New filtering options available

Yes, I know this isn’t really a crafting post ;P But we made a bunch of updates to our crafting database which make it much easier to sift through the huge volume of new recipes and find what you are looking for. Specifically I think crafters and non-crafters can benefit from the new “Gem” and “Meta Gem” options we’ve created within the Slot section. Using the filters you can focus in on just the gem recipes. This should be really handy for anyone who’s looking to evaluate various cut gems for purchase, as well as Jewelcrafters who want to know what gem recipes are available.

Try the new Gem filters for JC Recipes (in the Slot tab)

We also cleaned up all the other categories to reflect accurate slot information, based on feedback from our users who were having trouble with this data. Using the Slot filters should work now and should accurately locate all the items for that slot. We also added over a dozen new recipes to the database, mostly loot drops that have finally found their way into the auction house from the servers I’m spying on =)

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