Enchanting 325-350

Wow, clearly I needed to write an Enchanting post before now. Well this afternoon before the Beta servers went down (for good?) I got Kayree to 350. I’m pretty happy with that actually, given how difficult it can be to level enchanting.

At 325 all of my recipes were yellow except for Chest: Major Spirit. I was able to get a few new ones to fill in the gaps though. From 325-330 I used Bracer: Brawn or Bracer: Major INT and then at 330 I switched to Chest: Exceptional Health/Shield: Major Stamina/Chest: Major Spirit. Strangely enough the Chest: Exceptional Health is a pretty reasonable recipe even though the mats are high. If you already have a stockpile of LB shards and major heal pots this would be a good way to conserve BC mats. I mostly did the Major Spirit chant to 340 since my mid 60s crafted gear dropping a decent number of the greater planar essences.

At 340 you can buy the Superior Wizard Oil recipe, which is yellow when you learn it. But it’s still a decent grinding recipe, much better than the Gloves: Major Strength with it’s high mats. I bought a stack of nightmare vine on the auction and just powered up on around a dozen wizard oils. Presumably you can sell these and make decent money on them too. The wizard oil recipe turns green at 350 skill and this was where I quit for the day.

Apparently this is where I quit period, the servers went down shortly after that and haven’t been back up. If so then I’ll have to continue this saga after I get my chanter back up to speed on live ;)


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  1. Bungo of DoomhammerEU Says:

    I just wanted to say “thank you” for all effort you put in this blog, to help us prepare for BC crafting-wise. :)
    This surely helped my small business running ;)


  2. Flashheart Says:

    Just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the work you’ve put into this site and sharing your experiences with us!

    I’ve read pretty much every article over the last month or so – and it’s helped me prepare for the expansion and made my day pass quicker at work (ahem)!!

    (Stormreaver EU)

  3. Theramoe Says:

    Love the site, read every update and have made good investments for my tradeskills.
    In general, the layout is logic, arranged and clear. Your writing skill is very nice, entertaining and informativ, and i found this the best blogg on BC.
    High five to you, and again thanks alot..

    (Argent Dawn, EU)

  4. Madphil Says:

    A big thankyou for me also. I’ve read your posts with interest. I hope you will be able to compare the real TBC with the beta next week.

  5. Channabatura Says:

    Ditto to all of the above. If you ever get over to Cenarius server I will buy you a beer! We have posted your blog on our guild site and have had great appreciation expressed. (Esp for the Noob Guide) Way to go!

  6. kaliope Says:

    Thank you so much guys, your thanks and encouragement have made my day! I was a bit bummed about the server going down, especially with no notice to speak of. I had hoped to spend this final weekend in beta, but luckily after they launched the world event Thursday afternoon I changed gears in case they cut me off. I busted my butt the rest of that night trying to finish all my Beta research by midnight. I was able to visit all but 1 vendor (scryer, guarded by Lethon) and finish my Horde trainer list. Yesterday morning I went in and got JC to 371 and Enchanting to 350 as well. After lunch the server came down around 2pm and hasn’t been back up, we had just under 24 hour notice if you assume the world event was the notice. There has been no official post on the forums.

    The upside is that I still have some notes I need to transcribe into actual posts, including Engineering to 370 and the final Jewelcrafting post. I also have over 100 screenshots I took at the beta world event that I’d like to put up somehow, will probably need help from Mikros to figure out the best way to do it. I have a very cool shot of Lethon guarding the entrance to Shattrath City. Also a pile of dead Hoggers that Eyonix spawned in Darnassus. So there will be more to read next week, stay tuned!

    Hmm… this is getting longish… maybe I should turn it into a post…

  7. wandelaar Says:

    I am really looking forward to your (last) jewelcrafting post. Meanwhile, get your char ready for the BC!

    good luck, all the best and game on!

  8. kaliope Says:

    With any luck I will be able to get that final post done today, I wrapped up my thorium mining last night on live. Hopefully I’m set for mats and will be ready to power up JC on Tuesday, assuming the servers stay up.

    Good luck to all of you out there!!

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