Stealth farming the Underbog

Well I decided that the next exciting mission for Krystella should be stealth farming a dungeon. Since the Underbog is the only dungeon I know with herbs/ore, that’s where I went. Of course it helps that I am higher than most of the mobs in there too ;)

A handy tidbit I learned about the Underbog from one of the folks in my group is that the Sanguine Hibiscus respawns in there. So if you clear the instance, you can just hang around and harvest more hibiscus before you leave. They seem to be on a 10-15 minute respawn timer. Kinda useful if you are working on Sporeggar rep. After we were done just I wandered around and picked up an extra 5 hibiscus. Since you get 850 rep for each stack of 5, that’s nothing to sneeze at.

Anyway, I went back in later that same day to see if I could reasonably work around a full dungeon and collect anything worthwhile. I didn’t have much problem gathering a few hibiscus on the bottom floor. As long as you avoid the pathing sporebats it’s not too difficult to harvest those. There was an adamantite node at the bottom of the ramp that was a bit trickier. It seems to spawn there pretty frequently, so I assume that’s a standard location for the node.

I had to wait for the giant to path away and also try to avoid the sporebat patrol that goes up and down the ramp. You kind of have to mine once – sneak back to your hiding spot – then come back in between sporebat passes. Luckily for me the sporebats don’t have much of an aggro radius because I’m sure I cut the timing close a few times.

I kept going toward the first boss and was able to get through him and his cronies, but I could not manage to go beyond the nagas. I’m not sure if they had some sort of stealth detection or I just got unlucky, but they busted me on the ramp. I tried running past them and vanishing, but I died before the vanish took. The mob density is pretty high in that portion of the dungeon, so I’m not sure how feasible it would be to sneak through it. If anyone else is brave enough to give it a go and let us know what happens, feel free!

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  1. mooette Says:

    well the nagas at the top of the stairs see right thru stelath infact they have that blu orb/radar icon over their head wich clearly shows that they will see you

  2. kaliope Says:

    Well I don’t recall seeing the blue dot on those particular nagas, but I may have overlooked it. If I decide to go back in there I’ll check that :)

  3. kaliope Says:

    Went back in last night for some more farming and confirmed that the two naga sentries on either side of the door have blue dots. The two nagas that patrol up and down the ramp do not. So you can sneak behind the two pathing nagas and not get busted until you reach the top of the stairs where the two sentries are. I’m working on a strat to get past them which I’ll post here when I figure it out.

    If you wanna read more about my attempts and contribute your own ideas here, visit the thread I started on RogueSpot:

    Stealth farming the Underbog Thread

  4. Morane Says:

    Easy to get past them without even lifting a finger on you sword or dagger. Goto the window to the left of the Two nagas at the top of the ramp. Just on the right side of the window is a crack. if you stand to the right of it slightly and face towards the crack you can press forward and jump continuously. You should be able to get on the crack, but dont stop jumping and pressing forward till you jump farther into the window or you will fall back down. Takes me two or 3 times trying and im through the window and around the nagas without any agro at all.

  5. ShadorRakk Son of Shadrak III Says:

    Im an lvl70 rogue – built for stealth/hit and run.
    I can walk past the 2 moving nagga’s as they come down the ramp. If you cant – try a stealth enhancing potion! At the top of the ramp I distract the stationary naga’s to look right, having first selectected the left hand one. As soon as I distract them I advance to the gap between doorway and left naga hitting sap as I move…. it saps left naga in time for me to walk past him, turn left and on to the treasure chest at the end of the hall!
    A different method is used to pass them in Heroic mode….. but that would be giving too much away – lol

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