Stealth Farming the Underbog – Update!

WOOT – SUCCESS!!! After my last foray into the Underbog I actually returned a second time yesterday and died probably a dozen times trying the get past the naga sentries. I was pulling out all the stops, I had a sprint/evasion macro and a cloak of shadows/vanish macro that I would hit in close succession. You’d think this would get you through pretty much anything, but the naga patrols were hitting me with a bleed effect that was breaking my vanish every time.

So I was pretty frustrated and started a thread on RogueSpot to get some input from other rogues. One guy mentioned that he stood in front the sentries and did the sprint/evade and had no trouble. I realized that by sneaking up with the patrol (in the hopes that they were providing cover, lol) I was probably hampering my own efforts. So I tried waiting until the pat was at the bottom of the ramp and then I walked through the sentries at the top. Bingo! I was able to sprint/evade through them without attracting the pat. The key is to not hit vanish until you get around the corner and to the bottom of the next ramp. That way you are out of their aggro radius when you vanish, otherwise they keep chasing and hitting you, breaking the vanish.

So bear in mind that the myrmidons (patrol nagas) hit you with a bleed effect that will negate your vanish. Make sure you stay out of their melee range as you sprint by, there’s another set on the other side of the sentry nagas. Also it’s probably a good idea to use cloak of shadows here with vanish since there’s are some casters that could nail you with a dot. I saw mostly fireballs, but you never know.

Once past there is a chest spawn under the ramp, but I would go up the ramp to make sure you’ve lost your followers. There’s a group of 4 pathers around the ramp chest on a very short path. At level 67 I was able to stand behind the chest at max range, wait until they pathed out and quickly click, open and loot, then scoot back and stealth before they got back into aggro range. This same chest also seems to spawn in the corridor with the fen rays and bees (right before the hunter boss), and I was not able to loot it at 67 without pulling aggro from the rays. There’s probably a 3rd location but I only did 2 runs of this area of the dungeon so I didn’t find a 3rd spawn.

There’s an adamantite node in the same corridor with the fen rays, but closer to the stealthed NPC and can be mined without aggro (at 67 that is). The other adamantite node in the front of the dungeon has several locations. One is in the water with the fishies. They can see stealth so I haven’t tried to get that one. Another is at the front of the ramp to Hungarfen, and a 3rd is behind the same ramp near the water’s edge. Both of those can be mined if you are careful. I think I also had it pop once along the closer wall where the sporebat/elementals hang out, but that’s a rarer spot. It’s usually one of the two spawns by the ramp.

There’s a chest spawn that’s along the back wall behind the ramp. Not near the water, but you follow the curve almost where it opens back out into the cave. You can easily avoid the pat back there and get that chest. A buddy told me the chest can also spawn at the top of the ramp that leads to Hungarfen, but I don’t think I’ve gotten that one yet. The last spawn is past Hungarfen on the next platform, right next to the Bog Lord. I’m able to loot it at max range, but someone lower than 67 might not be able to. I’m really close to him when I do it :)

Once you collect the first ore and chest you can head to the next ramp and do the sprint/evade + cloak/vanish trick if you want to keep going for chest #2 and ore #2. Otherwise just walk out and reset. I can do the first part in about 5 minutes, it takes about 10 if you add part 2. The nice thing about doing the whole dungeon is that you can walk right out past the Black Stalker and exit at the entrance to easily reset and go back in.

Most of the ore nodes will be regular adamantite, with maybe 20-30% chance of a rich vein. The chests drop about 5g in cash, plus a level 64 green item. There will also be either some potions or scrolls and twice today I got an uncut gem. So the loot is pretty good, even if you just farm the first section. If you need to farm Sporeggar rep you can also grab the hibiscus that are scattered about.

Good luck and feel free to share any other tactics you might discover during your runs through the Underbog :)

***For those of you new to my blog, I have other articles on stealth farming here***


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  1. kaliope Says:

    Addendum: I found a 4th location for the first chest spawn. Following the left wall as you enter the instance… if you go all the way around there’s a small group of mobs right by the water’s edge. The chest spawned right in the middle of them and I was not able to get it without getting aggro. Also, there are several more spawn locations for the first node of ore, just make sure you walk around until you see it. So far all but the one in the water have been reachable.

  2. Garyyd (Lothar) Says:

    Hey Kaliope, just wanted to drop a few ideas your way.

    The adamantite node in the water is up for grabs. I’ve only had one fish swim close enough to aggro at level 70, and a distract at its max range should give you free rein. I have noticed that they pack a punch, so you might wanna blast it with a blinding powder. If you like to live dangerously and you gain aggro on land, take a swim but keep in mind the fish will make you pay if they take notice.
    I’m a subtlety spec dwarf rogue, so I’ve got it pretty easy when running this. Shadow-step makes dodging the patrols with stealth detection easy as long as a pat walks behind em.

