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It would seem that BRK is more on the ball than me… what can I say except that the official WoW forums are such a mess that it’s painful to troll them. At any rate, I’ve reviewed the list of changes that are slated for the 2.1.0 patch and my first reaction is… “AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!”

Ok, now that I got that out I suppose I should qualify. They made leveling easier for Engineers, no specifics on how but that surely won’t apply to me since Kayree is sitting at 364 currently. Fishing now has a shorter cast timer and a guaranteed “bob”. Once again I get the shaft since I’ve already put in the painful time needed to reach 362 the old way. Jewelcrafters got their thorium requirement reduced, isn’t that a nice “how do you do” to those of us who painstakingly collected the insane amount of thorium for the original recipes. They also beefed up Prospecting drops and added recipes for the higher end pearls, which once again will only help people who farted around leveling JC.

And the one that really ticks me off — when the actual “aaaahhh” forced it’s way out of me? They finally decided to fix the drop rates on knothide scraps, something the beta testers had been griping about for months. We even had a special thread about it on the beta forums. Apparently we were just qq’ing back then or something <grrr>. Oh and they also reduced the leather requirements for one of our very first BC recipes, the armor kit. Too bad I’m at 354 LW — do I get my leather back?!?!

So thanks Blizzard, thanks for fixing stuff you already knew about in Beta and did nothing to remedy until thousands of people were up in arms over it. Maybe I’ll be in a better mood when the details are made available to the public and we can properly evaluate the changes made instead of guessing based on sketchy information. But right now I’m feeling a bit crabby because you waited three months to fix things that 90% of players will have skilled past by now!

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  1. Tsark Says:

    Kaliope, don’t you think you are overreacting? Sure, profession-fanatics like the people visiting these forums will have skilled past the points where most of those changes are implementable, but trust me, that’s not the majority of the population. And remember, the same thing happens with raid encounters: a few guilds just throw repair money and consumables at an encounter, complaining that it’s badly tuned, they defeat him, and THEN Blizz makes it easy….

    Let’s focus on the positive: they’re listening, and they’re changing professions in a fairly major way for the first time in I don’t know how long. They are giving engineering some love, and making it less of a nightmare to level up most professions. The prospecting change will actually benefit all jewelcrafters, though of course the lower level ones more, and same with skinning. You will still have reaped the reward of the fact that you did it the hard way, because for a long time you will have been the only person (or one of the few) with that particular trade-skill maxed out, and now other people will not have to suffer as much as you (which frankly, I’m happy about – I’m only at 350 fishing, will probably be 375 by the time the patch hits, and I hope no-one else has to endure that levelling….)

  2. kaliope Says:

    Ok, ok — *maybe* I’m being a bit melodramatic here :) I think part of that stems from my frustration that I was in beta and saw these problems months ago. It’s insulting that we tested and we gave our feedback and it was pretty much ignored.

    Another thing that irks me is that, being married to a programmer and having worked with them in various capacities for the last 15 years, I know some of these changes were not hard. They probably could have made half of these “tweaks” to existing areas of crafting a month or two ago and they chose not to do that. I don’t think it’s too hard to realize “hey, we put the jaggal pearl in the game with no recipe” and add the recipe. They certainly managed to hotfix the Talbuk Steak into the game a few weeks after release, why not the Jaggal Pearl one too? It doesn’t make them hot stuff that they let it slip for three months before they got off their lazy butts and plopped a new recipe into an item database. My perspective here is not so much from a “Blizz finally listened!” standpoint, but more of a “this couldn’t have been a difficult task”.

    I agree with you that it’s nice to know that they listened and obviously some changes are better than no changes. I still think with the reams of money they rake in off this game they certainly have the resources to be more proactive. And while it may seem like only three months to you and most people, beta testers know that some of the problems were identified six or more months ago. People were griping about engineering being worthless, skinning being too skimpy and warriors being nerfed through most of my time in beta. If you add that time to the window of opportunity, you have to ask why they didn’t fix at least some of these things before they rolled? I ask myself why they bothered to have a beta test at all if they were going to completely disregard what was a pretty sizable consensus from the testing community.

    I also find it sad that they waited so long on this that the majority of players will not see the benefit of it. I think it’s safe to say that most people who play even 2-3 days a week have probably hit level 70 by now with at least with one toon. I did an informal review of my guildmates (sorry!) and of those who have reached level 70, 70% have either maxed their profession or are in the final stretch which I defined as 350 or higher. From the verbage in Blizzard’s post, I’m guessing none of the tweaks they’re making apply to the 350+ range. This means that 70% of their players will not benefit from it on their primary character. I’m also assuming that most players do not have 5 toons like I do, probably more like 2 that they actually play with regularity. So the only opportunity they might have to reap the benefits of the new changes is on their alt, assuming they haven’t really been crafting much on that alt yet. In my mind waiting this long to ease the crafting grind is more of a “too little, too late” kind of deal.

    One disturbing thing I did notice during my informal review is that out of 36 professions I counted (primary, I didn’t count gathering) the vast majority of crafters who had maxed their skill were Alchemists. Only one other person besides myself has managed to hit 375 with a non-alchie skill in the three months since BC was released. No leatherworkers, enchanters, blacksmiths or engineers had maxed out after three months time, most of them are still struggling through the awful 350-375 range. To me this illustrates an even bigger problem, which is that the upper tier of most professions is too hard. Probably due to the high number of primals/ore/leather required to make even one item and the fact that all recipes that give skill-ups past 350 are blue quality. Jewelcrafters actually have it easier than most since they only need one blue gem to craft their wares. To me this is a pretty serious problem and more deserving of attention than most of the fixes they actually tackled. Except Engineering and Skinning, both of those tradeskills really need some serious help.

