Killing Count Chocula

I have a confession to make… I take perverse delight in killing “Count” Ungula. I don’t know why I do it. In Beta I killed him extra times, just because I happened to be riding by. The quest was over, I didn’t need to do it. It just tickled me to death to take him out, I found him so funny that I couldn’t resist his charms. I can’t explain this unseemly desire beat him up over and over, I don’t know why I did it. I don’t consider myself a warmonger or adrenaline junkie, but I still did it.

Tonight as I was taking Kali through some of the latter quests in Zang (Zangarmarsh) I realized Kali “Live” hadn’t killed Count Ungula yet and I was totally buzzed by the idea of killing him again. As I was making my way to him (killing his minions nearby), it occurred to me that his name was almost the same as Count Chocula. Duh, right? Well sorry, I didn’t make that connection right away. But strangely enough, as a kid that was my favorite cereal. I’m still a chocoholic, some things never change =)

At this point I’m theorizing that somewhere in my subconscious the connection was there all along and I just didn’t put 2 & 2 together. But I think this explains my weird obsession with Count Ungula and why I get tickled every time I see him. Since I can’t very well chat him up or hang out, the only way I can interact with him is to kill him, and so I do. But I don’t do it out of hate, just silly nostalgic love. Is that whacked or what?!?

On another note, I realize that sometimes a significant chunk of time passes between posts. Rest assured that I am usually working on something to put up for you… but some projects take longer than others. Since I have your ear I thought I’d go ahead and give a couple of teasers to let you know there’s stuff in the pipeline:

  • Mana Tombs – stealth run information
  • Meta Gems – detailed usage information (this one is taking longer)

So rest assured – I am not slacking!

PS – If you have an idea you’d like to submit for a future article, feel free to leave a comment.  Sometimes I run out of things to research, so if you know of something I should be investigating please tell me!!


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