Rare JC Recipes

Well I bought my first rare jewelcrafting recipe yesterday for 200g. I have mixed feelings about this because right now the prices I’m seeing for blue recipes are comparable to the beta server. Since I felt the beta server had an inflated economy, it’s a bit troubling to see live prices following the same trend. I can only hope that this is due to the ‘frenzy’ mindset that always evolves when new content is released. Players who receive these recipes first are obviously going to charge a premium for them and the power gamers who want to be first will pay whatever they have to in order to max out jewelcrafting. I just hope the rest of us don’t get left by the side of the road.

I have not been playing like a power-gamer since release. Krystella is crawling slowly to level 63 (hoping for the ding tonite). Kaliope hit 61 but now she’s on ice so I can keep up with the rest of my guildies, which I can’t do unless I focus on one character. I chose to play Krystella because I need to build up my faction with the new zones so I can purchase their recipes. Otherwise I’ll have to get them all from the auction and I don’t have the cash for that. Plus I suspect my laid back style probably mirrors the average player better and I think that will give a more helpful viewpoint than catering to the power gamers.

I play pretty much every day, but I end up spending a few hours farming ore and a few hours questing, and in the end I’m up maybe half a level per day. Not that I’m in a hurry, mind you. I want to enjoy the content now that I don’t have the pressure of rushing through beta before I get cut off. It just disturbs me how quickly some other players are plowing through the new goodies and what effect that will have on the rest of us who aren’t first. I’d like to think that by the time we catch up to them, the economic frenzy will have settled down and prices will have normalized. My fear is that this handful of players will dominate the market and make it difficult for the rest of us to make any money at all. Not that I’m in it for the money, but I’d like to think all the effort that goes into jewelcrafting will have at least a modest benefit in the long term.

So back to my original issue – paying 200g for a blue recipe. I’d like to think that this isn’t the long term price level for these recipes. The main reason is that you cannot max out jewelcrafting without them. The trainer recipes dry up at 335 and the only way to move beyond 350 is with the loot and faction recipes. Obviously faction recipes are open to anyone who wants to put in the time, but they don’t even kick in until 360. So we are pretty much stuck with loot recipes to get us through the 340-360 gap, a pretty big one in crafting terms. Hence my concern – we’re dependent on rare recipes as well as rare gems for the components. Anyone else worried about how difficult it will be to pass through this phase without sinking thousands of gold into it?

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