Switching to Aldor from Scryer

One of the hot issues that seems to be on everyone’s mind is: Should I pick Aldor or Scryer? It’s a tough question and as many of you have discovered, there’s no going back. Well in light of all the controversy I thought I’d use poor Krystella as a guinea pig and see if she could find a definitive answer for you.

Krystella chose Scryer faction, mostly because I liked the Scryer gem cuts slightly better than the Aldor ones. Also, she’s a dagger rogue and they have a nifty dagger I can buy sometime ;) I’m fairly happy with my Scryer choice and already bought my first recipe from them, but I was bummed to find out that the Aldor have a master Jewelcrafting trainer. For some reason I thought the Scryers had him, but I remembered wrong. And of course I forgot to check prior to selecting a faction – call me stupid. I don’t know for certain if this trainer has different recipes than the one in Honor Hold, but it sure would’ve been nice to look before I locked myself out. So there’s a modest motivation for me to switch camps, at least temporarily.

Using the information I located previously on the WoW forums, I wandered the Lower City and found the NPC who offers the Aldor quest for rep. She’s located at the infirmary with the boy who offers the fishing quest, her name is Sha’nir. She gives a quest called “Strained Supplies” which requires 8x Dreadfang Venom Sacs. The venom sacs can be looted from the various Dreadfang spiders that are all over Terokkar Forest. I farmed the lurkers because I’m only level 63, and I saw a roughly 30% drop rate on the venom sacs from them. It might be possible to get higher drop rates from the spiders out near the Bone Wastes, but I can’t really say.

After collecting the 8 venom sacs, I went back to Sha’nir with my offering. She gave me the usual quest XP and I received +275 rep with Aldor and -303 rep with Scryer. She also had the blue ? on her after this, indicating that I can continue to give her 8 more venom sacs for continued rep gain. I ended up doing this quest 4 more times in order to move up to Unfriendly from Hostile with Aldor. I will have to do it about 8 more times to hit Neutral and gain access to Aldor vendors.

When I began this project, I had done no quests in Shattrath City other than the quest line that ends with you selecting a faction. This is the easiest point to make a switch if you are planning to do so. If you do any quests in the Lower City, you may inadvertently pick up Aldor rep. I believe the fishing quest from the small boy Seth rewards Aldor faction, as well as several others, so be careful if this is not something you want. If you attempt to switch sides after you’ve already done a number of Scryer quests, it will take longer for you than it did for me. Based on my experience I believe that roughly 12 turn-ins is the minimum it would take for someone to switch sides. That’s a lot of spider farming, but I think it could be done in about 6-8 hours of game time depending on your class.

I’m going to continue working on this project until I reach Neutral with Aldor and Unfriendly with Scryer. At that point I will switch to the Scryer quest-giver and try to increase my faction with her. I’ll report my findings here :) If anyone else wants to attempt this before I complete my report, I believe the correct NPC is Arcanist Adyria. She can be found in the Lower City opposite the Skettis camp.

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