WoW! Neat new feature on Blizz site

I’m not one to pass around generic WoW news, but I’m having fun playing with the Armory feature they just launched yesterday.  They are calling it a Beta, but it looks like they are gearing up for the new Arena system and clearly they needed something like this to support it.  I just like that I can spy on my girls, heh.



Now you can all spy on me and tell me my gear sucks, my spec is all wrong, etc, etc.  You can also confirm that I have the crafting abilities I talk about here and even keep an eye on my progress if that floats your boat.  This is a pretty major addition to the WoW site, I’m just curious to see how this whole arena thing is going to work.


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  1. Matoskah Says:

    How do I get my chartacter sheets to show,…they wont come up for none of my toons?……is this only PTR..

  2. kaliope Says:

    I had no trouble finding my characters, you just type your character name into the search box and it lists all the toons with that name.

    Select “character” from the list and type in your name

  3. Pal Says:

    The problem seems to be that it doesn’t keep the character in the database for very long, link only when online or for a few hours afterwards. I could view my toon when logged on last night, but this morning it says I’ve been inactive too long.

    I expect they are still working out plenty of issues with it and it will maintain a better memory in the future.

  4. kaliope Says:

    Agreed, there still seem to be some kinks in the system. My husband is unable to view the site at all in Firefox on his Mac, although it works fine for me with Firefox under Windows. Clearly a work in progress :)

  5. Gojita Says:

    I agree even though I have nothing at all to comment about this…yet but it sounds cool I plan on checking it out. :)

  6. Warcraft Maps Guy Says:

    The site seems to be working much better now. I suppose all the use when it first came out caused some trouble for them. Hopefully it’ll stand up to this patch Tuesday. :)

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