Recipe Hide & Seek… more 2.1 updates

I’ve spent the afternoon visiting all the known vendors in Outland, including faction vendors.  Sadly, I’m having trouble finding some of these new recipes that are supposedly being added.  I only found one of the new Alchemy recipes (CE faction) one Engineering and one Jewelcrafting recipe (both Consortium).  I have yet to see any recipes on a normal vendor, but I’m still checking them.  I did find the two new Alliance Cooking recipes at Toshley’s Station as promised.  As for the others, they either they really hid them really well — like on instance vendors (sorry haven’t checked those yet) or they added them as drop loot :(

The quest front is even worse in terms of luck.  I don’t have epic mount skill on either of my level 70 girls, I’m madly farming gems on my live server to raise the cash.  It would appear that none of the quests are even visible to you unless you have the riding skill, no white ! marks or anything.  I found a camp of netherdrakes in Shattrath that look suspiciously like a “shopping” area, but the one guy there won’t speak to me at all.  I also visited the druid trainer in Moonglade but found nothing that referenced the epic mount quest.  So I’m at a total loss on how to kick off these new quests.  I suppose I need to try and transfer another toon over with some money so I can try to get past this hurdle.  How annoying!

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  1. Factionboy Says:

    You have to complete the zuluhed quest line in Shadowmoon to get the netherwing faction up.

  2. kaliope Says:

    That’s what I thought too, but my rogue Krystella has done that line and still uses the dagger you get at the end. Even for her, there was no new quest to pick up. There was a cryptic message about “mastering flight” so I’m assuming it won’t open up until I cough up the 5k for epic training.

  3. Xavier Says:

    Check out this link for the druid epic flight form quest line. I do know that you cannot start the quest line without epic riding speed and it does not specify exactly which NPC(s) start the quest line, but most likely it will be a trainer. Overall, the quest line sounds easy except for the last part which requires that you run Sethekk Halls Heroic.

  4. kaliope Says:

    Thanks Xavier – this helps alot! I had assumed that the Druid trainers were the starter but since my Moonglade guy wouldn’t tell me anything I thought I might be mistaken. I’m a bit bummed that they stuck the boss fight into a Heroic dungeon. From what I can tell only the hard-core raiders have that kind of rep, pretty stinky for non-raiders. Personally I’ve been ignoring LC for CE, as I’m sure most druids do. It will take me probably 5-6 runs to get the 10k rep I’ll need for the LC key. If they really wanted to keep the quest line fully druidic, they would have put this boss in Heroic Steamvaults. Since CE is the strongest druidic faction, this would have been a more logical ending location for the boss fight.

  5. Xavier Says:

    Getting the LC rep is one thing. Successfully running Sethekk Halls Heroic if you are not in a guild with experienced players is something else. It doesn’t bother me, but I feel bad for the real casual players. I think they should have stuck with the druid version of the hunter demon quest and called it quits.

    Anyways, there seems to be interest in Netherwing faction in this blog as well. The guys over at MMO-Champion have put together a fantastic guide.

    Enjoy the read.

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