First Aid 300-375 (guide update)

300-375: First Aid in the Expansion

Our level cap has been raised to 375 and now we are faced with leveling the First Aid skill once again. Because the caps of every other skill have been raised as well, this means you will be competing with Tailors for runecloth. Hopefully you were smart and saved some of your runecloth from before the Burning Crusade. If you didn’t, I have a suggestion for you. It’s very feasible to level up your First Aid by making bandages as you play your character. Most humanoid mobs drop runecloth between level 60 and 65, enough that you could just work off of that to level First Aid. I know it’s not glamorous or gratifying to use this method, but it’s free and it works :P

The first thing you should do is visit your Master Trainer. Burko is located at the Temple of Telhamat for Alliance or you can visit Aresella at Falcon Watch for Horde players. You’ll need to purchase the Master First Aid book, which costs five gold. While you’re there you may as well grab the Netherweave bandage recipe as well. I personally don’t recommend purchasing the Heavy Netherweave recipe unless you are a tank class. Having leveled a rogue and a druid to 70, I’ve had no problem sticking with plain Netherweave bandages. You’ll use less cloth overall and the regular ones restore enough hitpoints between fights for those with 7-8k health. But if you really feel the need to buy the big daddy of bandages, by all means go right ahead.

Now that you have your recipes, you’re ready to make some bandages. As I said earlier, there’s no reason not to go about your adventuring and use the looted runecloth to make bandages. This will save you from having to buy runecloth purely to level up the skill. If you prefer to power through anyway, you’ll probably need about 8 stacks of runecloth to reach 330 skill and the new Netherweave bandages. Another tip here: I wouldn’t bother making the regular runecloth bandages, they are green at 300 skill and they will only give a point maybe 20% of the time. It’s probably better to stick with Heavy Runecloth bandages and get points more frequently. Heavy Runecloth will turn green at 320 however, so the final ten points to Netherweave can be excruciatingly slow. Sorry, that’s just the way it is.

Once you can make Netherweave bandages, you’ll probably be less concerned about the skilling up process. Again, if you’ve been adventuring you should have a few stacks of netherweave to start you off. Once you get into the mid 60s, netherweave should be dropping regularly off of humanoid mobs. Places like Nagrand and Terokkar Forest would be your best bet if you still need netherweave. I know I told you that you don’t need the Heavy Netherweave bandage, and you won’t. I was able to reach 375 on two characters without that recipe, the regular Netherweave recipe stays green all the way up. I won’t promise that it’s a fast process, but quite frankly I hit 375 without even trying. Just in the course of making bandages for my own use, I easily reached 375 before I got to level 70. So sit back and have fun with it! There’s no door prize for getting to 375 in First Aid <lol>.


7 Responses to “First Aid 300-375 (guide update)”

  1. Justin Says:

    Now if they would just add a super heavy Netherweave bandage for those of us at 375 and would like a bandage that heals a bit more than 3400 of our 10K+ hp.


  2. golden_hell Says:

    LoL a guide to lvl first aid ? that s so easy – runecloth still drop in large quantity in out lands – in the peninsula at least.

    The main advantage of heavy Netherweave bandage is the speed you from it not the quantity. A must have for no “priority heal class” like hunter, rogue or warlock.

  3. kaliope Says:

    I realize most people don’t need to be told how to level First Aid and probably don’t need a guide for it. But there are still people out there who are just starting WoW and don’t know where the NPCs are or aren’t aware that Runecloth also drops in the Outlands. Did you know that World of Warcraft and The Burning Crusade have been the #1 and #2 top selling games for the last two months? So we have lots of noobs coming in every week who don’t know the basics yet… it’s ok to help them =)

    Even for those who don’t need help with the leveling process itself, I try to throw in some tips that could be new information for them. I also make a point to estimate the amount of materials required for people who want to power it up.

  4. Carl Says:

    Well, FA should be a no brainer to level. But there are so many things that you would thought being a no-brainer for fellow adventurers in WoW, that still isn’t. Like managing aggro in PuG’s, not stealing veins someone else are fighting next to etc.

    So I say – “rather a guide too much than one too little”. I sure as hell most of the time in PuG’s would like the members to have read an aggro managment guide at least…

    And if u dont need a guide – dont read it. :)

  5. Rob Says:

    The heavy netherweave bandages sell for more than netherweave cloth, at least to vendors (I know…) which makes it worth it, in my opinion, to get that recipe.

  6. kaliope Says:

    How interesting Rob, I didn’t realize that. Goes to show we can learn something new everyday! Of course, knowing Blizzard once they find out they will nerf that, lol.

  7. War Says:

    Sorry to ressurect this (thanks for the info by the way) you get more for selling heavy mage than heavy rune at vendor. This surely has to be a mistake unless they’re looking at supply and demand. Even so …

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