*sigh* Engineering nerfed already

Well I’d been seeing some talk on the official forums about the latest PTR patch adding Primal Nethers to the epic helm recipes. At first I was in denial – I did not want to think about it. Then after seeing it again in a different thread I decided to take a deep breath and log into the PTR to check my recipe. Sure enough… it now requires a Primal Nether.

Kayree is terribly saddened and devastated by this. She was so looking forward to being the only level 60 tank walking around in epic Gizmatic Goggles. Obviously Blizz wants to make sure that only level 70 players can craft this item, hence the “nerf”. I realize it’s not technically a nerf, since they merely added a new ingredient to the recipe. But since that ingredient is BoP and can only be acquired by players capable of surviving Heroic instances, it may as well be a nerf to this wee gnome. I guess she will just have to enjoy her PTR copy, as that’s the only way she’s going to be using it. At least they didn’t take that one away from me… <sniff>

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  1. Peruze Says:

    Although it is rare, Nethers do drop in regular instances, so it is possable to get your goggles before 70. Just going ot take a little effert and a lot of luck. (I have 4 nethers in my vault atm, none of which have come from a heroic.)

  2. Crazyhippo Says:

    My team got a primal nether from regular botanica on saturday. So Peruze is right. All lvl 70 instances can drop primal nether, not just the heroics.

  3. Tsark Says:

    Keep in mind that from the patch Nethers will also be available in exchange of Badges of Justice in Shattrath. While that will still mean running heroics, at least you will not have the constraint of one nether per run.

  4. Tsark Says:

    Just saw this post from Drysc, thought it would make Kal happy:

    Drysc posted:
    “We’re in the process of reevaluating the power consumption needs of the goggles. While it was felt that the Primal Nether would be able to sufficiently power the devices, and through further testing, we’re currently investigating other power sources and their availability.”

  5. kaliope Says:

    Neato! Thanks for that Tsark!!

  6. nivaud Says:

    We’ve seen Murmur drop a Primal Nether twice in our last 5 SLabs. I was able to snag one (I’m a hunter) and now that I have my flying mount I plan to pickup engineering for the Deathblow X11 Goggles. I pose this question:

    can I get to Engineering 350 on say… 2k gold?

  7. nivaud Says:

    (Non heroic SLabs)

  8. kaliope Says:

    Hi Nivaud,

    Wow, even if I remembered what I spent, it was pre-BC economy for me which wouldn’t help you. I think I farmed most of my ore anyway, which is the bulk of the cost. I also got from 350-375 quite cheaply myself, because my Jewelcrafter farmed the ore and gems required to make the epic goggles. So I guess I’d say if you can farm the ore yourself, you should be able to do it super cheap. If you purchased all the mats I still think you could hit 350 Eng for less than 500g. I found a skill up guide on the Wiki that I would mostly agree with on progression although I think this is old data so make sure you consult your trade window and check what’s OJ to you before you pre-buy a ton of mats:


    Also, I’m collecting notes for my own 300-375 guide (not done yet) and here’s what I have:

    300-310: Fel Iron Bolts/E. Blasting Pdr
    310-325: Fel Iron Shells/Bolts/Blasting Pdr
    323-335: Fel Iron Bomb/Fel Iron Shells
    335-350: Adamantite Shells or Smoke Flares
    350-375: Felsteel Stabilizer/Khorium Power Core/Hard Adam. Tube

    Good Luck and let me know how it goes!

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