Honor Hold for Lowbies

I was asked this question a number of times during the beta period: Can I bring a low-level toon into the new zones? I was never able to provide a firm answer while I was in beta. But now that I’m on my regular server with all my guildies, I decided to test this out.

I wasn’t sure if any of our mages had learned the Shattrath portal spell yet, but I was actually more interested in getting my level 39 warlock to the Alchemy trainer if I could. So I recruited my buddy Squorge (Level 66 warlock) to summon me. We also got help from a couple of the MZ boys (G and H) to act as clickers – thanks guys!

Murkery, my warlock, was hanging out in Ironforge and Squorge nicely traveled to Honor Hold to see if he could summon me. I waited patiently and once everyone was ready to do the summon – Shazam! There I was in Honor Hold, right by the mailbox!

First I celebrated by cheering, dancing and thanking everyone around me =) Then I made a beeline for Alchemist Gribble in the mage tower. Much to my surprise and delight, he taught me six new recipes!! Apparently you can now learn Elixir of Brute Force, Purification Potion and Greater Arcane Elixir from the Outland trainers. He also taught me three new potions for 300 skill: Volatile Healing Potion, Onslaught Elixir and Adept’s Elixir. Needless to say, I was totally psyched about this! I really didn’t expect to be able to learn new recipes, my main purpose was to document the trainer list for Crafter’s Tome. But this was an amazing bonus – I’m still tickled that my 39 warlock can make these new potions.

So there you have it – warlocks can summon folks right into Outland regardless of level. And if you have a 300 crafter, they might even be able to learn a few new recipes to boot!


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  1. Sigilind-Baelgun Says:

    Excellent news! Now I can get my 300 tailor into Outland to learn the next level in her crafts! I’ll have to hit up some guild mates and get this accomplished!

  2. Sigilind-Baelgun Says:

    Another question. If I get an alt summoned to HH can that alt then hearthstone there to easily return on its own?

  3. kaliope Says:

    I assume so, I haven’t actually hearthed out yet because I want to summon another lowbie out first :) But I am planning to hearth once I finish that.

  4. Kirian Says:

    Were you able to pick up training for grand-master Alchemy as well? Or was there a level requirement on it?

  5. kaliope Says:

    No, I was not able to pick up GM alchemy. The level 50 requirement still holds, even though the trainer gives access to the 300 skill recipes as well as a couple of 275+ recipes that were previously drop only. I think I walked away with 5-6 new recipes overall.

  6. Justin Says:

    Mage portals to Shattrah work as well, as I found out much to my delight with my 56 warrior after a UBRS run. The guild got a nice kick out of it, and I got all my 300+ JC recipes.

    56 Warrior

  7. kaliope Says:

    Good news! Thanks for sharing your experience with mage portals. I think our guild only has a few 65+ mages in it, so I haven’t had a chance to coordinate something with them. It’s good to know that this method also works for lowbies =)

  8. Shade Maelstorm Says:

    Blizz have stated that they are being lax on the 58+ access to outland, simply because they initially imposed it to prevent a higher than needed flood of people going to outland.

    They intend to remove the level requirement for the dark portal sometime in the future. This is stated in the official wow forums.


    68 Rogue
    Maelstrom server

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