The Big Unveiling!

Let me take you on a little time-traveling journey to Christmas 2006. I wanted to buy a cool gaming t-shirt for my brother while unbeknownst to me, hubbie also wanted to find a cool shirt for me. I know I personally spent several hours browsing through over 100 pages on Cafe Press and didn’t find even one shirt I was jazzed about. Sadly, I ended up getting something “meh” from Jinx for my bro. Hubbie also got me a shirt from Jinx, but we both agreed that they were merely the best of the mediocre crop. Apparently most people think you can slap some catchy text on a shirt and call it good. Well not this gal!

So fast forward a few months to the letdown performance of Google Ads for Crafter’s Tome. Then a light bulb dinged — what if we made the cool shirts? So we’ve been working since then to come up with fun concepts and find artists who could help make them happen. Luckily the call-out on my blog really helped bring in some much needed artistic talent for the project. Now we’re finally ready to show our stuff. We really hope this will be a win-win for everyone. We get a little compensation for our time and you guys get some great gaming shirts and goodies!

At this point we only have a few designs available, but we hope to add more if the response is good. In fact, we plan to let you guys in on the process. When we’re ready to launch new designs, we’ll post a poll and let everyone vote on their favorite for the next wave of items. This way we won’t have to guess what you want, you’ll be able to tell us =)

Ok, you’ve got my attention. Take me to the Store!


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  1. Maebius Says:

    Very, very cool. I think I’ll be ordering the Herbalist one come payday next week! You sure you didn’t screencap my Tauren for your own nefarious needs? :)

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