Leatherworking update + farming

I have been stalled with LW since I hit 355, I’m sure the rest of you know this particular spot. It’s when the green mail recipes dry up and we’re forced to make blue stuff. Well I just haven’t had the time to farm copious amounts of leather and primals with all the other things I’ve been doing, so Kali just sat at 355 for weeks.

The other day I finally decided to suck it up and find a place to get my specialty leathers so I could start crafting again. I had been buying cheap Primal Shadows off the auction for under a gold each. I was hoping if I farmed all my own leather I could keep my investment minimal on the blue items. I had zeroed in on the Fel Leather Gloves as the best use of cheap primals and leather. The recipe is yellow to me @ 355 but I thought it was worth the risk.

I tried several locations for farming the Fel Hides required to make this item, but I kept having terrible luck. I would spend an hour on one mob type and end up with maybe a handful of hides. Clearly this wasn’t going to cut it. So I went back to Allakhazam (again) to find a new spot to try and saw a post by another player saying that the Arklon Ruins were a good place to farm Fel Hides. Turns out he was spot-on with that assessment! This is the best farming I think I’ve done anywhere, including my Thick Clefthoof Leather farming spot.

The demon hounds that hang out in Arklon are very easy to drop. I was only having to HoT myself every 4-5 kills. By comparison I usually have to heal every 2-3 kills farming the 67-68 mobs near Cosmowrench. These little guys just don’t hit hard and they drop fast, they have about 5k hitpoints. They’re also like the perfect Fel Leather farming beast. They drop everything you need to make Fel Leather gear: motes of shadow as loot + knothide/fel hides from skinning. I was able to get at least a dozen hides in about an hour, plus a couple of knothide stacks. It’s like a one-stop shopping bonanza!

The best part is that they also drop decent loot, not the usual vendor trash you find on beasts. If you are Aldor they are perfect for faction farming, I was getting about 40 Marks of Sargeras in 90 minutes of farming. Now I’m Scryer, so that wasn’t particularly beneficial to me. But hey, I just plopped those on the AH and bought the equivalent Scryer drops instead. I went from 8k to 12k and dinged Revered with Scryer by doing this. Not bad for a couple of days work, plus enough leather mats to get 5 skill points to boot. I’ll take it!!

**2.1 Update** Motes of Shadow have been removed from demons, now they are only found on “voids”.  I haven’t personally confirmed this, but I assume the motes will no longer drop from these demon hounds.


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  1. vempy Says:

    start dreaming of clefthoof if you wanne get to 375 ;)

  2. Doxx Says:

    Just tried this out this morning and also got about 40 Marks of Sargeras in about 90 minutes, PLUS 3 Fel Armaments and a load of fel hide, much more than I was getting at the forge camp in Blade’s Edge. That pushed me over the hump to Revered with the Aldor. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Borrodir Says:

    For a long time, I insisted on farming my own mats for the things I crafted. After a certain point, though, I realized I was saving myself money while failing to earn even MORE money. I can make 75-120g/hour on the elemental plateau depending on how crowded it is. I know I could fly down to Black Morass and get fantastic drop rates on leather, but in the time I go there, farm it, and come back, I could have made 3-4x the money I saved by going there in the first place.

    I guess my point is this: for me, I like to farm where I can make the most gold, and then just buy the mats I need. It seems to be more profitable, as time spent farming mats is time lost farming more valuable loot. So when it came time to get Primal Airs for my Felstalker set, I farmed them myself. But I also farmed primals when I needed clefthoof or fel hide or knothide leather. I’d rather walk away from an hour of farming with the mats I need +50g than only with the mats I need.

    I totally agree that Fel Leather Gloves are the cheapest way to level even after they turn yellow. I used them (with a couple other pieces that I made for by request) to hit 360. I’ve since hit 366 making Felstalker pieces for myself and guildies.

    Being the Crafting Guru, do you know if they are buffing the epic craftables at all? My epic Dragonscale LWing Set (Ebon Netherscale) is not (in my opinion) an upgrade over the Felstalker Set. As a DPS class, hunters have to focus on the gear that boosts their Agility, Attack Power, and Crit. While the Crit is slightly higher (0.5%), the Agility and Attack Power are both lower. And this is an EPIC Craftable, requiring a primal nether in addition to its other reqs. It’s not an issue of “is this better enough to justify the mats” but rather “is this even an upgrade”. I have this hope that it is being looked at for 2.1.0, but I haven’t had the courage to hop on the PTR and check. Do you know?

  4. kaliope Says:

    Borrodir: I’m sorry, I haven’t even checked the specialty leather items on the PTR. First reason being I’m Tribal, which I assume no one really cares about :) Second reason is that things are still being tweaked, so the updates I reported in the first few weeks of PTR testing have already been changed again. If we knew when the patch was going live, I’d pop in a few days prior and run through my reviews again. But as it is I’m thinking I’ll just do a massive review in the first day or two after and catch all the changes then. Less than ideal I know, but without the heads-up on release day, I’m just spreading stale information. I can look those items up for you if you like and take a screenshot, but there’s no guarantee that the info I collect will be what goes up with the patch.

  5. Xavier Says:

    Borrodir: I believe that all craftable epic quality items are getting an upgrade for 2.1. For specifics, you can visit http://www.mmo-champion.com. The author of this site has been keeping up with all of the latest changes for the 2.1 patch including the new stats for epic quality items.

  6. kaliope Says:

    Thanks Xavier for the link :) I went ahead and nabbed some screenshots of the specialty LW epics that Bor asked about, but the MMO Champion site has way more info on the patch then I’d be inclined to post here.

  7. fortehwin Says:

    I have the Clefthoof set, fully enchanted and gemmed (more than 1000g went in the enchants and gems alone :p )

    I’m just wondering if its worth leveling for epix (feral druid)

  8. kaliope Says:

    As a feral druid, I’m not sure it’s worth maxing LW to get epic gear. The only items that would even remotely benefit you are from the Primal Strike set, which is basically rogue gear. All the stats on it are are Agi/Sta/AP, not ideal. I suppose it might be workable for a DPS feral, it would be pretty worthless for a tank. I’d stick with what you have if it’s working for you, and if you’re looking for better check the Druid Wiki:


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