Lunar Festival = More recipes!

Engineers and Tailors get your running shoes on. The Lunar Festival started today and that means new recipes for us. I’m currently running Kayree all over Kalimdor to collect coins of ancestry. It’s kind of a pain, but since this is the only way I know of to learn the schematic for rocket launchers, I’m doing it anyway. Poor Kayree has been subjected to many abuses in the quest for knowledge, there are actually a number of quest-related schematics. I’ve gone pearl diving in STV, run through Gnomeregan looking for a punch card machine, and zapped giants in Feralas. And here I am once again, jet-setting across Azeroth to meet 15 elders. So far I’m up to seven tokens, apparently I did this quest with Kayree last year so I’ve had to skip some of the easy places (IF, Darn, etc).

If you’re a Tailor you can get new recipes to learn how to make the Festival outfits. I’m going to try and run the circuit again with my borrowed tailor, I’ll post an update and let you know how that works out. Thottbot says it requires level 50 to start and he is only 35, so I might not be able to do them. But that seems like a silly requirement since there are plenty of elders in various noob zones. I guess I’ll find out eh?

You have until March 8th to complete your travels and collect your goodies, so don’t miss out! Also, if you want to visit Moonglade and get a new one of their nifty Elune Candles, you can purchase them for 10s. Kinda nice if you already used up your quest one from last year :)

EDIT: Just ran my borrowed 35 toon to Moonglade and he is not able to access the Tailoring pattern. So there does appear to be a fairly high level requirement on this particular portion of the quest. Oh well…

EDIT: I have figured out a way around the quest level requirement on the Tailoring recipes. I had one of my 60s collect the tokens and choose the recipes. Neither of the Tailoring patterns are BoP, so I was able to mail them to the level 35 Tailor and he used them to learn the new recipe. This won’t work on all of the recipes, some of the Engineering schematics are BoP. I believe the rocket recipes were all BoP and launchers were not. So make sure you use your Engineer to gather the rocket recipes and you can use other toons to collect the clothing and rocket launcher recipes. Since it takes 30 tokens to get all of the Engineering schematics, it may be less work to use multiple toons instead of trying to venture into cross-faction locations or run instances in order to collect them all on one toon.


4 Responses to “Lunar Festival = More recipes!”

  1. kimberleyanne Says:

    Yay, useful information in one place!! Thanks for taking the time to post :)

  2. Bloodivine Says:

    Just on a side note: I think there is a lvl restrict for the rocket’s as well.
    I tried it with my newly created lvl 15 hunter and the recipes where not offered. My lvl 26 priest was though…. Any thoughts?

  3. kaliope Says:

    I believe there is a level requirement on the various recipes, since the easiest ones kick in around 125 skill. It wouldn’t surprise me if the cutoff was around 20, but since they don’t publish that info I’m not sure how we’d get it. I do have a mod but it seems to be off on seasonal quests most of the time :(

  4. here Says:

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