My First Heroic Instance

I realize some of you uber people have probably been doing heroic dungeons for months, but Kaliope just got her first key a couple of weeks ago. Plus she’s been trying to get through all the Karazhan pre-requisite quests, so I hadn’t had a good opportunity to try a heroic instance yet. But last night I not only got my key frag from the Black Morass thanks to a great guild group (TY-Oldone, Dirtybirdy, Badmonkey & Squeekie!), I also got a stab at my first Heroic run.

We ended up going to Coilfang since there were more people with that particular key. They chose Slave Pens, which was fine by me since this was my first time out. As a healer, I wasn’t interested in biting off more than I could chew <heh>. Still, I was bracing for the worst. I put on all my best +heal gear, popped a +heal pot and ate some +heal food. Our leader warned us up front that we could not afford any mistakes with aggro, and he was definitely right about that. That’s probably the biggest issue I noted, if anyone steals aggro from the tank they will die. No room for error on that one unless you are fan of wipes and repair bills.

Another potentially major problem is that keeping the tank alive requires almost chain-healing from the healer. This means that other folks need to avoid being hit or bandage themselves. That’s not to say there weren’t random moments that I couldn’t HoT someone, but certainly not enough to be counted on. My feeling was that basically every pull was akin to a normal “boss” fight in terms of diligence to aggro issues and conservation of the healer’s attention.

If you have yet to attempt this, maybe my experience will help you out. Overall it wasn’t as horrible as I’d anticipated, but definitely not for the sloppy or faint of heart.


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  1. Tsark Says:

    Most Heroics are actually very much fun, precisely because they require everyone to stay on top of their game. As a main healer, I always make sure that my groups have another person who’s a dps/healer (enhancement and elemental shamans work particularly well), to help me out in some situations. And Kal, don’t worry: once everyone knows the instance, and has started to gear out, some of the Heroics become cake (Slave Pens and Mechanar come to mind).

    I still think that some Heroics are just plainly badly designed – or rather, I should say, some encounters (Nexus Prince Salazaar, anyone?), but on average, I enjoy them.

  2. Thistlefur Says:

    I have yet to play any. Im still working on my kara key and have yet to get any faction or keys to do heroics.

    I am unsure when I will since I have been playing allof of CoH and NFS Carbon.

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