Beta server still down :(

Well I had a whole second day of no beta time, which is really impeding my ability to get recipes online for Crafter’s Tome. Out of boredom I downloaded the patch for the live server. I noticed that the patch notes said they completely wiped the specialties for Leatherworking and Blacksmithing. So I spent most of this evening investigating that.

For you smiths out there, I updated our Blacksmithing list with all of today’s changes, as well as all the trainer recipes for each specialty. So I believe our blacksmithing list is pretty complete now.

I also visited the trainers for each of the Leatherworking specialties and collected data on their new recipes which I’ll be working on tomorrow. If the beta server ever comes back up I might be able to add the non-specialty leather recipes for 300+ as well.

We’ve also devised a strategy for collecting the Alchemy and Tailoring trainer recipes – I’m going to have Krystella drop Mining and hopefully while she has one Primary profession slot free I can interact with the last two trainers and get their recipe data. We’ll see if this actually works…


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  1. Carl Says:

    Last BS post 10th of january? Come on Kaliope. I love your blog and I love Blacksmithing. Gimme some nice recepies to dream about =)

  2. kaliope Says:

    Ahh, Carl…. you’ve busted me. I’ve gotten my BS up to 360 on live, but I’m stuck as Felsteel Whisper Knives. My BS toon is only 64, so she’s not really in a position to farm any of the high lvl recipes. I’ve been trying to work on her, but she doesn’t get much love atm. Hopefully once school is out here I will have a few “little helpers” to take on some of the xp grinding so I can make better progress. But I’ll go through my notes and see if I can come up with something 4 ya. Is there anything in particular you’d like more information about?

  3. Carl Says:

    Well, I have managed to find out that Felsteel gloves drop in Auchindon crypts from the monks. (An exellent choice for skilling from 360-370 btw)

    But where does the other stuff drop? Like the felsteel pants or the Khorium ward. I saw at crafters tome that the Felsteel helm is a stsic from SL.

    Another thing – is there any good spot that you prefer to get the different motes? Earth is easy from veins, Life is ok from Zang’s bog lords. But I have a trouble with especially fire, like many others. Heard about nice plateaus with fire elementals – but since I’m not 70 yet (no flying mount)they are unacsessible for me. Tips are welcome.

  4. kaliope Says:

    I’ve been reviewing my recipe options for non-dungeon drops and I think what I’m going to do is focus on Flamebane Gloves (Aldor) at 360 and try to farm the Ragesteel Gloves at 365 from the Boulderfist Warriors in Nagrand. Blacksmithing is a tough one though, as many of the 365+ recipes are epic and require a Primal Nether to craft. Which makes it difficult for non-raiders to max out :(

    For fire motes, if you can handle Blade’s Edge the northern area of Skald has decent mote farming. I’ve had folks post on the Crafter’s Tome forums that they get a reasonable drop rate there. I’ve farmed that area myself as well, if you go during an off-time the competition isn’t too bad. Also, as a miner I would tap as many fel iron nodes as you can. I have been doing that more with my JC girl, specifically to beef up my fire motes. Air motes can also be farmed in Nagrand, it’s a pain but until you are 70 and can fly around Shadowmoon it’s the best option. Korlyn (65) was able to farm almost 2 primals in an hour just hanging around the noob section of Nagrand, near Nestingwary

    According to the new Armory database, the Felsteel pants drop in The Arcatraz. The items in the Khorium set drop in Nagrand/Netherstorm/Shadowmoon, the mobs are listed on Crafter’s Tome if you click on the drop rate link :) All of Khorium recipes should be farmable if you want to go that route. Good Luck!

  5. Carl Says:

    This is what I call personal service!

    Will go mote hunting asap.

  6. kaliope Says:

    Heh, no problem :) Good luck with the farming/smithing and let me know how it turns out. If you prefer you can start a thread in the CT forums and share your info with other readers.

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