Engineering Goodies from 2.1 PTR

I know, I keep writing about the upcoming patch. But hey, that’s what you pay me for right? So anyway, I took Kayree to the test server to check out the new recipes from the Engineering trainer. I was only able to see the warrior gear, I will have to steal my son’s hunter so I can get the mail recipes. I have no clue how I’m going to get leather or cloth, I’ll probably have to recruit you guys to help out with that =)

In addition to the new recipes mentioned in the patch notes, it looks like they also made some changes to existing recipes to facilitate skill-ups. The last three “parts” recipes now kick in at 340 instead of 350 (Felsteel Stabilizer/Hardened Adamantite Tube/Khorium Power Core) but they are still yellow at 365 (my current level). I’m assuming they will not be a viable grinding option for me since they are probably very close to green status, but I still want to try them since all of these ingredients are needed for the new recipes. Kayree is a tank so I may as well make her the epic goodies… for testing purposes… yeah that’s it.

They also boosted a couple of existing recipes to help with skill points, at least I presume that’s why they made the change. On my live server, the recipe for Adamantite Grenades is gray @ 365, but on the test server it’s still green. In addition, the Adamantite Scope is green to me on the live server, on the PTR it’s yellow again. Overall there are five yellow recipes @ 365 and two orange ones (the two epic helms). I’m guessing that from 350-365 I could either grind the scopes or start stockpiling parts for the epic gear. Most likely folks will do some of both for that skill range.

We also get a new recipe for Frost Grenades and the Icy Blasting Primers to make them. These are both available at 335 and the Frost Grenades are still yellow at 365. This would provide another grinding recipe for skill points if you prefer not to make scopes or parts for the epics. I’m pleased to see that Blizzard added several options for gaining the last ten skill points and two of these are probably viable cash producers as well.

I’ve already begun farming mats to try and get from 365-375 on the PTR – I will write a new post when I have more information to share on that process. I think the good news here is, no more forced reliance on the horrible Khorium Scope as the sole path to maxing out Engineering – yay!

Here are the recipes I’ve added from the 2.1 patch so far:

Elemental Seaforium Charge
Furious Gizmatic Goggles
Tankatronic Goggles
Frost Grenade
Icy Blasting Primers


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