    If you’ve got imp sap, I’d recommend that you try Slave Pens, at least for the first chest and adamantite node. They appear in the first room with naga, bogstroks, and slaves. There’s two spots the chest comes up, one near bogstroks at the north end (which is suicide) and on next to an overseer naga with his slaves. If you’ve got imp sap, you can hit the naga when he’s farthest west from the chest and crack it open, but keep in mind that if you vanish while you have a sap going, it will instantly break. There are three node positions that I remember, two are where the chests spawn and the other is just right when you enter the room. The one I’ve had trouble with is the one right of the entry, because of a hunter’s pet. The one near the bogstroks almost requires a sap, and the one near the slaves really does, but if you don’t have the talents invested and you’re feeling suicidal, you can test the theory.
    Good luck in there, and many blues to you!

  3. kaliope Says:

    Thanks for sharing your experiences Garyyd! I hadn’t ventured into the Slave Pens yet because I didn’t know if there were any gathering nodes there or not. But I’ll be sure to check it out!

  4. Deftblade Says:

    ive been farming the 1st chunk of UB for about a week now, at lvl 55… only up to the 1st sentry (didnt know how to get past it till my friend refered me here)… im an herbalist, so the adamantite arent really my cup of tea, but quite a lot of ancient lichen spawn in here, and you can collect most of them if you’re careful.

    ive been farming the place for hibiscus for the sporregar rep, and have found that you can quite consistantly get 10-ish hibiscus between the start and the 1st naga sentries. Some of them will actually only spawn after you’ve been in the instance a little while, so don’t always leave after you’re 1st run to the sentries… usually 2 tours of the 1st chunk will do it. I usually get about 10 hibiscus per run, the chest behind the ramp to hungerfen (it’s been there every time for me so far, twice with rares :-D ) and some herbs. a run of that 1st chunk takes me about 20 minutes, assuming I don’t screw up and get myself killed.

  5. Pal Says:

    I wonder if a target dummy would be of use on the naga sentries, or cost effective? You could place it at the base of the ramp as the pat goes up, then aggro the sentries as well, then vanish past after the TD aggro’d them all?

  6. kaliope Says:

    I hadn’t thought of the target dummy idea, but it might work if it pulled aggro from all of the nearby mobs. And didn’t break stealth to throw it down :) It seems as if it would be cost effective if you could use the lower ones and not the highest version. My rogue is not an engineer so this isn’t something she could try.

    Each chest is worth at least 6g (cash + possibly crappy green) and the ore from the second node another 2-4 depending on how many ores you get. So the dummy would have to be quite expensive to make a dent in the profits. Of course sometimes the chest and/or the ore are in an unreachable spot, so you’d have to take that into account :)

  7. Teeb Says:

    They made it so you can’t open chests while in combat anymore, so blinds/engineering probably isn’t going to work at all.

  8. kaliope Says:

    Is there a reason that vanish wouldn’t work in this situation? That’s what I’ve been doing whenever I accidentally aggro something. Of course ideally you wouldn’t get aggro in the first place, but I’m assuming we’re talking about emergency measures.

  9. PBB Says:

    that’s a very cool dummy idea lol

  10. Garaka Says:

    I have been trying to figure out an easier way to get past those naga sentries that see through stealth.
    Today I while try a limited invulnerability potion: Immbider is immune to physical attacks fo the next 6 seconds + sprint, and i should be well clear of them, cause evasion just doesnt seem to be enough.

  11. Zulsokni Says:

    I thought i would share my experiences on this since i have found very good fortune farming underbog. I thought i was original until i found this. Anyway there are 2 unreachable spawn of chests. One is in the corridor after Ghaz’ran, that Hydra guy and the other is right at the enterance to the instance near the waters edge. This group is a real pain and i have yet to solo them as a dagger rogue. As for the corridor, the mobs are in a pack of 2 and if i blow all cooldowns i could take them quiet easily but sometimes they hit harder than usual. If you want to try it, move back away from the path way of the 3 patrols and go at it. Popping evasion then the trinket that you got in hellfire seems to work nicely (Hopefully you picked up the trinket).

    As for the fully reachable Chests. One is after hungrafen, behind a Bog giant. This one is simple to get. The other one is Right behind the first ramp leading to Hungrafen. The third is On under the ramp leading to Ghaz’ran (I think thats his name >.

