JC Live update: the changes

As I mentioned, I’m re-leveling jewelcrafting on my live server (Llane) and I took notes on a few of the changes I noticed.

1) Prospecting no longer gives skill ups at any level :( This means for the folks using the guide you need the rough stones (150-200), the option to use prospecting for points is gone. If you don’t want to use stones, you can move on to the first jewelry recipes sooner and adjust your materials to compensate. Luckily I had the rough stone and was able to get all 10 points with my stash.

2) I miscalculated the number of required Shadowgems on my shopping list. The second section requires 20, not 10 as listed. If you opted to make the Heavy Jade ring then this error wouldn’t apply to you. For those who were planning to make both shadowgem recipes you’ll need 40 total, not 30.

I also noted the gem drop rate on Iron ore was much skimpier than other ore types. So if you’re counting on prospecting iron ore for missing gems, bear in mind that it could take more than the 10x per missing gem I previously suggested.

The same applies to Thorium, but not for the same reason. I prospected over 200 thorium last night. The drop rate was very good, but I still had trouble collecting the opal/sapphire/diamond/emeralds I needed. For some reason I got way more rubies than anything else, which should be a mithril gem. I also got about 10 Outland gems, so I guess that was a nice bonus. But it was still annoying to prospect so much thorium and end up with more lower tier rubies than any of the equal tier gems I actually needed.

On a positive note, I prospected a bunch of mithril ore and made a chart. I’ll post that up later as well.

Hope everyone is having a blast in Outland!!


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  1. Wayne Says:

    I had the exact same experience in the 293-300 range. My list was sort of a hybrid of your recommendations and some other site info I had found elsewhere. But when it comes down to it, the last 10 skill points were the same and the most difficult to try to acquire over the past few weeks. As a result I didn’t have enough Emeralds/Diamonds/Sapphires/Opals, but I thought I had well more than enough Thorium. I also wound up prospecting about 200 Thorium ore for the last 7 skill points. I did end up with a pile of 15-20 extra star rubies, and 8 different outland gems when I finally hit 300 on my very last prospect. On top of that, the supply of Thorium ore in the AH was completely cleaned out by the speculators, so I got extremely lucky in the end.

    I really don’t understand why the Outland gems and Star Rubies were so much more prevalant than the typical thorium gems (opals, emeralds, diamonds, and sapphires).

    But thanks again to your blog and my new 300 level jewelcrafter.

  2. Justin Says:

    Thanks for all the info. It helped me to reach 300 on Korialstraz. Funny about your Iron experience. I found it just the opposite. I had significantly better luck with gems in Iron than I did with Mithril. As for Thorium, once I reached 300, my gems seemed to get MUCH, Much better. When I was under 290, I was suffering the same problem you did, although on a MUCH, Much smaller scale. I only prospected about 3 Stacks prior to 300 and another stack after. So my results could just be an effect of minute sampling. I did receive 2 Outland gems though, which doesnt help much as Im only level 47. :) But thanks again for all your information, tips and stories. It made for a wonderful and informative ride.

    (aka Kunrak-KorialStraz Server)

  3. John Says:

    I am finally a level 310 jewelcrafter myself :)

    While skilling up I found a requirement that I cant find much info on though. Cut citrine? Figurine – Golden Hare needs 2 of them, but I have no idea how to make them. Is there a recipe hidden somewhere or some commands I have missed? It say you need a simple grinder and a citrine to make a cut citrine and I got both of those but not the skill.

  4. kaliope Says:

    Thanks guys, I’m so glad the guide helped everyone power up! I do recall that when I was prospecting lower ores in the beta I got a seemingly high gem ratio and quality. It didn’t occur to me that it might be working against me, I made a point to prospect my ore as soon as the skill opened up, for testing purposes. Except for the thorium I didn’t really need the gems.

