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Last week I was searching online for information about meta gems since Krystella had just gotten a new helm with a meta gem slot (from the quest in Steamvaults). Aside from one very funky page on WoWWiki that reads more like a forum thread than a Wiki page, there was not much. Hmm, this looks like a job for super-crafter!!! <rofl>

So anyway, I had one meta-gem recipe from the Sha’tar but it was a caster gem. Seemed kind of a waste to plop that into a rogue hat just for testing purposes. I could have bought a recipe from the AH, but the only one that I saw all week was the funky spellcasting thing – no thanks. So if I was going to make this happen, the only option left was to grind my Consortium rep to Honored and purchase the Swift Skyfire Diamond recipe.

Why grind you ask? There are plenty of quests in Netherstorm you dunce! This is all true, but I want to be Exalted with them someday to get the wonderous epic dagger they sell. That won’t happen if burn out my quests just for Honored rep. So I decided to alternate Obsidian Warbeads and Mana Tombs runs for the 6000 points I was short. I went to Mana Tombs twice, it seems to average about 1k per run if you don’t turn in your dungeon quests (I didn’t). I also collected about 150-ish Obsidian Warbeads at 275 rep per stack of 10.

I spent all week on this project, putting in about 2 hours a day with the ogres or in the Mana Tombs. On Friday I finally hit Honored and went out to Stormspire to purchase my new recipe. They also had 3 other gem recipes for Honored rep, so I recommend you jewelcrafters out there get your faction up so you can add them to your collection.

I am also quite lucky to have an Alchemist buddy (ty Squorge!) who can make uncut diamonds for me. He transmuted two of them for me, an earthy one for when I thought I’d just go with the recipe I had, and the skyfire one I eventually used. I owe you one Squorge!

So, long story short – I had the gem. Now the requirements for activating this particular gem are 1 red gem and 2 yellow gems. I had absolutely zero socketed gear on me except the new helm, which had 1 yellow socket. I needed to score something with sockets! I tried the AH all week, but no leatherworkers were posting up the Enchanted Clefthoof gear I needed. It was all Fel Leather and Heavy Clefthoof, both of which require Leatherworking to equip <argh>! I was going to go to the Cenarion Quartermaster and just buy the Warden Hauberk (honored) even though I already have a better tunic. Amazingly I lucked out – one of my Mana Tombs quest rewards was a socketed item! It was a pair of Resto druid pants, but at this point I didn’t much care. Now that I was Honored with Consortium, I could turn in the quest and get the pants.

Ok now I have enough sockets and the meta gem, so it’s time to get down to business. I took some notes for you guys so you could see how the meta gem affected my stats. Bear in mind that the meta gem confers an extra +24 attack power when activated:

Base attack power 1226
Atk pwr w/socketed meta gem 1226 (clearly not active)
After adding 1x orange gem 1229 (from +3 agi on 2nd gem)
Swap real pants for healer pants 1141
Add 1x orange healer gem 1165 (no bonus from second OJ gem)

As you can see from my numbers, my attack power went up by 24 after adding the second orange gem. When I socketed the first orange gem and saw that it boosted my AP, I decided I wanted to eliminate any extraneous jumps from the remaining test changes. I purposely picked a healer gem for the second orange gem to prevent it from contributing to my AP number. This way any change we see is purely due to the meta gem. When I take the healer pants off, the meta gem grays out (inactive). When I put the healer pants on, it lights up (active).

So there you have it, you must have the required gems on your equipped gear in order to activate the meta gem. One interesting thing I noted though, I only have two gems equipped and yet the requirement listed three gems (1x red, 2x yellow). Clearly it’s counting one of my gems twice. Based on the WoWWiki page and several other threads I read, this should not be the case. So either other sources haven’t fully tested their theory or I am the lucky recipient of a bugged gem. At any rate this is my experience and anyone else out there who would like to comment on theirs is welcome to do so =)


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  1. ieya Says:

    No, that’s quite right – orange gems count as a red gem AND a yellow gem.

    Indeed, some other meta gems which want to see five of each colour are likely only realistically doable by using the two-colour gems (or even the tri-colour +resist all things enchanters can make)…

  2. kaliope Says:

    Ieya: I wasn’t surprised that I could use an orange gem to count for either yellow or red. What surprised me was that I was able to use only 2 gems total instead of 3. So one of those gems got counted as both yellow and red.

