Update on Quality vs Quantity

First of all, I want to thank all the people that voted in our poll. I especially want to thank those of you who commented on our previous blog post and said so many nice things about Crafter’s Tome. It means a lot to me that our users appreciate what we do and are so active in helping us build a quality resource for the WoW community.

I’m excited to share our good news with everyone!! My brilliant hubbie has figured out a way to find the missing recipes for us. Thanks to a bit of observation on my part with another mod and the Lua documentation on WoWWiki, he’s put together a little internal add-on that allows me to access recipe information directly from in-game data. I can use this information with 100% confidence in it’s accuracy and will not need rely on other sites for most recipe details.

I have already begun the process of adding the missing recipes to Crafter’s Tome. Alchemy is updated with all missing items except the ‘discovery’ recipes. I haven’t quite decided how to handle those yet since no physical recipe object exists for them. But if any one has discovered a recipe, feel free to send in a screenshot of your crafting window.

I’ve also updated Enchanting to including all the missing drop recipes. Unfortunately we are not able to get component information for those items, so I’m still showing the mats as unconfirmed for now. We’ve also added all the Jewelcrafting recipes to our list, except a couple of Karazhan ones that I’m still waffling on :)

At this point three professions are fully updated and I have four more remaining. I hope to have all of them completed by the end of next week. I hope everyone will be happy to see all the new data that’s going online and please let us know if you spot any errors!


3 Responses to “Update on Quality vs Quantity”

  1. Tsark Says:

    If you need a screenshot of the Karazhan recipes that are bought from the consortium vendor, let me know – my group clears to there on Thursday, so I should be able to provide it to you next week.

  2. kaliope Says:

    That would be wonderful Tsark – thank you so much for the offer! I was pondering how I was going to get my rogue-y butt into Karazhan when my guild still hasn’t managed to get 10 people with all three key frags yet :) Krystella has had terrible luck in SL and she’s still stuck on key frag #1, Kaliope has done better since she has #1 and #2…

    I think those are my only two missing JC recipes at this point, except for some highly suspicious entries on Allakhazam. So if you don’t mind taking some screenies of that guy for me – I would be extremely grateful!!

  3. Tsark Says:

    No problem, I will send it next Thursday. One more thing – if you want to use a general database, use wowhead.com – it’s a lot more accurate than Allakhazam or Thottbot.

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