Patch Notes 2.1 Commentary

As some of you may know, Blizzard has released their full patch notes for tradeskills in the upcoming content update. The test server also went up today, so I will be spending some time this weekend testing some of the changes. At the top of my testing list is mining (supposedly nerfed) and skinning (supposedly de-nerfed).

Alchemy: I can’t say much about this profession since I’m still stuck at 300 on my level 42 character. It seems to me that the increased Discovery rate is a good thing, as I’ve heard Alchemists complaining about how ridiculously low it’s been so far.

Enchanting: Reduction in primals is always good, I would personally like to see this done for all professions instead of the selective way they’re doing it for this patch. Not quite certain why the one recipe needs to move from mob A to mob B, but whatever. Also not clear what drove the addition of +heal to the +spell dmg chants, but I guess it’s a good change. I thought they had some separate +heal chants already…

Engineering: I hate to say that I’m underwhelmed by this list, but I am. Maybe I’ll be more excited after seeing the epic recipes, but to me that just sounds like fair play to add those so Engineering will be comparable to the other gear-producing professions. The rest of the list is just “meh” for me. They give no details about the new seaforium charge in terms of exactly what types of locks it can be used on. Also, do we really need more flares? I wasn’t hearing much excitement for those in the first place, can’t see why Blizz thinks we want more.

They tweaked a few gadgets as well as a couple of recipes, but I don’t think they did enough to really give engineers the type of “wow” factor they were looking for. In terms of marketable goods the only improvement was to the Adamantite Bullets, and I’m not convinced that what they did is really going to make a huge difference. As for giving us new goodies, unless the epic helms are really amazing I don’t think it will make up for the lack of new trinkets and gadgets that we still didn’t get. That’s just my feeling on it, I think most Engineers are in it for the cool/fun factor, not one piece of epic gear, no matter how awesome it may be.

Fishing: Lower cast time = good. Guaranteed bob = good. No PVP = huh? That was new to this fisherwoman anyway, I won’t miss it. Underbog fishing = ?? Without knowing what I can catch there and whether I will have to fight off those leet fish to do it, I can’t rule on this. Plus the fact that the only folks who can truly take advantage are stealthers, which luckily I am but I don’t know how much impact this change will have on fishing as a whole.

Jewelcraft: UI improvements = good start. It would also be nice to sort on attributes as well, but I guess you could say that about any profession really. New gem cuts = I’ll have to see what they are and how hard they are to acquire before ruling on this one. Reduction of mats and improvement of skill points in the Artisan level of crafting = good for those still grinding their way up. Vendor value of green gems… didn’t realize this was a problem, but ok. Prospecting guaranteed to give a gem = probably should have always worked like this. At the same time the averages usually worked out to 100% drop anyway, so I’m not convinced this will be a boost for us. I want to see a guaranteed drop on blue gems <lol>. Golden Hare no longer requires “cut citrine” = should never have gotten past beta guys!

Leatherworking: Knothide Armor Kit mats reduced + more skill ups = good. Fixed the set bonus on the Primalstrike set = probably not enough but at least they are trying? More cobras to farm for scales = good. Still not enough motes of air = bad (oh sorry, I added that one!). Drums of Resto effect tweaked = are there more than five people with this recipe anyway? Heavy Clefthoof set = sounds like a nerf to me, disguised as a non-nerf. Will have to see the exact numbers to make a final decision.

Other: Better skinning drops = good (assuming they are actually better and not just a marginal improvement). Icons fixed = whatever. Alliance cooks now get the Hordie high end Cooking recipes = woot! (Hmm… will have to rewrite my cooking update now – doh!) I also heard a rumor on the PTR forums that they fixed the icon for serpent flesh, aww man! I thought that little pink nubbin was a hoot — although I did wonder if their censoring department was asleep when that went up for review, heheh. Monsters will now attack miners = sounds like a big nerf to me. Essences have had drop rates increased = does anyone give a flying turd about this?? Not me, I say increase drop rates on motes!!

