My first fan sighting :)

I’ll keep this short, I just wanted to give a shout out to Krallius of Llane (lvl 65 Pally). Most of the time since release I’ve been playing Krystella so she can level up and get faction with the various groups for JC recipes. But he managed to spot me during a rare moment with Kaliope, who was trying to do the V-Day quests (thought there might be some new recipes in it for me, oh well). He was very sweet and complimentary of the site – and he even offered to help me with some quests! True to his word, he met up with me near the Temple of Telhamat and helped me knock out the Rock Flayer Matriarch and all of the Ruins of Sha’naar quests that I was able to start. He also came along with me to help a guildie who was trying to do the Colossal Menace line. What a great guy!! I’m so tickled that I finally met someone on my server who’s a fan of the site =) That was a lot of fun and I just wanted to tell Krallius “thank you” for making my night and helping a girl out!

If there are any other Llane-izen readers, feel free to say hi to Kaliope or Krystella. I’m usually in game from 9pm-12am PST!

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  1. morthus Says:

    wow, i didnt know u were from llane… no one seems to be on this junky server :P

    ah well, maybe ill cya one day, im a pally from the good side of the pond :P horde ftw!!!

    ill have to look out for ya

  2. kaliope Says:

    Hey Morthus – glad you stopped by the site! I try to treat all my fellow players with respect, regardless of their affiliation, so feel free to throw a /wave at me if we happen to cross paths :)

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