Fishing to 375

I finally hit 375 in Fishing yesterday – woot! Getting your fishing up is no small task, let me tell ya. Thank goodness they are making some much needed changes in the next patch.  It won’t make the grind significantly faster, but it should cut down the frustration level.

First I can confirm that the number of successful casts does not ramp up significantly from 300-375. In my first test I was getting a skill point every 9-10 catches. At the end I was getting a skill point every 10-11 catches. It went up slightly, but not enough to really be a problem. I guess Blizz decided that a 10% skill-up rate was enough aggravation, lol.

I also want to take this opportunity to remind everyone that fishing is more lucrative than it used to be. Certain fish provide sought after food buffs such as the Sporefish and Bluefin. I was able to sell a stack of Sporefish recently for 20g, that’s pretty good money for fish. I regularly get crates that contain ore/engineering parts and other various crafting mats. Fishing also happens to be one of the easier ways to get motes of water, which are almost as expensive as air and fire on my server. Fishing can be a nice way to break from the normal farming grind and do something productive, yet relaxing. So c’mon — give it a try!


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  1. Thistlefur Says:

    I agree though I only got to like 350 and I just use lures to fish for the crawdads which I think of all foods sells the best due to rarety ect.

    Since I store anything white and have a total of like 7 chars 5 above 64 I made a ton of lures I think I still have about 240 to burn through, lol.

  2. Xavier Says:

    I will be waiting for the patch to grind my fishing. The food buffs are worth it since I raid a lot. I have to say that I disagree that the changes in the patch will not make the grind much faster though. The two key changes are that the cast time is being reduced from 30 seconds to 20 seconds and a fish will always bite on each cast. The cast time reduction should decrease the grind by 1/3 of the time alone. Getting your hands on a bunch of lures from an engineer before grinding is well worth it. The mats to make them are cheap.

  3. Pal Says:

    Yeah I would say at least 1 in 10 casts would result in no bite, if not more. Toss in a 33% reduction in casting time, and it is worth leveling fishing up. Tie that in with pre-season football, and I might finally get a toon with max fishing skill! 8^)

  4. Crazyhippo Says:

    I thought fishing was something boring early on… but once my toon hit lvl 70 I decided to lvl up profession. It was nice for a change to just go out and fish… so funny how low level people (both allies and horde) pass by a lvl 70 Shadow Priest fishing and they just stare at you like WTF.

    This morning, i took 20 mins and fished 26 motes of water along with 3 netherweave and 3 scrolls of protection V (+300 defense)… I’m pretty sure i can sell Sporefish for 10-15g a stack in my server.. havent tried though. I can probably sell crawdad for 20g and 30g for the healing fish. I think it is harder to catch healing fish than crawdad as I never find any pools of healing fish in terrokar (where are they?)

    I also agree that fishing will be much better next patch… 20 sec casts.. that’s 30 casts in 10 mins… a lot better than the previous 20 casts. And now you won’t be pissed cuz fish don’t bite… I get angry when they do not bite I rather have them run away that not biting.

    My guild (a small guild with mostly real life friends) were so pissed off at me cuz I was the first priest at level 70, and instead of going instance griding endlessly I went level up my professions. They were specially pissed at my cooking and fishing. Now we can’t go in a raid without rogues asking for +agi food and mana user asking for Mana or healing food. They really have no clue how hard it is to gather that food.

    Hey even my guildmaster is happy about it… he usually sends me packages of 40-60 meat from nagrand so i can cook it for raids.
    My guildies still don’t get in the habit of farming it themselves.

  5. Flap Says:

    Nice. I just hit 375 a week or two ago. Furious Crawdads and Golden Fish Sticks bring in some nice money. And I am still hoping for Mr. Pinchy!

