Beta World Event pics!!

I’ve spent all afternoon wading through the screenshots I took of the world event that took place on Thursday for the end of Closed Beta. I used Google’s Picasa service to give everyone a way to view them easily. I highly recommend using the “Slideshow” button above the first image so you can see them in full screen mode.

World Event in Closed Beta

For those of you who really want to wade through random WoW images there’s another album with various screenshots I took in Beta, and one with general eyecandy pics I collected over the last year and a half playing WoW. There are captions on all to explain what they are.

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  1. Alex Says:

    Hi, I like the pics. I have not had the opportunity to play World of Warcraft although I used to play Ultima Online in ’97 when it started. I liked the experience, but never have my internet connection working enough and strong enough to play a constant online game. This is because of a proxy firewall established by the college so I can’t play games. Infuriating because my computer specs are heading out of date and I never got to use the PC for what I wanted it to do. Online Games !

    I Like the pics, like I say, I like the “your strength feeds me!” pic. I have saved it, and it might help as supplemental to any D&D Eberron game I run in the future. Part of Deamon Wastes. check out or

    Safe travels happy journeys.

  2. link Says:



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