Woot! I’m a farmer :)

I set a task for myself this week to try farming one of the BoP jewelcrafting recipes and see how horrible it was.  I’m not a farmer by nature, spending hours killing the same mob over and over bores me to tears.  Usually I don’t have a problem just sharing various drops  amongst all my girls.  Between four toons I generally end up with what I need.

Now that Blizz has emphasized BoP crafting recipes in the expansion, I’m going to have to suck it up.  I’m really not looking forward to Enchanting and Engineering on my tank, I foresee lots of torture trying to farm with her.  But I figured I would get into the groove with Krystella since she’s already 70 and could stand to add a few more recipes to her collection.

So last week I went out to BEM and found the Vek’nir camp in the southeast corner.  This is near a Horde town and it’s pretty dead, at least on my server.  There was no one around when I arrived, so I set to killing the Dreadhawks that drop my recipe.  As a rogue I have the added benefit of sneaking around the other mobs, so this was pretty workable.  Sometimes I killed a few of the others out of boredom tho <rasp>.  I probably spent about 30 minutes there the first night before I got sucked into a Botanica run by my buddy Psylo.  A couple of days later I went back and spent another 20-30 minutes.  Then this afternoon I put in another 30 and minutes before I needed to log… <BOOM> it dropped!

Yay for me — I farmed!!!

Allakhazam reports the Khorium Band of Leaves as having a 0.08% drop rate.  I sincerely hope this number reflects all the non-jewelcrafters and quest hounds for whom the recipe will never drop, because killing 1000 Vek’nir hawk people is not my idea of fun.  The anecdotal evidence seems to reflect more of a 1% drop rate, but that’s just a guess on my part.  I use the MobInfo mod and it reported a 3% drop for me, so probably 50-60 kills.

For anyone else who might want to get this recipe, there are two camps.  One is around a cave and the other is down the hill and to the east.  There are about six spawns in and around the cave and another five in the eastern camp.  I was able to clear all the dreadhawks out of the cave in about five minutes, then switch to the eastern camp and clean that out in another five.  By the time I was done with the second camp, the cave area would be respawned again.  As long as you don’t have any competition from other farmers or questing players, it should be a pretty steady grind.  On my server this whole part of the zone was pretty dead, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get it to yourself.  No one seems to like BEM anyway <rofl>


11 Responses to “Woot! I’m a farmer :)”

  1. Dan Says:

    Grats on the drop. =)

  2. Greach Says:

    I love Blade’s Edge Mountains! Not having a flying mount, it’s the best place for motes of fire and is great for motes of shadow (though I haven’t done much in shadowmoon, I imagine there’s lots of shadow there).

  3. Oznerw Says:

    Yay Farming! Thanks for the hint. I headed over there, did some quests and got the drop after about 36 kills. I’m not a huge fan of BEM myself, but now it’s growing on me! :)

  4. kaliope Says:

    Dan: TY! Not sure what I’m going to do with this Nature dmg ring, but at least it’s another notch on my belt :)

    Greach/Oz: My random conversation with folks on my server seems to be that most ppl don’t like BEM cuz it’s unappealing visually. On the other hand everyone seems to love Nagrand because it’s serene, where I do not because the quests there were too monotonous. I kinda liked BEM myself because I’m a sucker for night elf scenery, lol. And I thought the Gnomes Gone Wild town was pretty dang funny!

  5. Justin Says:

    I loved BEM. Seeing the dragon corpses in Dragon’s End is one of the coolest sights in the game. And I agree with your assessment of “Nagrind”.


  6. Peruze Says:

    As far as BEM goes, I’d have to say I like it, now that I’m a 70, and can just fly over to wherever I need to go. When I still needed to get places that didn’t include flying over whatever blocked my path, I hated it. I could never find anything! Just one big crazy maze. :P

  7. Bonanza Says:

    He farms, and he scores!

    Inspired by your post and the relative low amount of time you have invested in order to get the design, I followed your steps Kaliope. Didn’t long either before I had that little pop up with “looting this item will bind it to you”. Kind of weird if you consider that I was alone in my group – I mean, who else would be able to loot it anyways? Anyways, the dreadhawks were definitly the easiest drop for me.

    Strong of my success, I went on to farm the khorium band of shadow in SMV, which took roughly 3.5 hours of farming before it dropped. The lil birds there are definitly a problem! But if I only knew how sweet and short that drop was…

    Arcane band of khorium. Worst, drop, rate, ever! Thanks for the 17 (yes, as in seventeen) primal manas, but those 560 kills I had to go through for that design were really bad. Worst part? First arcane band I posted for 115gp, I was undercut at 10g/15g.

  8. kaliope Says:

    Wow, great success there Bonanza! I have yet to farm another recipe, I’m spending most of my time researching on the PTR or farming stuff for epic mount money. Can I have some of those primal manas [wink]?

  9. Justin Says:

    It took me roughly 350 kills to get the band of leaves pattern.

    Now, the one that really pisses me off is the one that drops off of
    the Botanists in Botanical. I have made over 25 runs, killing every
    botanist in the zone, and i have not seen it drop yet! >_

  10. Justin Says:

    Sorry for 2nd post…

    [Design: Coronet of Verdant Flame] from Sunseeker Botanist in
    Tempest Keep: The Botanica

    supposedly it has an 0.8 percent drop rate also… im not sure how many
    Sunseeker Botanist there are spawned per instance, but if its going to take
    me another 350ish to get it… i probably have 200 more instances to run
    before i get it :(

  11. Nirixia Says:

    Crapin’ yer style Justin, I’ve not bothered with grinding all of the recipes yet, but the Design for the Coronet dropped my very first run to Botanica. It _can_ be nice to ya…

    Nirixia, Ally @BB-EU

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