Ding! Engineering = 375

Ok, on the test server.  But my cute little gnome warrior has a very nice epic helm to celebrate, rofl.  I finally got all my ore collected and smelted and I was able to max out Engineering tonight.  Most of the time lag was due to mailing items back and forth, since my Engineer does not mine and can’t smelt her own ore.  Otherwise things went very smoothly, actually better than I anticipated.

I collected the ingredients for one Furious Gizmatic Helm and/or Tankatronic Helm, the mats are practically identical except for the rare gems.  I just sent Kayree some of both and made the final decision at crafting time.  For this test, I just made parts for the helms plus some extra for the points.  I made a chart to show how the skill points fell:

Started at 365 Engineering
1x Felsteel Stabilizer =  1 point
1x Felsteel Stabilizer = 0 point
1x Felsteel Stabilizer = 1 point
1x Felsteel Stabilizer = 1 point
1x Hardened Adamantite Tube = 1 point
1x Khorium Power Core = 1 point

And I was at 370 with only one miss, pretty good I thought.  At this point all of the remaining yellow recipes went green except the Felsteel Stabilizer, Hardened Adamantite Tube and Khorium Power Core.  And the final stretch:

1x Hardened Adamantite Tub = 1 point
1x Felsteel Stabilizer = 1 point
1x Felsteel Stabilizer = 0 point
1x Felsteel Stabilizer = 1 point
1x Felsteel Stabilizer = 1 point
1x Felsteel Stabilizer = 1 point
1x Furious Gizmatic Goggles = 1 point (376, woot!)

As you can see, all the way up to 375 the three yellow “parts” recipes continued to give very good skill points.  This is quite surprising since they start at 340, that’s a pretty broad range for any recipe.  At 375 all the recipes were green or gray except for the two epic helms.  So for those of you that are gnomes like me, getting all the way to 390 could be more difficult.

In general I was very happy with how easy this was, the only difficulty was collecting all the ore.  I’d even go so far as to say that Engineers have it easier than other professions now.  At this point Engineering is the only tradeskill I can think of which can be maxed out purely on trainer recipes.  Pretty nifty, I think =)


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  1. Thistlefur Says:

    K now make a Gnome and get it to 390 :-(

  2. kaliope Says:

    Hahah Thistlefur! I’m one step ahead of you — Kayree is a Gnome :) I didn’t bother getting her to 390 on the PTR, what a waste of mats/time that would be. But I will definitely do that on the live server and post the info in my guide update whenever I’m able to get that completed.

    Quick update: I purchased the Adamantite Rifle recipe in Shattrath last night and it is also still yellow @ 375. So presumably you could milk that for another 5-10 points to help get closer to 390. Beyond that I assume you’d have to farm for the Felsteel Boomstick or Khorium Scope to keep going. If it were me, I’d milk the parts and the Rifle as much as possible and then make what I want from the epic recipes for the final push. Of course, that would take a humongous amount of patience to hold off on making new goodies until 385(ish) instead of when they open up at 350.

  3. Peruze Says:

    Hey Kal, I was wondering if you could check something out for me?
    I found on WoWhead, a craftable epic rifle. Gyro-balanced Khorium Destroyer. They weren’t real specific about where the recipe is, but hinted at an engineer trainer in Area 52. Does this thing really exhist?

  4. Thistlefur Says:

    Having every profession in play and after the horror of trying to get to 390 and getting past like 360 in LW I decided to horde all mats looted and just not worry about leveling up professions until I get all my characters to 70 and all key’d for major instances.

  5. kaliope Says:

    Actually, the Khorium Destroyer was on the trainer in HH. I didn’t add it to my database because I couldn’t see the mats when I visited @ 365. Now that I’m 375 I should be able to train that one, thanks for reminding me =)

  6. golden_hell Says:

    Did you finally found that epic riffle ?

  7. kaliope Says:

    Yes, I just trained it yesterday and added it to my database. I will have hubbie recompile the pages this afternoon and copy the updates to the server :)

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