    John: I will review that Golden Hare recipe. I don’t recall it having a ‘cut’ citrine requirement, just a regular citrine. I can’t imagine how you’d cut a citrine, there’s no such recipe to my knowledge. You can get simple grinders from jewelcrafting suppliers, but you also need a recipe for the cut. This is very odd. I will look into this and see what I can find out… stay tuned :)

    *Edit* Ok I went to the auction and found this recipe. It clearly says that it requires Cut Citrine (2). I have yet to see any gem cutting recipes that were under 300 skill, or that cut any of the non-Outland gems. I can only hope this is some weird error on Blizzard’s part. I will keep my eyes open with the trainer but it seems more likely that we’ll see a correction of some sort. I just checked the WoW profession forum and there are other posters saying pretty much this same thing. It looks like a bug of some sort, sorry :(

  5. Madphil Says:


    I am only level 225 atm, but I have noticed some of the recipies have changed somewhat. For instance a ring that is now a pendant, but otherwise exactly the same.
    I can’t name them from the top of my head, but i’m sure you can see the differences.

    Perhaps handy to edjust for your site, crafters tome.


  6. Zwolfter Says:

    Well I spent almost 18 hours on BC and could only get to 295. I got stuck @ 289 for hours cause I ran out of thorium ore. had plenty of bars left, but short on ore.

    then I got an extra sapphire and was able to make one last sapphire recipe @ yellow to get the skill point. but then I only had 11 emeralds…and I was out of thorium, I went mining and still did not get enough, but I found a BUNCH of fel iron just around the gate in outlands so I have a ton of gems to cut once I get the last 5 points. I have had a blast doing the crafting though. It would have taken me a lot longer without your guidance. Thanks!

  7. Zwolfter Says:

    oh yeah and while I was mining FelIron I got Nightseye (http://wow.crafterstome.com/item/nightseye.html)

  8. kaliope Says:

    Hey Madphil – thanks for the tip. I’m going to do a full JC recipe review sometime this week to double check everything, no worries!

    Zwolfter: I had the same trouble you did, which is why I prospected all my thorium first and then plotted out which recipes to make from there. I was still short gems even after prospecting my initial stash so I kept prospecting ore until I had the right gems. Even then I think I gave up and bought a sapphire off the auction cuz I had only 3 and needed 4. I had to raid my poor blacksmith :( Luckily she hadn’t smelted her thorium yet.

    I think the key is to not make any jewelry until you know you have enough gems. It’s easy to get caught in the trap of doing one-sies from the emerald/diamond/opal/sapphire recipes whenever you get the right gems for a skill point. What sucks is when the opal and sapphire recipes go green on you and now the only ones you can make are diamond or emerald items. At that point even if you prospect more thorium you won’t be able use the sapphires and opals, which cuts your skill point opportunities in half.

    But if you wait until you get enough gems to push all the way to 300, you can front-load with all the sapphires and opals and use them up before the recipe goes green. Then work through the diamond and emerald stash as the second wave. This was what I did: I didn’t craft anything for the last 20 points when all four recipes were yellow. I kept prospecting until I had enough gems for 20 combines. I cranked out the opal and sapphire ones first, then diamond, emerald last. This way I was able to be certain I could get to 300 with what I had. Allowing of course for a few extras to cover the fact that yellow recipes aren’t always a guaranteed point :)

    Holy frijoles Zwoft – nice luck on that Nightseye! You will occasionally get a blue gem from prospecting Outland ore, that’s how I got most of mine. Save that puppy for 350+, you’ll probably get several hundred gold for it =)

  9. Krothen Says:

    Hi Kaliope. I wanted to thank you for your guide, especially the charts that list the ingredients and possible alternatives. About 2 weeks before TBC I really made a push to save up all of the mats, even getting extras in some areas. The beta guide had a few differences from the live version, but the extras I saved REALLY helped that.

    I reached 300 JC at 1:30am on release night, first on Magtheridon-US :) For the high-end gems, I wound up getting a grand total of 22 Azerothian Diamonds. So I used all of the opals I had for 280+, then used diamonds to get me to 285. Then I used all of the blue sapphires to get a couple of points, and used diamonds to get to 290. Then I used all of my emeralds to get to 294, and the rest of the diamonds STILL gave me almost 1 skill per ring made, which got me to 301. I’m now 311 and almost level 62; I’m trying to lvl 5 skills every character level and it’s really working out great. Thank You for all of the guides and tips you have provided for the community.

  10. Dan Says:

    I too want to thank you again. Finally got in to the TBC yesterday and had 300/375 in jsut a few hours. Of all the places I did research, your was by FAR and away the best.

