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On the advice of users and guildies alike, I finally broke down and installed GemList. I’m not one of those people who likes to add lots of plug-ins to my WoW interface, I prefer to keep the clutter to a minimum if I can. I also have concerns about bogging my computer down with all the extras, since it has a tendency to be laggy sometimes.

But after a dozen or so times of getting questions from my guild about a certain type of gem and me manually zipping through my list to find matches, I decided to take the plunge and see how GemList might help out. I’ve been using it for a few days now and I’m pleasantly surprised at how handy it has been. I didn’t expect to use it as much as I have and there are two features that really made the difference for me.

The first feature that I really like is that it will work regardless of which toon you are currently playing. So if I’m leveling Kaliope (she’s a leatherworker as well as my main toon), other players can still send !gem commands and my mod will spit back the results. I find this a very smart way to increase the usefulness of this mod, because I’m not forced to log Krystella in everytime someone wants to know about gems.

The other thing I really like about GemList, which wasn’t even mentioned on their site, is that I can send !gem commands to myself. Sometimes the people asking me questions aren’t comfy with the command line system or don’t remember that I have the mod. So I can request a list of gems for them and just link them into chat. All I have to do is send myself a tell with the gem command and it will spit the matches back to me just as if I were another player. I kind of assumed that the chat interface would barf when I first tried it, so I was tickled that it actually worked.

So for the rest of you Jewelcrafters, I highly recommend GemList if you deal with other folks on a regular basis. I don’t advertise my wares in the trade channel like some players do, but I do get questions from my guild a few times a week. And even for me this mod has been very handy. Thumbs Up!!

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  1. SilverIron Says:

    I’m using Gemlist, too. It’s really a great Addon. But i like to suggest you to try another Addon.

    GemHelper (you can find it at replaces the crafting UI from Blizzard. It has a few filters if you are searching for gems or special abbilities. No more whisperung !gems yourself ;) Give it a try!

    With both addons, it is really funny to be a Jewelcrafter.

  2. Snarky Says:

    I installed gemlist a while back, but have mixed feelings. I dislike it because it makes me seem like I just care about money, not dealing with customers, if I advertise “Tell me !gems”. However, I do use it to do quick searches for myself, yet this is not a good use for the tool. If you notice, it erases your last person you replied to. This doesn’t really matter if you’re only talking to one, but I’m frequently doing business with a party full of people. So, erasing my reply list is bad.

    The reason I love this mod is I’m a programmer. Its a wonderful starting place for an Addon, and I’ve personalized it with some nice tweaks to make it a lot better for myself. Things such as a DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME notice when people use it, and removing the whisper you see if they send !Gems. The most important (to me) is removing the GemList tags, and throwing in a personal store name: “Segfault’s Gems”. I’m also currently making it so personal searches pop up in a seperate window, and another window that I can pull up to see who’s browsed for what recently, to really make some sales.

    To sum up, great addon, could be a lot better.

  3. Cybac Says:

    Snarky if you get all that work completed will you be sharing your updated mod?

  4. kaliope Says:

    SilverIron: I’m not sure the GemHelper would actually solve my self-tell situation since I mostly do that when I’m *not* on my Jewelcrafting toon. Also it sounds as if it lists all recipes instead of just the ones I know, and this would confuse my guildies :)

    Snarky: I think you’ve hit on a fair dilemma, the question of personalized customer service versus user driven service. To me this seems akin to the self check outs at the grocery store. Some folks prefer the interaction with others and some folks prefer the efficiency of the do-it-yourself approach. I’ve found with my guildmates that they seem more comfortable using the GemList commands because they can browse the gem options at their leisure without tying me up. But of course there are other folks who are uncomfortable with the crytic interface and prefer to just ask me about gems. To me GemList is worth having for the do-it-yourselfers so they can spend as long as they like weighing their options and it also gives me access to my recipes from my other toons. I plan to keep it for those two features alone, and since I’m not marketing to strangers, the personal approach isn’t as much of an issue for me.

    But I agree with Cybac, if you have a new and improved version for those who work with the public, why not share? =)

  5. Oznerw Says:

    Snarky: It doesn’t erase the last person you replied to at all. Just hit TAB to cycle through the last ones.

    I love GemList, For those guildees that’ve forgotten the commands I created a simple macro with the info in it.

  6. Snarky Says:

    Oznerw: You’re right, I’ve just never really liked that feature. So I’ll retract that statement anyways.

    Kaliope: Yea, in the end I leave it on there and advertise with a macro saying I have it available for those that are “used to unfriendly jewelers with automated systems.” But that I’ll also be more than happy to pick gems out for them. And there are a few customers who will ping it at all times that I’m on just to check for new cuts, so I know its worth it, I just would prefer to see it with more features.

    All: Should I ever get a version out of my own, it is my own. However, my other addons have come about from people requesting that I release them for general comsumption, so there’s a good chance I’ll email it to Kaliope for my own publicity *grin*.

  7. eklynx Says:

    You can also just do “/glist send ” to send a list directly to a player,
    i.e. “/glist send JoeNoob red” to simulate if JoeNoob just whispered you ‘!gem red’. You can send stuff to yourself this way too

  8. wow » GemList Review Says:

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  9. kwlhd Says:

    Good site!!!

  10. Justin Says:

    I have been using /Gems! since 5 minutes after it was introduced to the world on

    It has been a literal godsend. The default jewelry window (even using Advanced TradsSkill Window) is absolutely horrible. Gems are scattered to the 4 winds, and there is no way to sift through gem information by default.

    I have been advertising this since the moment i started using it.

    I run it with incoming/outgoing messages off, and i frequently use the “/glist send ” command.

    If you are still click-linking results to your guildmates that dont like to be bothered with the interface, do what i do. Ask them for color and type, and /glist send them the info. Example: “/glist send Justin red yellow damage” to send Justin a list of all orange gems that improve either spell or melee damage.

  11. komrade Says:

    Is there a similar addon for Leatherworkers? i really need one since i have so many patterns im selling, when i start advertising in tradechan its a disaster…

  12. kaliope Says:

    I really don’t know if there’s a similar mod for Leather, but I agree that it would be nice for the other profs that are starting to use the trade channel for their nether-based items. If someone hasn’t already written a generic trade mod they certainly should! Anyone know?

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