Epic Mount Quests

Well I finally got enough cash to my girls on the test server to purchase epic riding skill for both of them. I went back to the Netherwing quest starter in Shadowmoon Valley with Krystella and the quest was now open to her after she had the riding skill. The same is true for Kaliope. After purchasing the epic riding skill, the trainer in Moonglade was now offering the epic druid quest. So the moral of the story is… no epic riding skill, no quest.

From what I’m reading on the PTR forums and the little bit I experienced myself in starting the quests, the Netherdrake quest line is basically a faction grind. There are something like four repeatable quests that you can do to gain faction, with a limit on how many can be done each day. You’ll need to be Exalted with Netherwing to get the mount, so this isn’t going to be a quick process. If you’re serious I suppose you could do every possible quest and reach Exalted in a few weeks. Either way, I’m definitely going to be wasting my time on this!  Come on, what self-respecting rogue would ride something other than a Netherdrake?


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  1. Pal Says:

    Are these repeatable quests along the lines of “kill X of these, gather Y of those”? I just wonder when you have the rush of folks wanting to ride dragons around, without the increased spawn rates we saw on TBC release, that it will be a bit annoying to do this early on.

  2. kaliope Says:

    Yes, it’s exactly the same thing. Collect 20 drops from X mobs. They also have special quest ore/herbs that you can gather with 40 of those for one turn-in. Each new level that you reach (honored/revered/etc) opens up at least one more repeatable quest, so that should help. Also, the limit on the number of times you can repeat per day *may* cut down on the excessive farming. That remains to be seen. Personally I intend to do them during off-peak hours to avoid the glut of people. Sometimes being on the wrong time zone for your server comes in handy =)

  3. Morpheuz Says:

    Did I read you correctly when you stated that you have to have the epic riding skill? Is that the one that goes for over or around 3000g?

  4. kaliope Says:

    Yes, you read correctly that I have the epic riding skill that costs 5000g, although this article references the PTR where you can copy gold back and forth to multiply your actual funds. But I also killed myself farming 10000g over the last month so that both my girls could afford to learn it on my real server as well. Kaliope bought the training last night and started her epic druid quest. Krystella also trained last night and began the long farm for Netherwing faction, she’s currently 2k rep into Neutral.

    It’s actually not too horrible to save up 5k gold over a month or so if you consistently work your tradeskill as best you can. Saving 10k was a bit of a challenge and if I hadn’t had a jewelcrafter I don’t think I would have pulled it off.

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