Underbog/SP Stealthing Nerf

My comment area is all abuzz (and by abuzz I mean – dang!!) with chatter about the supposed nerf of Slave Pens and Underbog. Considering how much noise this was generating I decided to investigate for myself and try to put the rumors to rest.

I spent last night going through both instances at least 5 times each. I’m not as familiar with Slave Pens so I mostly stayed in the front part before the sentries. I did wander past them once, but I didn’t see enough there to make any strong determinations about the farming status.

Slave Pens
Out of five visits here the first chest spawned in the middle of the bogstruck pack on the left-hand side all five times. This was not farmable for me at level 70 so I’m assuming this chest is simply not farmable.

Four of my five visits also had the adamantite node spawning behind the Fen Ray pet – another unreachable location. I tried to mine it but I was busted. One of the five times I entered SP, this first node popped on the left side next to the bogstruck pack. This spot looked unfarmable to me, but I didn’t bother testing that theory. Considering their aggro radius when I tried to get the chest, I didn’t expect a different result for the ore.

So in conclusion… Slave Pens = Nerfed!!

This was the instance I was more concerned about, since I’d been actually farming ore in here. Not that it isn’t easier to collect ore with a flying mount, it is :) But on those days when I’m not having much luck, it’s nice to have the option of gathering ore without competition.

All five times I entered UB the first chest was on the left by the 3-pack of mobs at the water’s edge. This location is not farmable, so essentially the chest farming is confirmed to be nerfed for the first half of the dungeon. No more easy gold 4 you!!

On the other hand, the ore and presumably herb spawns were all basically the same. I am not an herbalist so I can’t guarantee that nothing was changed. But the ore nodes were all spawning in the same locations as before, as was the hibiscus. So I’m guessing they didn’t change the gathering nodes at all.

Also, in the interest of thorough investigation, I visited the back half of the dungeon 5 times. This took a lot more time than I thought, but this is the pain I endure for my readers =) The news is better here because the second chest appears to be unchanged. Four of the five times I entered, it was under the stairs. The fifth time it was by the Fen Rays in the corridor, an unfarmable location. The ore node also popped in both of its usual spots in the corridor and I was able to gather both of them (the one by the hunter boss with a bit more difficulty, but still do-able).

Conclusion for the Underbog: Blizzard wants you to work for your free gold <lol>! No more free lunch on the chest, you have to get past the sentries and loot the second one. But all the other goodies appear to be the same, so for my money it’s still a viable farming location. Realistically, I didn’t expect this chest farming to be a permanent thing anyway. We should all assume at some point that Blizz will nerf the second chest too, so if you want to take advantage you better do it now people!

Underbog… Chest 1=Nerfed, Ore/Herbs=Not Nerfed, Chest 2=Not Nerfed

Now you may discuss…

***For those of you new to my blog, I have other articles on stealth farming here***


26 Responses to “Underbog/SP Stealthing Nerf”

  1. tyrlind Says:

    I was also informed by a rogue on my server that there was unpatched chest farming heroic instances, but he said there were THREE. He would not reveal which three but said he might in the future. If anyoen has any info saw11719@juno.com. I will not release the info to anyone else without prior consent. Just wish that dick didn’t ruin it on the forums :(

  2. Tunnelrat Says:

    I’ve played with the Hellfire Citidel instances, and i think we can rule those three instances out.

  3. Tunnelrat Says:

    I’ve played with the Hellfire Citidel instances, and I think we can rule those three instances out. Ill be checking out the others as well.

  4. Suo Says:

    After my 30+ runs to Underbog I wrote 2 letters to GM’s and asked wtf is wrong with chests in Underbog, why chest spawn at the same damn 1th place all the time. And for the what the fakin point to be rogue with “stealth” and dwarf with “find treasures” skills for? Got an answer that “Nothing changed. Chests still spawning on 3 different places. Maybe you are unluck”.
    After that I done 10 more runs and still “no luck”. WTF is wrong with you, blizz ?!
    Can anyone tell me, do any of you found 2 or/and 3 chest after 3rd March ?
    Damn I’m angry, need dark ale.
    ps.sorry for my english

  5. Tunnelrat Says:

    Nah, its nerfed. The Underbog chest pops only in the guarded location, and the Slave Pens chest pops only by the Bogstrocks. The only one that i’ve found that is close to doable is in the arcatraz, in the same room as the first boss, but i cant seem to get it without aggroing the beholder type mob. I’m still looking though.

  6. Adrian Says:

    Interesting blizz says nothing happened..

  7. Suo Says:

    I got 1 theory about 1th chest in ub. The chest is guarding by 3 mobs. If we can try to pull only one and kill them – we can take the chest without agroing others two.
    What do you think to use “Hipnotist’s Watch” trinket on them ?

  8. gokpog Says:

    UB: You can still stealthfarm the 1st chest, normal mode (well not really “stealth” – but farm). I’m writing this in my instance cooldown period.