Well that’s all I feel a need to comment on with regard to this list. I copied Krystella (375 mining/375 JC) and Kaliope (375 skinning/354 LW) to the PTR and they will be testing the various crafting changes as well as locating new recipes this weekend. I will keep everyone posted!


7 Responses to “Patch Notes 2.1 Commentary”

  1. ukasz Says:

    well, I’ve read a blue post about engi, that its just a first of a row of changes that will be done to this professions, and about those goggles see for yourself:
    I’d say dps plate ones are quite good, but they’ll have to try better to make me drop JC for this.

  2. Tsark Says:

    Assorted comments to add:
    Alchemy – well, though I’m happy about the change (no discovery here) it sorts of defeats the purpose of putting the discovery system in place. More Protection Pots for the one primal – good. Protection Pots only last 2 mins – NERF!
    Enchanting – though there are +heal enchants, the change is actually good for all the hybrids down there, who now don’t have to have two weapons with different enchants. Mind you, most hybrids will still need two weapons with different stats, but anyway…

  3. Sabotage Says:

    Engineering: After reading the patch notes I dropped engineering for enchanting, 3 days later enchating is at 312 and I am much happier. I am sure the Jumper cables will be missed at some point but they we so unreliable….

    Mining: I can see where they might want this slowed down a bit. I can easily make 300-500gp in an evening mining. I am not sure how much a difference mobs attacking will make since I usually attack them anyways for motes and greens to DE. I was thinking they would reduce the number of nodes in Negrand and spread em about in Shadowmoon and Netherstorm.

  4. kaliope Says:

    Sabo: I’ve been playing around on the PTR and so far I’m not seeing the “aggro” thing with mining. I went to Veil Lithic (?) south of Allerian and mined a couple of nodes there. Bird men were maybe 10 feet from me and didn’t aggro, pretty much what I’d expect being lvl 70 vs 64 mobs. I also went in last night for a quick Mana Tombs mission. I just did one pass, but I didn’t notice a difference there either. So color me confused on the aggro side of the mining changes.

    Tsark: You make a valid point about the multi-purpose chanting, hadn’t thought of that angle. However, as a druid I have two sets of gear (feral/healbot) so I don’t know that one chant would work for me. I don’t carry oomkin gear cuz I have zero points in that tree. Right now the only classes that I could see this helping might be priests/shammies/warlocks. Still think it’s weird tho, I never heard any complaints about the issue and I’m wondering why they spent precious dev-time on it.

  5. Pal Says:

    I would suggest some stealthy types hit instances with ore, and you’ll see the mob aggro issue. As it stands you might be able to stay at max range and tap ore without the nearby mobs seeing you, or sap the closest humanoid then mine. With this change I expect there will be mobs linked to every single node inside an instance now, forcing a person to kill all the mobs to get the ore.

  6. Pal Says:

    Oops, see what poor reading skills gets me, Kali already did what I suggested and no nerf there. Very odd then, I wonder what the change accomplishes then? If I were a dev I would have linked every single node and chest in an instance from the start, but if that hasn’t been done who knows. Maybe there were a few rich node spawns outdoors a person could camp without worry of mobs?

  7. kaliope Says:

    Pal: I thought the same as you on stealth mining and expected to find it hit hard with the nerf bat. Other than losing the ability to stand at max range (or max range being redefined as a much smaller number, however we choose to look at it) they didn’t really mess with stealth mining. I did find one spot where sapping didn’t help me avoid aggro when I felt it should have, but overall I think stealth mining is still quite viable. I’m not clear on what this change accomplishes either, perhaps there are some gold farming techniques they want to thwart that this “proximity” thing addresses?

    The Skethyl Mountains in Terokkar used to have very nice ore spawns, but now that it’s a quest hub they’ve totally reworked the area. I have yet to determine how much changed because there are too many ppl hanging around. I suppose that in itself gives you an indication of how useful it will be for farming :(

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