    Now if the silly trainer in Honor Hold woud jsut show me some recipes to learn… =( I am guessing I haven’t seen anything to learn yet becuase of the horrendous lag there.

    Also, I reported the cut citrine requirement on the one trinket in the W0W bug forums. Hopefully they will get that fixed because I could really see myself using that one from time to time.

    And finally, one last question. I have TONS on mithril and thorium ore left over. Do you recommend I prospect it all, or just sell it on the AH?

    Thanks again!

  11. kaliope Says:

    Hi guys – thanks for letting us know how well the powering is going for you. I’m so glad the guide helped you all get to 300 quickly =)

    The trainer in Honor Hold is also a vendor and sells about 20 recipes for cutting gems. So make sure you check her wares in addition to training with her. Also, the Quartermaster in Honor Hold sells a few recipes, don’t neglect to quest in Hellfire so you can get your faction up to buy them.

    For the ore, I think you’ll probably have to check prices on your server. On my server the star rubies are selling for normal price, so I’d be hesistant to prospect since my previous efforts resulted in a high number of those. But if you can get a decent number of sapphires/opals/diamonds/emeralds you can probably make good money selling the gems. So it’s a judgement call but I might be inclined to sell the ore since there’s a frenzy on JC now and everyone wants to prospect. That way the next guy can take the risk of ending up with less useful gems instead of you.

  12. Gern Says:

    Hey, your site really helped me a lot as well. I am at 320 right now, with my mining at about 345. I have not prospected any ore yet, but that is what I will be doing now. It seems it is all gem cutting for a while…..

    Have you thought about making a forum on crafting site? It would be nice to have some place where people could discuss this stuff other than just your comments.

    Again, thanks for your efforts, much appreciated.

  13. wisely Says:

    would also like to share my experience on this.

    but first of all, thanks for having such a wonderful blog, its not only the good information for all the other wow players that you provided, but I can honestly say that your feeling and your enjoyment of playing this game are what’s touching people the most.

    i am sure many people can feel your joy while reading your posts and thats what we should be looking for while playing this game.

    anyway, back to JC, I also power leveled my JC to 300 yesterday, preparations had been done according to several guides, but end results actually varies a bit.

    I receommend other people that if you are just started, from 1-300, there are a few materials you really need to load up or look for first :

    a. Silver (right now this mat sells for almost 1 G a piece in my server)
    b. Gold bar
    c. Truesilver (I ended up used about 10-15 stacks of this)
    d. Flask of Mojo
    e. 40 heart of wild (there are 10 very key points that I relied on this)
    f. 40 emerald (thats the last 10 points for me, if anyone had done some of those silithus field duty before, you may remember that one of those quests actually need this, luckily, I gathered a few stacks of this few months back and just happy to have a chance to use it now)
    g. lots and lots of aquamarine, I found out that from 1-300, there are only 2 items that really have some value other than vendor or D/E, these are the 2 blues rings you can make for 35 and 37 level. They both need aquamarine. These 2 blue rings actually has the potential to at least break even or make you a few bucks back if you act fast than others.

    Again, thanks for the info.

  14. kaliope Says:

    Hi Gern, I’m so glad our info helped you with Jewelcrafting :) I hadn’t really thought seriously about doing a forum, but now that I see how many comments we are getting on the newest posts you may be right about the need for it! Plus the Blizz forums are chronically atrocious, as I’m sure you all know.

    Wisely: Thank you so much for your sweet comments about my blog. I really do enjoy the game, especially the crafting. It was an honor for me to be in the beta and I took my role very seriously with regard to sharing as much as I could with those who were not able to participate.

    I agree 100% with your list here, having extra gold, silver and truesilver bars seem to be key ingredients that help you to cover any gaps you might end up finding yourself in during some tricky phases. Also the mojo, heart of the wild and aquamarines are essential to getting through the craft. I spent my last morning before release farming mojo myself when I found none on the auction, that’s how important it is (let’s not go into why I stupidly miscalculated my stash in the first place!).