  6. vempy Says:

    golden darters can be fished easily from terokar forrest, near allarian hold, just follow the rivers up north and norht east :)

    other then that, spicy crawdads are a piece a cake to fish there, and going to nagrand for agi, spelldmg n motes is very lucrative… the zangarmarsh fishes however, i never really go there…

  7. Crazyhippo Says:

    new record 24 motes of water in 12 mins… fishing is the king

  8. kaliope Says:

    Wow, who knew there was so much excitement about fishing? ;) I guess you’re right about the cast-time issue guys, I wasn’t really thinking about that in terms of % time reduction. The big question I have is – where can I score some of these motes? I just realized that the major heal chant I was planning to get on my new Scryer staff requires 8 of those things and I have like 1 in the bank. I fish alot in Zang and near Allerian, but have yet to get more than an occasional mote. So hook me up! And please don’t say Elemental Plateau or Slimyr Lake, those places are uber-camped on my server. I’m hoping there’s some place that isn’t over-farmed where I can get decent mote drops. Surely someone knows at least one spot!

  9. Crazyhippo Says:

    Sorry only 2 places in WoW where you can find “Pure Water” all of them in Nagrand

    1) Just north of the Horde town (sometimes the school of fish as replaced by “Schools of mote of water”)

    2) Elemental Plateu lake.

    I just wake up at 6 AM (3 AM server time) to go to work and spend 10-20 mins fishing and doing my transmutes. Sometimes I check that place right before login in and login out… If you are lucky enough you will find them full of motes even on a busy day. I think we don’t have many fisherman or cooks so that’s probably why it is easier for me

    About 5% of your casts in Schools of any kind (including boxes/wreckage) will yield 1 or 2 motes of water. So you can just keep fishing golden darters or sporefish and you will get the necesary motes eventually.

    Some math… 1 hour fishing in schools = 60 min = 80 casts (it could be more but not likely you might run out of schools or get attacked).
    80casts * 5% = 4 casts with motes of water. That’s 4-8 motes depending on your luck. If you are really lucky you might get a 6g vendorfish… omg I LOVE the vendorfish, i’ve gotten it like 3-4 times.

    If you absolutely have to farm motes… go to elemental plateu and kill water elementals, at some point the Pure Water schools will show and you can replace mob grinding by fishing. People is usually happy to see they aren’t fighting with you for elementals :)

  10. Ratmaggot Says:

    Having also just hit 375 I can agree: hard work. Probably harder in many ways than most of the rest of WoW (and hell, I’m a priest). I did 1-300 in SW (kid you not) and then the rest in Terrokar, which means I now have a lifetimes supply of good buff food in the bank (375 cooking as well). Still, it’s rewarding to see that 375 sitting there.

    In case you wonder, the reason I levelled in SW, despite the catches being worthless was because I was a new transfer to the server and had no guild. There’s nothing more boring than not having anything to read when fishing!

  11. Voodoodoc Says:

    The pools of “Pure Water” spawn quite often in the north-east area of Nagrande. I have found pools all around the lake as well as the streams that run westward toward Halaa. The elemental plateau lake usually has between 1-4 pools at any given time. Of course this has been my own personal experience.

    I spent a morning “sick” from work leveling my fishing and after 2 hours of fishing that area, I managed to get 8 primal water and 2 stacks of bluefish. With the cost of primal water starting to stabilize on my server (Muradin) to about 20g each. It is still pretty profitable.

  12. Crazyhippo Says:

    Yesterday someone offered me 1g per Golden Darter (raw or cooked).

    If you are a healer or a tank there’s no easier way to get money than fishing. 1 hour fishing can easily net you 50g-80g (depending on server and luck with schools).

    Ok… so DPSer can get more gold by grinding mobs and questing … but we all know that. The thing is that Fishing is a great alternative to those who can’t deal much damage damage.

  13. Voodoodoc Says:

    Woohoo new update! I caught Mr. Pinchy and on the first attempt he gave me the Magical Crawdad pet!

    I also found more pools of Pure Water in the lake next to the Sunspring Post in Nagrande.

  14. kaliope Says:

    Wow, nice luck Voodoo! I wish I had found Mr. Pinchy, but I haven’t been terribly aggressive with the crawdad fishing. Too many ppl are camping them on my server :(

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