  12. Zulsokni Says:

    My thoughts on the 2 Mobs that can see through stealth is: if you can jump through the small window, they are no problem. This requires a little bit of knowledge on wall jumping but its fairly easy. I wont go into much detail except there is a small opening that you can jump onto.

  13. Garaka Says:

    Hmmm, can an every race jump the same hight? cause as an orc I cant jump through it. Unless there is some sort of special method. I can see that opening but just can seem to get up there.

  14. kaliope Says:

    Hey Garaka – I can double confirm the jumping discrepancy. Not only was Krystella unable to pull off this jumping maneuver after about 15 minutes of constant jumping from every angle imaginable (she’s a human). But I also have a gnome warrior who has more trouble jumping through the crack in Arathi that you use to visit the first aid vendor than any of my other toons. She’s the only one of the four who has trouble with that jump. So there *is* a notable difference in jumping ability based on your size/race, I’ve personally experienced it.

  15. Deft Says:

    It’s tough, takes some patience, but this can be done… with a female human at least… i know that there is a difference between classes their ability to get into or through little cracks and such, but I don’t think it would make a difference here because it doesn’t have anything to do with fitting in a crack, or anything like that…
    what you have to do, is jump from the right side of the crack, pointing slighty to the left, you will kinda slide into place at the bottom of the crack, from there you need to jump again pointing slighty to the left, and hopefully you wont fall back down… at least, that’s how I’ve been doing it…

    if the size of your class has something to do with it, a noggenfogger might me able to help, with the shrinkage and all… but not sure if you could use one there without aggroing the naga…

  16. Deft Says:

    hmmm, just an afterthought… maybe I shouldn’t have used the word crack so many times in my explanation of how to do it, after saying it had nothing to do with a crack… im thinking of 2 difference types of cracks tho…

  17. Hypnautic Says:

    I think its kind of pointless to go for the second second set of spawns. I can farm the first one and get 11-12 chests per hour. Just go in, if the first one is in the bad spot kill the toad and zone out. If not find the other spot then kill the toad and zone out. It will reset without even using the reset button. You can go in an unlimited number of times per hour. The second one is a gimme and so is the third once you get the strat down. This is all on heroic mode btw.

  18. kaliope Says:

    Hi Deft: I tried jumping in the crack like you said and was able to get up on the wall, but never found a good angle for the second jump to get over the wall. I eventually gave up on it.

    Hypnautic: I ended up going the route you mention here, although I’m not using Heroic mode cuz I’m only 68. But I died alot trying to get past the sentries and eventually decided the aggravation wasn’t worth it. Although I do hit the reset limit in about 30 minutes on non-heroic.

  19. Zulsokni Says:

    Well what deft said is correct and thats what i do. I’m also a male troll. If you get the angle right you should be able to do it. I admit it does take time but once you get it down it gets easier and easier. As well, on heroic, do the mobs see through stealth much easier or are there any new mobs i should worry about, im only about 400 rep from my key.

  20. Hypnautic Says:

    @Zulsokni On heroic they don’t see through stealth any better than normal lvl 70 mobs. I can get 10-12 chests an hour and never die. Its rather easy to get around mobs especially once you know how they patrol. I have 3/5 MOD, 3/5 Camo, +1 stealth boots, and +stealth cloak enchant.

  21. Pazz Says:

    Do the chests on heroic mode yeild more cash or better loot than regular chests, and im runnin into a problem with “you have entered to many instances recently” i have tried grouping and solo but only get 5 per hour

  22. Adrian C. Says:

    When i have to go past the 2 nagas with cat eye.. (sentry ability), i usually put on a low dagger, and take off all the rest of my items. Then i go infront of the window, here i have a macro with evasion/sprint, which i press. But before i target the first naga, the closest to me, the one next to window. SO i press my evasion/sprint macro, then run right against him.. and keep pushing Gouge. As soon as i come in range, he gets gouged, and the other wont have time to hit me.. then i keep running until i get close to the naga patrol inside the corridor, where i push my cloak/vanish macro.. (i make sure before that the naga patrol inside the corridor is not close to the door B4 i do this). this works every time. Btw, could someone explain to me where the 4th of the firts chest is? I mean i have the one in the beginning where u keep going the left wall, near the water, i also have the one under the ramp in the right corner, and i have the one behind the bog lord.. but wheres the forth?? And, affter the naga guys, if the chest is not in the corridor, whereelse can it be? the second chest has also 4 spawn places.. but i only seem to find the first one.. so plz help ..

  23. kaliope Says:

    I only know of 3 chest spawns in the first part of the dungeon, the one behind the pillar, one past Hungarfen, and one to the left of the entrance by the 3-pack that is unreachable.