    On the WoWWiki and other sites I researched, everyone was insisting that each gem would only be counted once, even if it was a bi-color gem such as orange. As far as I know I am the only source proposing that a bi-color gem can count as more than one required gem. Since my experience was contrary to the information being put out on other sites, I wanted to inform my readers about the fact that I was actually able to successfully activate a meta gem this way.

  3. Epicentre Says:

    I wanted to note that Heavy Clefthoof items do NOT require leatherworking to equip them. It is the set bonus that requires you to be a certain level leatherworker.

    For reference the Allakhazam site with the set items and not one line about the Requires leatherworking.

    For more reference the Wowhead site with showing the setbonus including the Leatherworker Requirement:

  4. kaliope Says:

    Epi: Hmm, I find that interesting about the Heavy Clefthoof set. I checked the AH several times and when I saw those (and the Fel Leather) it had the “Required LW 350” in red. From this I naturally assumed that I did not meet the requirement and therefore would be unable to equip the item. It wasn’t worth it to me to spend 10+ gold to test that theory of course :)

    I did notice the missing set notes on Allakhazam, but I assumed it was an oversight on their part. They still seem to be working out the kinks on their BC item data, so I don’t take that stuff as gospel just yet.

    But historically speaking if something is written in red on an item it means you can’t use it. I find this a very confusing thing to do on Blizzard’s part and I’d imagine most folks would. It sounds like they need to clarify the tooltip on this item to specify what the LW requirement applies to. But thank you for sharing that information, I had no idea these items were usable by any leather class.

  5. Tsani Says:

    My druid has worn a bloodtiger set for a long time, but only after getting 300 LW did the set bonus activate. The location of the requirement determines if it is just for the set bonus or for being able to wear an item.

    The Heavy clefthoof boots ( ) lists the requirement with the set bonus, therefore anyone who can wear leather can use the item but you need to be a LW to get the bonus.

    The Primalstrike vest ( ) lists the requirement right under the level requirement, therefore you need to be a Dragonscale LW to be able to equip it.

    Once you know about the location part it is very easy to see what is for wearing and what for bonuses, but you are right in that Blizzard should have made it a little clearer.

    Also, many items with LW requirements for wearing it tend to be BoP.

  6. Snarky Says:

    Actually, its the other websites that are wrong, and that’s really not surprising. If you look at the higher end meta cuts the requirements get impossible if each gem counted once. For instance one of the caster cuts (I forget what, it comes from Sha’tar) requires 5 of each color. That would take 15 total gems if you counted each. You’d have to have 5 pieces of gear that took one of each color, which is not common. Or just have every piece of gear you wear have at least one socket. It’d be impossible. The people who wrote the other sites probably did the first gem they got (something like Swift skyfire, since its so cheap) and assumed it meant they needed one of each instead of testing.

  7. Orual Says:

    I have a hard copy of “The Bradygames official strategy guide to World of Warcraft the Burning Crusade.” It explains the Meta gem system too (though not in as much detail as you have). It says that Green, Orange and Purple gems do count twice. You are right Kaliope.

  8. kaliope Says:

    Thanks for sharing that Orual, it’s good to see that I’m not the only one supporting this theory :)

  9. Daostrasz Says:

    Hey, cool site :)

    I’ll be adding you to my links :)

    Daostrasz’s Realm

  10. hikaricore Says:

    Can anyone confirm if Enigmatic Skyfire Diamond is working or not? I’ve had friends report from GM response that it’s broken recently, but the two times I asked, they said it was working as intended..

  11. Khai of Hyjal Says:

    great info thanks so much for the clarification on metas, sockets.. requirements, and bi-colored gems… very useful to know

  12. Baneberry Says:

    Thank you very much for the information on bi-color gems. I couldn’t figure out why my meta stopped working until I found your comments!

  13. Helldon of Burning Blade Says:

    Thanks for the info!!

    Your article helped answer so many questions…
    Such as will a multi-color stone satisfy the needs of the meta gem I am using… and from the way you and the other commenters are stated it,
    it WILL!! ;-)

    I got my first PVP piece and it had a meta gem socket in it and a Red gem socket, but the Ember Skyfire meta gem requires 3 reds to be activated.

    Since I don’t have that many socketed pieces, I need something else that would help. I recently made a Belt of Blasting with 2 sockets, Blue & Yellow. With a Purple and Orange gem, I should get the bonus of my Meta Gem, get the bonus of my belt, and be good to kick butt.

    Your article helped so much! And it was also available to me at work, since anything related to gaming is blocked!

    Thanks again!

  14. kaliope Says:

    Helldon: Gratz on the new PVP gear and I’m glad everyone is finding this article so helpful =)

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