JC 365-371

My last jewelcrafting post until I re-level on the live server. I’ll definitely post any updates or changes I find, so check back with me in a day or two.

Well on my last few days of jewelcrafting before the abrupt shut-down of the server, I prospect two more rare gems. And a lot of adamantite so I could beef up my stock of mercurial adamantite. It takes 3-4 stacks of adamantite ore to make one piece of jewelry at this level. I mined some and also bought some since I knew I was running out of time and I still had over 1k gold on me.

The rare gem cutting recipes were green to me, but I still got points for the gems I cut, strangely. So if you have any rare gems around this point, go ahead and cut them before making the jewelry, just in case you can get an extra point for it. After cutting the two gems I made two Braided Eternium Chains and got two more skill points, putting me at 369.

The next day I bought a Living Ruby for a reasonable price and cut it, getting another point. Maybe Blizz has taken pity on jewelcrafters at this stage of the game and allowed us to get points for green recipes… or it was just a beta thing. Who knows? After that I made another Braided Eternium Chain and got to 371 skill.

At 370 all the rare gem cutting recipes were still green. The Braided Eternium Chain recipe was yellow and my new recipe – Embrace of the Dawn – was orange. So it looks like the 365+ recipes are the guaranteed skill points for the final push in jewelcrafting.

Good luck to everyone out there and have fun in Outland!!


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  1. Brad Says:

    Shame you weren’t able to make those final few points. These posts have been a great source of information, in fact this whole site has been. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us, and congratulations on all your achievements :)

  2. kaliope Says:

    Thanks Brad – I’m hoping to level JC back up after release and then finalize my 300-375 guide at that time. For now presumably everyone can use the information I collected to get the last few points without any surprises.

    But yes I was disappointed that they took the server down Friday afternoon instead of giving us one final weekend. Oh well, the pitfalls of Beta…

    Have fun in BC!

  3. Justin Says:

    Good luck on the real servers and thanks for all the information. Also thanks for taking the time to answer all of the questions we submitted. This site was a great read everyday.


  4. centizen Says:


    Thanks for your beta preview. I have really enjoyed reading it! I picked up my expansion this morning, now it is time to go through the dark portal.

  5. Spexy Says:

    Thanks for the site Kaliope, I am sure there are many many more who benefit from your research than the few posting thank you notes! Loved to hear that you are planning on keeping up with the good work.

  6. kaliope Says:

    Thanks for the sweet thoughts guys, I’m really glad you’re all enjoying the site. I’m already compiling a new post with changes to the live jewelcrafting progression that I hope to get up today so keep an eye out for it! Right now I’m sitting at 310 JC on live — woot!!

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