Fishing 300+ the easy way

We had a poster on the CT forums asking where to level his fishing and what the best location in Outland is.  Well, for those of you familiar with the way Fishing works, you know that you can go anywhere and get skill-ups.  With that thought in mind, I decided to head to my favorite pre-expansion fishing spot: Feralas. Kaliope has been at 300 fishing for awhile now and she already bought the Master Fishing book and had a couple of points she got from fishing up various spawns in Zangarmarsh.  She also has the Big Iron Fishing Pole and some aquadynamic lures she can use when necessary.

For folks who want easy money, Feralas is a good place.  You can fish up the many spawns of fish and wreckage and walk away with some nice stuff.  I spent an hour or so there this morning and got 24 stonescales, 15 firefins, 17 oily blackmouths, 14 bolts of mageweave, 4 bolts of runecloth, a handful of various mana/health potions, a few thick/rugged leather and 2 green items.  Not bad for  60-90 minutes of work :)

I stayed until I got 9 points in Fishing (enough to reach 310) and I took some notes to give everyone a clear picture of the skill up process:

302: Started fishing
303: 10 successful casts to first point
304: 11 successful casts to  second point
305: 9 successful casts
306: 10 casts
307: 10 casts
308: 10 casts
309: 10 casts
310: 10 casts

A successful cast would be defined as one that resulted in a fish/box/etc.  This should make it very obvious that the starting ratio for skill points at 300 fishing is basically 10%.  We can assume that ratio is going to go down somewhere between 300 and 375, but I don’t know where or when.  I’ll be happy to post on that once I get higher and see where the drop occurs.

Another reason for choosing Feralas was to see if I would have the same luck skilling up in a lower zone as a higher one.  I’ve been fishing Feralas for quite a while, surely if level mattered this zone would not have helped me.  But since I experienced the same 10% skill increase that I expected to, the location did not impact me at all.  I probably could have fished in Westfall if I really wanted to, but the loot is crappy there so why bother?

I hope this encourages all of you to fish in Outland for the goodies, but don’t fish just for the points.  If you just want to power up your skill, go to an older zone where you won’t waste your money on lures.  I know I don’t want to blow through 50 or more aquadynamic fish attractors just for the skill points, but I’m happy to use them to get the steam pump debris or some of the new food-buff fish if I happen to come across a spawn during my travels.

I’ve done the dirty work for you – so play it smart and have fun out there!

3 Responses to “Fishing 300+ the easy way”

  1. Jammy Says:

    haha…. good one really got me

  2. Peruze Says:

    Hi there. Been reading your site for a while, and thought I could add a touch of my experience here.
    Peruze (my main, lvl 64 hunter on Drak’thul) is at 340 fishing atm, and as you suggested in your post, it has been taking 10 catches per point even up to this point.
    My favorite fishing spot thus far in Zangar has been Serpent lake. It’s not to far from the Kurenai outpost, and seems to always have 4 or 5 spawns very close. The wreckage spawns have been most common thus far, and seem to be good for vendor trash and crates. Also a very nice thing to find here are inscribed scrollcases, which have 1-3 lvl V scrolls of various types in them. I have also caught a fish called a Goldenscale Vendorfish in these floatsom spawns that are useless, but as the name suggest sells to vendors for a pretty penny: 6g ea. (I have only caught 3 of these, thus far.)
    To reliably fish Serpent Lake, you need to have 450 fishing. Right now, after the 340 base, I have a +20 fishing pole, the boots from STV tourny, and have been using +100 lures from an engineer friend.
    I would have to say that fishing this area has been very profitable. Just from vendor trash, I usually get at least 4g from a 30 min fishing trip. Plus the crates usually have fel iron ore, or fel iron bolts in them, which sell well on the ah.
    Not to mention the fish themselves. If you have cooking high enough, or know a cook who does, the Sporefish can be cooked into a lovely +8 mana regen buff food. I have yet to try to sell these on the ah, as my priest friends always end up getting them before I can make it to the auction house. lol
    I hope this helps out a little bit.
    Thank you.

  3. kaliope Says:

    Hi Peruze – thanks for sharing your experiences! Some of this was actually in my beta posts on Fishing, but I didn’t put a lot of time into it so this is good to hear :)

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