I feel pretty ~ Oh so pretty!

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this, but Blizzard made a nice and welcome change to the dropped armor. It used to be that if you wanted matching gear, you had to purchase items that spanned 5 levels to do it. This got to be really annoying – by the time all your gear matched the lower pieces were well overdue for an upgrade.

With the new BC loot drops, this is not the case. If I want to wear the Daggerfen gear it will all be the same level. In fact I did this with my hunter before she even stepped foot in Outland. I camped the AH for about a week and bought her a full set of Netherstalker armor so she could level up in style. My rogue also had a full “Bandit” set of level 63 gear that she wore. I for one am totally loving this change! I hate not matching and I was very happy to match again. Sadly, now that Krystella is collecting blue gear she no longer looks cute :(

I’ve been known to do some questionable things to make myself look better. Prior to the expansion Kaliope was wearing a Mooncloth Robe, in part to cover up the ugly gear underneath. She also needed a decent healer tunic, so it wasn’t completely unreasonable. But my visual aesthetic was a major factor in choosing to go that route.

I know, I know – I can always use my guild tabard. There are plenty of times when this just doesn’t cut it. Plus the fact that if your tabard doesn’t happen to match what’s under, it’s really not helping the situation. Frankly, I don’t feel that I should have to use a tabard to cover up ugly gear. Blizzard clearly prides themselves on their visual style to the point of antagonizing their users by insisting we embrace horns/wacky shoulderpads/etc. Why should I be stuck with something so ugly I need to cover it up?

I for one would like to see them take these new changes a step further. Why shouldn’t quest rewards match each other, at least within the same zone? During beta they actually had it that way when I first arrived. I was so tickled that my pants and tunic matched, and then they patched in the “new” graphics. Now my pants were red and black and my tunic was purple and orange <gag>. I was so annoyed I even submitted a bug report about it, begging them to fix them back. Of course they didn’t do that, as evidenced by all the fashion-challenged rogues running around Honor Hold.

But seriously, why can’t they make the leather from Hellfire match each other? Or the plate or the mail – how hard can this be? Why must we look like a five year old that raided mommy’s closet?? I see no reason this concept couldn’t be extended to dungeons as well. Let’s have all the cloth items that drop in Coilfang Reservoir match. Or the leather drops in Auchindoun could form a matched set. Not that you’d have to give us set bonuses or anything, but at least have them visually complement each other.  I see nothing wrong with having all the gear that’s roughly the same “quality” match other pieces that are similar in power or stats.

I get so tired of seeing horrifying gear on people, surely this isn’t what they have in mind when the designers sit down to create new armor. I can’t imagine how much cringing the artists do when they see their work in action. I cringe and I’m just a lay person. Well, I’m also female which means that looks are important to me. And it’s rare that I’m happy with my “look”. Surely their designers are at least as disgusted as I am.

With the addition of the Dressing Room, Blizzard seemingly acknowledged that looks matter to the players. But so far they are taking baby steps towards fixing the ugly. I’m happy they improved the green gear but there’s sooo much more they can do here and I’d like to see that happen. Matching armor shouldn’t be the exclusive domain of the leet hardcore raiding types. We casuals deserve some love too!!

Tell me what you think about this — does it annoy you to wear mismatched gear or do you just not care?


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  1. Zoso Says:

    Oh, I’m totally with you (and I’m a bloke), I blogged about customisation in general a while back ( http://mmomusing.blogspot.com/2006/12/character-customisation.html ). Like you, I’ve been camping the auction house for “… of the Bandit” gear, though even then there’s dilemmas; I *love* the look of the level 63 shoulders (Bonechewer Shoulderpads?), but obviously by level 70 they’re a bit out of date, stat-wise. I found some assorted level 67-69 shoulders, but they all looked so dull… Fortunately, a pair of level 70 shoulders (Dragonhawk, I think) turned up, and look pretty reasonable. Then there was the chest armour, where the level 69 version is some Weird Bondage Harness of the Bandit… The nicest stuff, to me at least, is around level 65, I think, possibly the Clefthoof (stuff) of the Bandit, but I can’t bring myself to sacrifice five levels of stats for the look.

    One of the things I really hate is that as gear gets up into the “ubah” realms, it starts looking more and more ridiculous. Not that it’s really effected me, not being a raider, but there’s a load of great looking swords as quest rewards n’ stuff, then you get onto raid loot (and the Grand Marshal’s PvP sword I just acquired), and you’re hefting some bizarre-o blade in one hand that’s taller than your character.

    Anyway, not sure if you’ve got it, but I can highly recommend the WoW Model Viewer. Now I’m hunting around for upgrades, the process I follow is (1) check Shadowpanther’s site for potentially useful stuff, (2) follow the quest chain (if there is one) to find where to start to get it, and (3) most importantly, load up the WoW Model Viewer to see what the item actually looks like…

  2. kaliope Says:

    That’s funny, I’m wearing the Dragonhawk (70) pants with my Chest of the Dark Stalker tunic (BoE blue). They don’t actually match, but they aren’t horrific together either. I’m also wearing Eva’s Strap (belt) which mostly does match the tunic. Ideally I’d like the Scryer pants (@ Revered) because they will actually match my boots (Master’s Treads). Of course then my tunic might look retarded, so who knows. I use Shadowpanther as well to check for new upgrades or evaluate quest items I get. I’ve never heard of this WoW Model Viewer you mention though – thanks for the tip!!