    Pull the mob closest to the chest, the other two will add, kill him and vanish. If you now distrace the other two and open the chest from the farthest position possible you won’t aggro them. You probably won’t be able to do this if you’re not combat specd. I’m using AR+BF+Evasion and need about 15-20sec for the mob. I only have 7.5k HP and suvive with 1k – 1.5k, so two bad hits can kill you, but I have still to die from the mobs. Well I died once due to the vanish bug, but I don’t count that. :)

  9. Saite Says:

    Interesting comment about being able to kill the 1st mob. So what talents do you have. Would combat daggers work? I am wondering if it is worth respeccing just to farm this chest still – would be worth it – until I have my epic mount at least!

    Also, I have had some success getting the 2nd chest – although on average I only get 3 out of 5…

    The best method is this; stand in front of the left guard at the top of the ramp, as close as you dare without agroing him – I find that right on the point where the ramp meets the ledge is perfect. You MUST have Sprint, Vanish and Evasion ready. Wait until the two naga guards inside are up your end. Hit sprint while stealthed then pop out of stealth, hit Evasion and run inside – right through the first guard. Ideally you want to get halfway up the ramp before hitting vanish – then if there are any DoTs on you no-one will see you when you pop out of vanish. With a bit of luck the chest will be below you and you can grab it – stealth out the long way and repeat. If you are lucky you will not die and you’ll get at least three chests.

    This isn’t as good as it was before, but it is better than nothing! ;)

  10. gokpog Says:

    I’m a 13/41/7 Sword Combat rogue with lvl70 blue equip and the Aldor Sword. I think if you quickly build up 5 CPs, then KS and AR+BS the first mob down, it could also be possible with Combat Dagger. But I can’t really help you there, I never played Combat Dagger.

  11. Morane Says:

    Concerning the two guards at the top of the ramp that can see through stealth mode. I read on another site and have been doing it ever since, I use the window to the left of the guards. Stand just slightly to the right of the crack in the window and face a little to the left. press the forward button and keep hitting your space bar. You will jump just on the crack. But dont stop jumping or you will fall back down. keep jumping and pressing forward till you move farther up the window. Then once you have a foothold on the window you can stop. Never had to go past the guards. You can avoid them altogether.

  12. Shadow Says:

    OK so u wanna farm UB…
    1. its been nerfed…
    2. get a druid pal..
    3. respec combat… (ull get more then enough G to respec back)
    4. CS..sNd…AR/BF.. dodge… kill all 3 mobs… while getting healed by druid…
    simple solution… sure ull get half the loot but it always spawns in same location… so all u do is wait till ur skills are not on cooldown… e z loot in 5 mins… for A/R 5.80g + loot worth over 50g(blue gems)… multiply by 5… split n 2 and ur set…. ok bye now

  13. Morane Says:

    Yes, a rogue and a druid makes for a good team. The idea is to do something that can be done by yourself as a rogue. Even so, I have my son use his druid to help me and we got our keys for ubrs in less than 2hrs. Just went in and stealthed to the bosses and killed them. Got the gems and kept doing it till both of us had the gems required.

  14. Sulmor Says:

    well, I amde it 1 time. I eman, I went with a rogue friend. he took aggro, I looted. it works… BUT, I really don’t think is possible to farm in 2. at least is not easy, and anyway often what both gain is too few.

  15. Sulmor Says:

    ah, I forgot.. I am miner-herbalist (yes, like a monkey farmer… :P). I can confirm for herbs too nothing seems changed

  16. wisely Says:

    if you went in with 2 persons into underbog, you don’t even need to kill the mobs to loot the chest I believe.

    there is a little trick.

    you get the aggro, you jump into the water, the mobs will follow you for a while (but will not jump into the water), and after several seconds or so, they will reset.

    your friend can just open the chest during that.

    its the same deal for all other classes, you only need to kill the first 2 fly bats, then run in in full speed.

    If you are a plate wearer or druid or whatever, and you can kill the first mob before you die, just jump into the water, reset, open the chest or just kill the other 2 one by one.

  17. Mattosai Says:

    Just to let you all know,

    I’ve been messing around in Underbog and Heroic Underbog for a few weeks now. The first guarded position is possible to farm WITHOUT killing any guards in both heroic and non-heroic. I’ve been trying to find a 100% effective way to do this which I almost have on non-heroic. If the guards get too close when you go to open the chest it will give you a failed message, but I have gotten this chest about 80-90% of the time non-heroic and about 50% heroic. It seems that the guards return to their spots faster in heroic for some reason. Here are the details on how I do it and maybe someone can figure out a way to improve on my technique.

