A trip to the Mana Tombs (64-67)

Well I had a pretty exciting day today! I had just meandered my way to Nagrand (level 65-67, think STV+Mulgore) to work on some quests I had there and got a tell from a group of folks looking for a healer for the Ring of Blood. I’d heard people talking about this in general chat but had no clue whether it was an instance or quest. Turns out it was a pretty cool quest in northern Nagrand. I don’t want to spoil it too much but it’s kinda like Fight Club, WoW style =)

At any rate, I think our group was a bit underpowered for this fight. The quest is listed in Thott as 67 and IMO you would probably want that to be the minimum level to try this with a full group of five. I believe we only had one person over 67 when we first started. The real problem is that these dudes hit hard. With all my resto gear on I had 7k mana and +550 heal and I still could not keep up. I was chain casting HT rank 12 and our tank’s health was dropping like a stone. We eventually managed to finish with a level 70 warrior tanking for us (thanks for helping out Chocknorris!), but I was unable to get credit for the quest after all the wipes we went through. Bummer, I could have gotten a really nifty feral weapon: Staff of Beasts.

Anyway, I had just hearthed back to Telredor when I got another tell from a group looking for a tank for the Mana Tombs. I really didn’t know much about the Mana Tombs, other than it being one of the 4 dungeons based in Terokkar Forest. So I told them as long as they didn’t mind that I might be underskilled at feral tanking, I’d give it a shot. I don’t really do much bear tanking, but I had the gear for it. I also TP’d to Moonglade and respecced to 40+ feral for the run too (1cp respec, woot!).

Turns out they were mostly squishies and really needed a tank class. We had a lock, mage, hunter and 62 druid (resto). Except for us druids everyone else was in their upper 60s, so we had some good firepower. They said it was ok if I had trouble keeping aggro, but I did my best. The only bad part was that I kept breaking the sheep with my Swipe ability. I was trying so hard to keep aggro that I was spamming swipe and didn’t always notice the turtle popping up, sorry bout that guys!

Anyway, it was kinda fun tanking and not agonizing over keeping everyone alive. Our other druid Buggie was doing a great job with the heals, plus he had tree form which was so cute. I was under the impression that tree form was a type of self inflicted root, but apparently the druid is still mobile while in tree form. I may have to try that spec out now that I know I won’t be stuck to the ground, lol.

The mana tombs was a kind of interesting place, it’s filled with renegade Consortium mobs. I know that you guys know nothing about The Consortium, but they are an interesting group and I was able to get some good faction with them by doing this run. There were two quests I picked up on the way in, plus a third that you start inside (an escort quest). Most of the mobs are caster types, there are some summoners/voidwalkers/priests. I guess it would be similar to the caster rooms in Scholomance. There are also some pathing voidwalkers who cast fear and a number of mobs that mana drain. So it can be a bit challenging for the casters and healers in your group.

The boss fights were pretty straightforward except for the third boss, a mage. He had two orbs next to him that did some sort of AOE explosion. I charged him and in about 2 seconds I was dead. Turns out the orbs have enough firepower to kill your tank before you can fire off even one heal. So for round 2 I pulled him to the side with moonfire and the others blasted the orbs from range. That worked better and I was able to tank him with the others dps’ing.

Sadly I never made it to the last boss, shortly after we started the escort quest I got dc’d and had to reboot my system to recover. By the time I got back in they had finished the run and were turning in quests. I was bummed, I wanted to be in that last fight. But for some odd reason I still got credit for the escort completion, so I was able to walk away with 2 really nice blue resto items: Haramad’s Leggings and Cryo-Mitts. I also got enough XP to ding 66 from the quest turn-ins and hit Friendly rep with the Consortium (which will let me catalog their recipes for you, woot!). Not bad for a 4 hour marathon gaming session.

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