    The second chest spawns under the stairs or in the corridor with the fen rays. I believe it may also spawn behind the hunter boss, but I haven’t confirmed that location. As far as I know, only the under stair location is reachable.

    I don’t have the Heroic key so I can’t say what type of loot you get in Heroic mode :(

  24. Isla Says:

    Reports from the rogue forums seem to indicate that there has been a hot-fix by Blizzard on this. Can anyone confirm this? It may be on instance resets, or on chest spawn locations.

    Thanks for the info.

  25. kaliope Says:

    Umm, hot fix on what? I’ll be happy to investigate if I know what I’m investigating :)

  26. Triad Says:

    As an orc female I can jump the crack with no problems. check out the video on google video at

    It also shows the locations of the other chests and how to loot them without agroing.

  27. Triad Says:

    Not hotfixed as of 2/28/07. I’ve been farming these all day whenever my 5 instances per hour reset limit is refreshed. So far made 200 G just today, and have several decent greens on the AH.

  28. Rashlyn Says:

    Hey, about that bleed effect, i dont know whether any of u people have ever heard of luffa trinket but should try it [Luffa] Effect: Removes 1 bleed effect. My main is a lock but my fiance is a rogue, u guys rock :D

  29. Kattak Says:

    It seems that they have hot fixed the Slave Pens. The chest no longer seems to spawn in the accessible area.

  30. Marvie Says:

    This was Hotfixed this afternoon :X

  31. Adrian C. Says:

    Ok.. Triad’s video is good.. i also did the same; 1 things bothers me though. He says, there r 3 posible spawns for #1 ,and 2 posible spanws for #2. I agree, BUT, i had rounds where the #1 chest, was NOT in those 3 places shown in video. So..? there must B a forth spawn somewhere OR the first chests maybe dont spawn at all in that round.. now which one is it?
    And then he has a female orc rogue, and he can jump through that window. I have a NE rogue, and I can jump on that window crack, BUT not longer, then i fall down again. Now, can it B cos the night elf female is taller? (i can say i became pretty good, in running against the first naga, gouge him then run a bit and vanish .. hehe.. but my hearh is up to my teeth every time i do it.. :D .. and its not funny).. so that window is really temptating, but my height can b a problem.. what u guys think?

  32. Noooooo Says:

    Hotfixed Underbog as well now?

  33. Matt Says:

    The only way I’ve managed to get past the naga sentries is to blind one, gouge the other, and then hit vanish the INSTANT I’m around the corner. You have to be careful not to aggro the murkbloods because they would aggro and kill me even after I hit vanish. I can do this tactic repeatedly, but if you go around the corner too far and aggro the murkbloods they’d kill me. Not sure why vanish won’t work after they’ve aggro’d me, but it doesn’t.

    I tried jumping through the wall via the crack but maybe I’m too short to manage it (dwarf).

  34. kaliope Says:

    Ok folks – I’m working on an update to this post to address the hotfix issue. I will write a new blog entry sometime tonight or tomorrow with my findings…

  35. Adrian C. Says:

    Oh yeah.. i dont think its coincidense.. i figured today, i respec to Subtlety.. i had 0 points in it before.. i was combat-assa, so i respec, and after, ALL my chests #1 ALWAYS spawn in the first spawn point.. the one that is unlootable.. i figure, maybe Bcos i respecd, and warden detected my talents.. (so he wanted to feck with me) then i respecced back, to and still always get my first chest in the first spawn.. the second can spawn in the corridor, so therefore it can B looted, if u get pass the sentry naga. So.. question is: did they relly hotfix something? or maybe i shouldnt have respecd to subtlety, cos me rogue is tagged now?

  36. Punkey Says:

    yesterday i did five runs and everytime the chest spawned at a lootable location. today i ran it five times and 0 spawnable locations
    guess it was fixed

  37. Matt Says:

    I’ve reset about 30 times today and the chest has never spawned in the lootable spot behind hungerfen’s ramp or across the bridge right after him. It is always just after the naga sentries. Good while it lasted I guess.

  38. Dekar Says:

    Same thing, it was working yesterday evening(Friday) tried today and reset about 30+ times, and the chest in Underbog was always at the spawn point to the left as you come in.

  39. Prodigal Says:

    are there any other instances like this ?