  3. Lassirra Says:

    I’m definitely in agreement. I hate the “clown suit” look while you wait to find set pieces and such. But, my funding isn’t such that I can afford to be so picky, so I equip gear with stats first and foremost and looks taking a distant second. The result: I look like the local hooker at Valkyrie camp. /sigh

    It’s like the 80s meets Conan the Barbarian, and I am not impressed.

  4. Taudok Says:

    I have to agree with you Lass, my funding is just high enough for training every other level, so I don’t have the pleasure of choosing what I have to wear based on looks. Stats are paramount to me, mainly cause BRK too a huge bite out of my rear for the “non-hunter” equip I had. lol j/k Damh. So after listening to both Damn and Lassirra, through their blogs, I have finally come around to going Priamary Agility THEN Stamina, instead of the other way around. O’Yeah kaliope.. here’s your brwonies, fresh outta the forge! had to use the closest heat source :)

  5. kaliope Says:

    TYVM Taudok – Brownies for everyone!! I call party, woot!!!

  6. Peruze Says:

    I have to totally agree on this. And not just about the end game stuff. I remember not buying a tabard until I was in my 30’s, and the only reason I bought it then was to cover up my awefull looking armor. I’m not a big spender by any means (gotta save for that epic flying!), so most of my gear has always come from drops while questing, or quest rewards. I recall having a crazy pair of leggings that didn’t even cover my entire leg, along with a belt that made me look like a stripper. >:P Not very nice to have running about when younguns play. (even if they are a higher lvl than me!) So yeah, there’s been times I’ve felt the tabard was an absolute necessity.

  7. Delsie Says:

    I think an easy, nice start to fixing our outfit woes would be to add dyes to the game. Sometimes it’s not so much the style but the colour. I think I’d settle for poor style as long as it wasn’t horrendously coloured. At one point, my hunter was stuck in these bright red pants for several levels. Great stats. Not so great colour. Finally, some pants dropped that were a bit better and I hastily checked them out. They were red too. I would have quested through half of Azeroth to get a bottle of dye at that point. I’m not a programmer so I don’t understand that side of it, but it seems like a viable solution to me. But, I also know that people have been asking for dyes for a while now and it just doesn’t seem to be on the agenda. Dark Age of Camelot had dyes and, granted, sometimes you ended up with weird patterns and shading but in general I thought it worked well. At least you’d have options when the purple item that drops is also purple in colour …

  8. kaliope Says:

    Delsie: I would love to see dyes also. There are plenty of times that a new item would work much better just by changing the colors. Usually the design isn’t as much of an issue as the color. But clearly that’s not going to happen since we are 2+ years out with no dye.

    If it makes you feel any better, Korlyn (my hunter) went to Stratholme to help some guildies farm the piccolo and ended up with the Woolies of the Prancing Minstrel because she was the only mail wearer. Talk about embarrassing, these have to be the worst mail legs in the game =) You look like Santa’s elf in bright green boy-shorts. Not a pretty sight on a dwarf!

  9. Thorne Says:

    My poor, longsuffering troll shaman has been running around in part of the “item” of the Fang set for the longest time and that set seems to match (why are parts of it classed ‘green’ and the rest ‘blue’?) pretty well. Purple and gold – pretty. ^^
    I may have gotten lucky – it doesn’t clash with the non-Fang items I’ve picked up/made so far.

    Granted, I get to upgrade pretty soon which will probably throw that out the window, but still.
    That having been said, being able to customise my goodies (or even the goodies I make) would be really cool. ^^

  10. Carl Says:

    Totally agree. I’m also going style over stats most of the time. Sometimes it cant be helped though. I’ve noticed another anoying bug. My plate gauntlets loose their form after seatravel and get the form of the underlying shirt… So I’m wearing videsleeved Truesilvergantlets with my warrior atm…
    Reequip fixes that, but I HATE it anyhow.

    Show helm/cloak is a great feature. especially since most headgear/cloaks looks silly with other clothes. And u get two less pcs of armor to match. Not to mention as a horned Dranei I kinda wonder where i tuck the horns in my plate helmet. Lots smaller head with helmet on then off…
    Maybe the tight helm explains why I generate rage so easily =)

  11. kaliope Says:

    Carl: I have to say I’m guilty of doing the same thing. I will sometimes continue wearing an item a few levels beyond it’s usefulness because it matches my other stuff. I also agree that warrior helms are one of the worst offenders in terms of visual appeal. Would you believe that I actually got yelled at by another player for turning off the graphic of my Valor helm??? He’s all “it’s cool!” and I’m like “not on a piggy-tailed gnome it isn’t!”. I’d much rather see my cute face and green pig-tails than that thing ;) So perhaps turning off the helm would help your Draenei be happier too!

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