Switching to Scryer from Aldor

Welcome to Part Two of my adventures in faction flipping! My last blog entry talked about how to switch from an alliance with the Scryers to The Aldor. Since then I was able to completely move up from Hostile to Neutral with Aldor, simply by turning in Dreadfang Venom Sacs. Towards the end I just bought a lot of them off the auction for 50-75s each, instead of killing spiders continuously.

After reaching Neutral with the Aldor, I visited their Grand Master Jewelcrafting trainer and confirmed that he has no new recipes. For those of you who are inclined to go Aldor purely for this benefit, it’s probably not worth doing just for that. The trainers in Thrallmar and Honor Hold have all the same goodies :)

Once I confirmed that my rep was good and I was able to wander the Aldor Rise without incident, I made my way to the Scryer quest NPC in the Lower City. Her name is Arcanist Adyria and she can be found across from the Skettis camp. She had a yellow ! on her head, all ready for me to speak with her about gaining rep with the Scryers. I had been saving basilisk eyes for this purpose, so I accepted her quest and immediately gave her 8x Dampscale Basilisk Eyes. In exchange she gave me:

+275 Scryer rep
-301 Aldor rep

So now I’m Unfriendly with both – nice! In order to squeek over the Neutral line with Aldor I had to take my Scryer rep down to 2021 Unfriendly. So it will take about 3 more turn-ins to get back to Neutral again. I have no idea what it will take to reach Friendly (where I started), so I’m definitely set back a bit after this experiment. Luckily I’m not desperate for any of the Scryer items just yet.

UPDATE: Finished collecting my 32 basilisk eyes and I’m back to Neutral with the Scryers, yay!!



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