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Gern (one of our readers) has suggested that maybe a forum would be a good addition to the site. Seeing how many comments we’ve been getting since BC went live, I tend to agree with this. I also know that forums which cater specifically to WoW tradeskills are woefully inadequate, so a useful home for us crafting weirdos would really be a good thing.

I’ve been talking with my developer hubbie ‘Mikros’ about how we’d make that happen and it looks like WordPress doesn’t have a forum option, although they have a separate software package that we can install on our own server. So we’re probably going to go that route, but it may take a few days to set it all up. We’ll do our best to make the transition between sites as seamless as we can for you guys.

While we’re working on that, I thought I’d toss the baton out to you (the readers) on what you’d like to see in the forums. Not necessarily features, that will be dictated by the software we end up using. I’m thinking more like the structure or arrangement of the forums.

My first inclination would be do have a separate forum for each tradeskill where people can start threads about topics relevant to that skill. There’s also the question of specialties… do they need their own forum or should they just be lumped in the forum with their parent craft? This is your chance to tell us what bugs you about the current sites and suggest what we should do that will make it easier to hone in on the information you need. Obviously the top priorities will be separate areas for each major profession and a search function that actually works <phhht Blizz> Other than that I’d like to hear from you about what you think we need.



16 Responses to “Want Forums?”

  1. Madphil Says:

    Excellent idea!

    Bring on tha forums!

  2. Gern Says:

    I would say that a forum for each craft is enough. I do not think there is so substantial a difference in the branches to warrant a seperate forum.

    I am a fan of pretty simple forums, heck the avatar in the forums I use for my guild is one another mod added to my account!

  3. Jonathan Says:

    I’ve been impressed with not only your substance (which has helped me immensely) but also your intelligent thought formation and expression. The comment and opinion contributors to this site also impress me that if you began a forum, we would yield some terrific discussions and learning opportunities and, dare I say, avoid much of the dribble plaguing many of the other forums. I like your site, and I like the crowd you gathered. I vote yes on forums.

  4. kaliope Says:

    I agree with you Jonathan, we have great readers here. I’ve gotten wonderful questions and lots of feedback that really helped me enhance our content. Writing this blog and interacting with you all has encouraged me to do even more than I ever intended with the site and the blog. I originally started my site out of frustration with Thottbot and Allakhazam and this has ended up being a great way to connect with like minded WoW players. I’d love to see what would happen once we have a more organized method to share our experiences and help each other out. Now that BC is live, everybody can be a contributor and not just me!

    Just an aside since you touched on the ‘dribble’ issue, we’re already talking about having community moderators who will help keep that sort of stuff out of our forums. So no worries, everyone will get to be a part of this if they choose to.

  5. Theda Says:

    I’d love forums.

  6. Jason E. Otto Says:

    I think a forum for each profession would be great. With a possible addition on sub-forums inside for the specialities in that profession. For instance a Leatherworking main forum with the following sub forums inside:
    LW Trading

    I would love to see this site eventually become the one stop shop for all WoW crafting and profession information. I would however like it to remain on topic in the profession forums. You can always have a off topic or non trade related forum for the other stuff.

    In any event thank you so much for a great wealth of information on crafting. I look forward to all your new articles and look forward to the future expansion of your site.

  7. Wayne Says:

    I think a forum for each tradeskill would be a fantastic idea. I agree with you that I don’t know if it would merit haveing subforums or not for each discipline, but maybe that would come with volume as word would spread about your site.

    Rock on!

  8. kaliope Says:

    Actually, the WordPress forum software has some really nice features that I think will help us with the specialty dilemma. It has the tag concept build into it, so we can tag posts as being relevant to a particular specialty and then others can view all the posts under a particular tag. I think if we go this route it will give us a way to point readers directly to specialty posts and yet keep the forums pretty clean with just main profession categories. That’s the current plan anyway ;)

    It also has the ability to track threads through RSS, which I’m very excited about! These two features alone should make our forums significantly more useful to our users than the official WoW forum =)

  9. dzentelman Says:

    Excellent idea :):):)

  10. davidvogt Says:

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    Thanks, David

  11. Amanna Says:

    Have your husband take a look at http://www.gurgleblaster.net/forum/index.php#1. Maybe you could just use this public forum arena?

  12. Amanna Says:

    Or, got straight to the source at http://www.simplemachines.org/. It’s free!

  13. kaliope Says:

    Thanks for the suggestion Amanna, but we already added forums to the site :) You can see them at:


  14. Stasigragov Says:

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