    PS – I should probably qualify my statistic gathering methodology by saying that my guild considers itself a casual raiding guild. Since none of us have even been to Karazhan yet, I think we safely fit into that category. Many of us have families and don’t spend 12 hours a day online, so I think we are a reasonable comparison for the “average” player.

  3. golden_hell Says:

    I completely agree with you !
    Actually I have 3 toons

    1 alchemy – he is 375 – alchemy was and will be always “easy” to level.
    The problem is the 30 dreamfoil you need for flask …

    1 Engineer (my main) – I have stopped leveling it at 355 simply because there’s NOTHING of interest that justify to go upper (the khorium gun is less interesting then the gun in mechanar – and it s far easier to get a drop then to craft it).

    Where all the profession get some good epic recipe from reputation theres nothing for us, no epic gun, no epic flame thower or armors, Ho yes there s mana/heal pot injector – wait you just earn 3 slot with that object AND you can’t sell it to any ohter people then engineers. Enginneer is the most stupid profession on this game – I often regret to have took this profession ! (I am hunter, use XXL cable and bombs sometime, stopped crafting adamantite bullet – so I know what I can get)

    1 Jewelcrafter 360 – the tiedious part actually is getting the blue reciep – and my god leveling 250->300 was just stupid – all is thorium dependant – why no dark iron jewels for exemple ?. The 20 ore of thorium went up to 40go on my server ! that s plain stupid – and as stated before I have now passed this – only the lazy people will benefit from this.

    Will blizzard refund the 800po I burnt to level jewelcrafting ? nha

    We need good craft – to be honest old WoW already had that crafting part problem – they solved that for leather worker/armorsmith by the resist sets … but never fixed for engi.

  4. Xavier Says:

    Like many of you out there, I have already put a great deal of work on my professions. These upcoming changes would have made the work I have done much easier, but I am ok with that mostly for two reasons.

    1. I enjoy grinding/farming to some degree. If I didn’t have fun then I wouldn’t do it. If I get bored of doing it then I can do something else amongst the big list of things to do which Blizz has provided. But since I had fun, I don’t feel that any of my time or efforts were wasted.

    2. I understand that no matter how much beta testing is done, there is no way to accurately balance a game with over 8 million subscribers during beta or even soon after. It is much easier to break and unbalance the game than it is to fix it. Blizz owns the game so it is their responsibility to balance it and prevent it from breaking. I think they just needed TBC to mature a little more before taking action in order to make sure that they do not jump the gun and break something. I am willing to be patient if it means that the game does not flop due to premature decisions and become permanently ruined like so many MMOs before its time.

  5. Tel Says:

    Anyone else haveing problems leveling taioring abouve 355 or so? I’m like Kal and have several toons with different professiosn, all are stuck around 350 except my alchy which is maxed….

  6. Thistlefur Says:

    When I climbed the Everest that was Engineering 375 that was when I decided not to worry about leveling my crafting on all my characters. Especially since I have 15 more levels to go as a gnome. My LW is at 362 I did try to get him to 365 but that last push did not make it so I said forget it. He is also my Fisherman 343 [I have 280 lures on a mule alt] so no biggie there and I got him to 375 cooking too. YES Alchemy was way too easy I got to 375 herb and alch at like L63 by doing naked herb runs in shadowmoon. After that even though I have Swordsmith, Tailor, Enchanter, and a Jewelcrafter at 300-330ish I am no longer leveling crafting. If I collect enough to craft 10 items I do but I dont buy or farm anymore. As I level all the chars to 70 I distribute what I get to who can use for crafting. I hope the changes will make it I can finally max out the ones I hit the wall in.

  7. kaliope Says:

    I started a thread on Crafter’s Tome for folks that want to discuss this issue in more detail. Feel free to continue commenting here if you prefer, but if you want a more free-flowing dialog about the tradeskill imbalances in general, try the forum thread:

  8. Tsark Says:

    Are professions imbalanced? Yes, no doubt (my main is an alchemist, lucky me). Did people point out the issues before, even during beta? Sure thing. Let’s not lose sight of the big picture though – the BC is huge, and since it came out Blizz has done a lot to hotfix or fix lots of stuff. Class balance, dungeons, mobs, terrain: they really have convered a lot of ground. Obviously, professions was not their first priority, given that they let into the release some things that didn’t need complicated fixing. But I cannot accuse them of slacking or of stealing my money because they did not have a better crafting system in place. Honestly, I feel that most professions got a LOT better with BC (engineering being probably the one exception), thanks to all BoP recipes and new goodies – I’m happy they’re still looking at it, and curious to see what they’re going to do…

  9. Puregam Says:

    I have two lvl 70’s…one is a Tailor/jewelcrafter, the other is a miner/enchanter. Minning was the easiest one to lvl to 375. Jewelcrafting was also fairly easy. I got mine tailor to 375 using mats from my enchanter. Netherweave is pretty frelly flowing…if you kill the right guys you can get plenty of it. I turned my netherweave into Netherweave belts and bracers. These I sent to my enchanter who disenchanted into usually arcane dust. Sent the dust back to the tailor who used more netherweave and the dust to make the imbued netherweave. Used this to make the imbued netherweave pattern (the tunic and robe stayed yellow to 375). Required some farming of netherweb spidersilk which is pretty easy for a lvl 70. Got to 375 in tailoring fairly easy using this method.
    Enchanting has proven to be the toughest (currently at 375). Need lots of prismatic shards which means DEing lots of blue items from outlands. Hard to find enough blue items to lvl the enchanter quickly…most blues in instances are still upgrades for a lot of people…then there is the problem of talking the others on the insatnce run to allow you to keep the shards…they are usally rolled on. Considering all the patterns which are still yellow call for 6-8 shards (as well as other items like Primals)…well enchanting is proving to be a pain in the neck.

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