival hunters are very gear dependent, as our only scaling comes from agility. I think they were trying to make this set for enchance shaman, so AP and crit provides more damage than Agi. I want shaman to find something useful in DS LWing, but can’t there be enough sets to give everyone something they need? How many engineering helms did they just introduce for this purpose?

  11. Trevor Says:

    Could you include the Windhawk Set as well? It is epic isn’t it?! =p

  12. kaliope Says:

    I didn’t realize there were other resto druids out there who cared . Your wish is my command!

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