Stealthing the Mana Tombs

I started joining groups for the Mana Tombs with Krystella to gain faction with The Consortium. On my first trip there, I noticed an adamantite node that was not close to any mobs. This prompted a mental note to come back and investigate more closely for stealth farming purposes. Yesterday I went back and took notes on what I found.

If ore is what you’re looking for, the Mana Tombs is a great dungeon to farm, even better than the Underbog. There are NO stealth detecting sentries in this instance <woot!>. This makes it extremely easy to get around without any annoying acrobatics or special rogue tricks. It also seemed very short to me, compared to the Underbog. I didn’t time any of my runs, but it felt like I was in and out within maybe 5-6 minutes. So you can do your farming very quickly, max out your five resets and move on to something else.

I charted the ore spawn locations, so my apologies to those of you who herb. There is ancient lichen in there as well but I didn’t catalog the spawns for it. The first ore node spawn is in the Crescent Hall. This is about halfway through the instance and it’s very obvious when you are there because the room is shaped like a ‘C’ (hence the name). The ore was at the bottom of the C and it was easy to reach.

Most of the time I found the first node in the next area past the crescent. There are two small rooms joined by a hall and each room has two small alcoves to the right and left (north and south on the map). In my six runs, 4 of the spawns were in one of the alcoves. These are also easy to reach because they are off the main room and well away from any mobs. There was also one spawn that was on the rock slope just inside the doorway of the second room, but a nice safe distance away from the mobs and therefore not a problem to collect.

The second spawn is always (in my experience) in the room with Prince Shaffar. Most often I saw the node pop in the pit that’s in the floor right in front of the mana wyrmlings on the right hand side. At level 70 I was able to stand on the far side of the pit and not aggro the group on the other side or the pathing demon. Someone lower level might have to use distract or grab the ore when the pat is away. The other spot in this room where I’ve seen the node pop is up on the rock slope on the other side of the room. This is actually where it has been both times I ran this instance for real, but only 1 out of 6 times I stealthed it. It’s high on the slope and easy to reach without notice from the mobs below.

Another little tidbit I noted while inside, none of my six stealth runs produced a ‘rich’ adamantite node while I was in there. However, when I ran the instance last night with a group, both nodes were rich. So clearly they can pop in the yummy supersize version, but it may be less common than the normal nodes. I think Underbog was similar in this regard, in my experience there was maybe a 10% chance of a rich vein.

So there you have it, a new place to explore and farm for ore (and maybe herbs). Feel free to discuss and send in your own comments. Also, for those of you new to my blog, we have several other articles on stealth farming that you can read here.

4 Responses to “Stealthing the Mana Tombs”

  1. tholal Says:

    Another little tidbit I noted while inside, none of my six stealth runs produced a ‘rich’ adamantite node while I was in there. However, when I ran the instance last night with a group, both nodes were rich.

    Thats interesting. It’s been my experience that most adamantite nodes I’ve seen inside instances have been rich. Perhaps it’s related to the fact that you were in there solo.

  2. kaliope Says:

    That’s an interesting observation Tholal, I hadn’t really thought of it that way. But I can see why Blizzard might want to increase the ore for a group and not for a solo player. If that’s true though, it seems that they could also remove the chest spawns completely for solo runs and still keep them for full groups. I guess we’ll see how the chests play out, I’m still operating under the assumption that they will remove them from stealth-friendly locations at some point.

  3. Egwene Says:

    Of the 4 or so stealth runs i’ve done for fun and ore in there, a little less than half the nodes I mined were Rich. Maybe 1/4.

    It seems to me that you just had poor luck :'(

  4. RAWR! Says:

    ya it does change the ore sometimes, just poor luck on his part. just like any instance, sometimes good chests, sometimes good veins, it varies. could hav e 5 AMAZING runs, or 4 shit 1 good.

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