    Step 1: Position yourself with your back to the water and with a clear path to run behind the large rock pillar near the guards. http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y189/MattIchiban/Step1.jpg

    Step 2: Shoot or throw to aggro the guards and bolt behind the pillar. You’ll want to run around like you’re going to run back toward the entrance. http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y189/MattIchiban/Step2.jpg

    Step 3: Turn and jump into the water and swim a short ways out. The guards will run to the edge of the water and watch you, but won’t move from the area you jumped in. (Don’t move forward too fast or if there are any shamblers they’ll stop to cast their poiosn on you and will be too close to the chest.) http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y189/MattIchiban/Step3.jpg

    Step 4: (Was in too much of a hurry to get an SS from the attempt, but the one included is roughly where you should swim straight at the chest and sprint.) http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y189/MattIchiban/Position.jpg

    Swim toward the chest, but before you get out of the water activate sprint. Jump out of the water moving toward the chest. You’ll need to vanish just before you reach the chest and just start spamming right click to start getting it open. http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y189/MattIchiban/Step4.jpg

    Learning the timing is the most difficult part of when to vanish and what distance you need to swim to get close to the chest, but not take too much time so that you lose aggro from the mobs. This was done on non-heroic which I can nail 80-90% of the time like I said before. On heroic it seems like the guards return to position much quicker, but maybe it’s just me getting jumpy because having the guards catch up too fast means you’re getting 2-shot (they non-crit for 4.5 – 5k damage -.-)

    Hopefully this proves helpful for everyone. I’ll continue to try getting the routine down until I can nail the first chest in underbog >90%. I will also attempt a video, but I don’t want it to get too much exposure so that it all gets nerfed again. I also hope this helps spark more interest and maybe gets someone to improve on my technique to get it to 100% success rate. Good luck and happy stealth farming!

  18. Mattosai Says:

    P.S. Enjoy the loot when you get it down ;) (Forgot to include the pic of loot out of the chest. Not that impressive because it was non-heroic, but hey it’s not hard to do and can yield BoE blues!)
    http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y189/MattIchiban/Step5.jpg (Loot is in the chat window.)

  19. Hemosexual Says:

    I have done the guarded chest a few times now (over 10k gold worth), and find that sub/assass is best spec by far. Cold blood, and ghostly strike(1750-2000 crits) are keys.

    I premed-> cheapshot-> expose armor on the middle mob. This leaves me at 100 energy. Ghostly strike then takes me to 40% dodging, and I hemo the guy to 4 or 5 combo points before popping evasion. Most runs, I am at 85-100% llife before the evasion. Cold blood evis, mob at 25-40% llife left. I start backing the mob up to the water a bit, finish it off, and walk into the water. Walk into the water, reset mobs, hop out, loot the dead mob(MANY greens and blues from it), then chest.

    I used to have problems with this run, and it was almost a matter of luck, but the keys for me are expose armor, hitting evasion late in the fight, and ghostly strike. I rarely am below 50% health by the end, and have even done it without taking 1 pt of damage. I have several sets of gear and find that max attack power at the expense of stam, +crit, and +hit works best, at least for hemo.

    For those of u trying this with daggers, swallow your pride. Farming should be fast, easy, and consumable-free. My friend is mutilate spec, and for this run, equips a mainhand sword.

  20. ... Says:

    Spawns in 3 places 1 down bottom (as you all know) 2 Up ramp past Stealth detecting Naga and 3 In hallway w/ a stack of bee’s or wasps w/e 1st 2 are farmable w/ 2 people 2nd is not.

  21. ... Says:

    err. 3rd is not*

  22. ... Says:

    Anyone tried Arcatraz or any tempest keep?

  23. Hemosexual Says:

    I have tried arcatraz, and it seems possible, but after a few deaths I figured it was too risky and too much work. I still do wanna find a way to get that one down pat tho, since the drops will be higher level.

  24. Silv3r Says:

    I’ve just met a warlock farmer. He showed me how to farm the first chest solo! He bugged the mobs somehow and they were stuck in the water. After a couple of times I was ready to hit the sack and he asked me for my acct! =| obviously not giving him!

  25. Gnafse Says:

    First chest of UB is my only secure chest in ub. I always get it and easy to farm. Second chest can be a pain, but if its under the stairs after the stealth nagas, its also very doable. A little luck and walljumping gets you there.

    SP on the other hand is worse. First chest by the boggies on the left need a little walljumping, running back and forth and speedlooting the chest. Also doable, very annoying to find right path tho. Second chest in the corner behind boss is also tricky. A 70 with one sap and a rightly timed distract may open it tho.

  26. igounfazed! Says:

    Heroic UnderBog. Things that I noticed while doing this in Heroic mode. I would like some confirmation if possible.

    1. Herbs and Sanguine’s respawned every re-entry after a death.
    2. The stealth nagas on the ramp have to be “clipped” at the wall in order to use vanish.

    1. I am Herbalist. I went in taking all nodes up to the naga ramp. Died on my first attempt there and when I re-entered (not even 9 minutes of total instance run time) all the herbs and saguines respawned. Can another Herbalist confirm this? I want to be sure about it. I am thinking that it may just be a blizzard server bug out.

    2. My first attempt to get past them yielded my death cause I did as I would in Normal mode running to second ramp with evasion up. Got hit 3 times very hard before making it up to the second ramp. However, I noticed that the stealth nagas run at me when I first start the encounter. So on my second (successful attempt) I used the added distance away from them to just cut to the left side of the wall behind them and that worked well.

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