A Few Random 2.1 Nuggets

I noticed a couple of new things on the PTR this past week that don’t really qualify as a full post on their own.  But I thought you guys might want the heads-up.

Search!  Finally someone got off their duff and put a search function in the tradeskill window.  It does a pretty good job too, although I found the display a little funky.  It shows all the sections “closed” except the ones where it finds a match.  I’m not sure why they handle it this way, I’d prefer to see all the matching items in a single list.  But it sure beats nothing!

Stealth Farming: I had to go back into the Mana Tombs last week to collect ore for my Engineering project and I noticed that the aggro was not the same as my initial test.  I got aggro in spots that previously didn’t cause aggro and I was able to safely mine spots that were previously not possible.  I assume they are still tweaking the mining change, so I’m not going to post any further updates on this issue until the patch is live and hopefully no longer in flux.

Engineering: I just saw a post on the WoW forums this morning that they modified one of the new recipes and added another that was previously missing.  I will continue to update my listings, rest assured they are not complete.  However, clearly they are still being tweaked so be aware that there may be further changes to the items or mats prior to release.


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