  40. Adrian C. Says:

    ok.. what i think should b next, is to try to solo that pack of 3 mobs, that guards the first chest. (as u come in, next to the left wall/water) i figured out, that if u go far behind the chest, and try to open it, the first mob, that is closest to the chest, agro u, THEN comes the other 2..(but the other 2 come only because the first mob agro u).. so.. if u can take out 1 mob, (the closest mob) then jump into water,or vanish.. (u choose), then u can open chest from distance, cos the other 2 mobs, will b far away, specially if u distract them a bit.. Im combat assa, so i gave that mob all i have, i can take him down to 15% then i die (gave him Blade fury, trinket of with 200 AP, Adrenaline rush, evasion, all i have..).. i didnt use any potions, so maybe it can b done. In my opinion, as soon as we can learn to take out that only mob, we can do farm again, specially cos the chest will always b there, and it will go faster. So.. some startegies on how to take on that pack?

  41. Ilythiiri Says:

    So we know that Underbogs and Slavepens were hotfixed.. but what about the other heroic instances? Are there any soloable chests from those?

  42. Punkey Says:

    as a 20/0/41 rogue, i was able to solo the mob only once out of 6 times i tried. Maybe with better gear it will be possible but right now its not worth the down time and repair bills

    you can stand on a mountain behind the chest as far as you can and pull the mob with a gun. Blind the first one that gets to you, gouge the second and blow all your CDs on the third. If you are lucky, you will down one mob at 2% health. You can then vanish. If you get this done, it is much easier from no on. Pull again and blind one, kill the other and vanish. (helps if you have prem) Then you can just solo the third.

    if you have prem, you can do this pretty fast, otherwise you will have to wait for CD between pulls. However, i dies too many times to find this worth my time, i’ll try again with better gear in a few months.

  43. Ilythiiri Says:

    Im not talking about soloing mobs , i mean being able to loot a chest without having to go into combat period.
    weither having to sap or distract. If you have to fight the mobs its taking too much time… its a heroic instance…

    Has anyone tried the Tempest Heroics or Auchindoun Heroics?

  44. Punkey Says:

    you cant sap the mob un underbog, and there is no way to loot that chest otherwise. I read in a forums that there are still two spots that are unpatched in the game, but did not say where…

  45. Ilythiiri Says:

    well if you noticed in my post I wasnt talking about Underbog , I wasnt even talking about Coilfang area.
    ill go ahead and quote myself again…

    “Has anyone tried the Tempest Heroics or Auchindoun Heroics?”

  46. kaliope Says:

    Sorry Ily – I have not checked out any of the Heroic dungeons as I haven’t hit Revered with anyone. I’m also unfamiliar with both of those dungeons so I have no clue if they even have chests at all.

    I did write a new post about SP and UB, post hotfix. Everyone can read it here:

    and comment :)

  47. Adrian C. Says:

    the chest after the naga sentry is still reachable.. if u get it to spawn in the hallway

  48. Tunnelrat Says:

    For which instance?

  49. Ilythiiri Says:

    Thanx for the responce Kaliope , that was informative at least :)

  50. Adrian C. Says:

    in the UB, second part after naga sentry, in the corridor, that chest is still available. but its 50% chance u get it to spawn there.. so work for ur money..
    (i got up to 5g98s from that chest.. :-) )

  51. Sulmor Says:

    hey guys, a question. I used to farm Underbog the last 2 weeks. but is 3 days it is happening something makes me think blizz changed something. 1st chest spawns ALWAYS in the middle of mobs. Is it possible they changed something on the server?

  52. Sulmor Says:

    well, I didn’t read all messages before, and now I had. so ys, there was as I supposed a hotfix. sincerely I think is not possible anymroe to take that chest. fight against 3 mobs, even concentrating just on one, means fast death.

  53. Famous Says:

    i kinda skipped through most of the middle posts.

    i farm this place mainly for the ores now because of that damn hotfix. i just make a pass all the way to the top floor mining everything there is and also seeing if the chest spawned. if not, i still have the ores. the window jumping thing is possible. you just have to jump in that right corner, and once you get on the slope of the crack, jump and then move foward while in the air or else you will fall back down again. i know its kind of hard to visualize but it works. takes practice

  54. kaliope Says:

    Sulmor – please see my newer article about the hotfix and what changes were made for more information about what is reachable. There are also many user comments with more details about fighting mobs for the first chest.

  55. Firespitter Says:

    Can somone post a video link or make a video on how to do this? It’s easier to follow that way. Thx!

  56. Hemosexual Says:

    Engineers of course can get past the guards easily enough. Wait til the pat is at bottom of ramp, grenade stun the 2 at top, run past and vanish.

  57. Faye Says:

    Up until this morning (30 April) Arcatraz was stealth farmable by bug evading mobs in it, but they have now removed the chest (Once again because of some dick posting on the blizzard forums, last time someone did that it was about the UB / SP chests and they were removed within 8 hours). No idea about the other instances.

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