    And you’re 100% right about the aquamarine jewelry, it was one of my better sellers on the beta server. Considering the significantly smaller audience I was dealing with, that’s saying something =)

  15. Damieen Says:

    Hi there…the guide was great…

    Wanna share some experiences that i had with my jewelcrafting…

    1. Get max levels with Copper wire, Bronze settings mithril figuree and thorium settings. (run to grey) cheapest way…

    2. You only need around 12 opal and emeralds if you get some sapphires instead.

    3. Get loads of thorium ore and prospect at end if missing gems.

    if you max levels with copper wire etc… you get around 15 levels extra on the next recipe and cheaper levelling which resulted in that i almost did not need my gold bars at all (max 20 of them).

    note: some luck is also need when using green recipes…=)

  16. Gern Says:

    I think a forum would be a nice idea, I can add one to the forums my guild use if you want. You can be a moderator, etc if you are interested in that and dont have a forum set up. If you are interested let me know.

    I am at 330 jewelcrafting now, with about 350+ mining. I prospected about 40 fel iron and 25 adamantite last night and got 4 blue gems, and about 10 green gems. It was pretty nice.

  17. kaliope Says:

    Actually, I’ve been talking to the hubby since your last post and we are looking at ways to do this. We originally thought we could just move the blog to Crafter’s Tome with some redirect assist from WordPress, but apparently they don’t do that even though our original review of their features indicated that they did (we didn’t want to be boxed in).

    So now we’re talking about adding forums to Crafter’s Tome and creating a Firefox plug-in for me so when I write a blog entry it would create a few forum on CT for users to respond in. We are going to try and mesh both sites as best we can, we really didn’t anticipate this type of rapid growth (we hoped, but….) so we’re scrambling a bit to figure out the best way to add new stuff without monkeying up the existing content. I’d prefer to avoid the whole “The page you want has moved, click here” nonsense if I can.

    Adding forums requires us to get an actual server, so it may take a few days once we come up with a game plan. Lemme write a post on this and start a special comment area for readers to post feature suggestions that we can factor into our decision.

  18. Slam Says:

    Hi all,

    Thx for very useful content. The forums add further dimension.
    I have a question: Is the Jewelcrafting Guide updated after your leveling on the live server, Kaliope? Or do we need to extract the changes and suggestions from the forum and blog replies? I’m asking as I cannot see any change in the text to tell us if its updated or not.

    I have the materials ready – only waiting to to push the buttons:))

  19. kaliope Says:

    Hi Slam – we did indeed update the JC guide after release. There were not any major changes but I noticed a mistake in the shopping list and corrected the ability to skill up on prospecting. The changes were very minor, which is probably why you were unable to see them:

    Removed Prospecting from 31-40 on the chart
    Changed shadowgems from 10 – 20 on the shopping list.
    Removed reference to prospecting for points in paragraph five.

    As you can see most of the changes were removals, which would have been hard to spot unless someone had a photographic memory :) But I think in light of your question we’ll add some text to indicate that it’s been updated for live content. So go ahead and push that button!! And please let me know if you find any other errors. Good Luck!

  20. Creo Says:

    To those wondering about cut citrines still, don your heaviest armor and sharpen your blade, go he to the blizz forums: http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=69808069&sid=1&pageNo=1

    Tseric states that there is currently no way to make them.

  21. kaliope Says:

    Thanks for sharing the link Creo, it’s nice to see Blizz actually addressing a problem for once ;)

  22. bambaim Says:

    i was just wondering if anyone knew what level you had to be for picking up the recipes for gems? Im 50 and can see tatiana and have trained, but all she will give me is the stuff at 310, and does not even mention the gems. I have hunted round and cant find anything that says you have to be level 60, but it would appear to be the case. Just wondering if anyone had anything in writing? She let me train and my jewelcrafting is now sitting at 302 and will be for some time it appears

  23. kaliope Says:

    Did you check Tatiana’s vendor inventory? None of the gem recipes are trained, they are purchased. She should have an option to shop with her in addition to the training option.

  24. Kingofbeast Says:

    This might be off topic, but does anyone know how to make a server live? I have a private server, and I can connect to it, but I need to know how to let my friends connect.

  25. kaliope Says:

    Wow, I have no clue on that question King. That might be a good topic for the Blizzard forums, perhaps under the tech support or UI Dev section.

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