JC 350-365: Hope you’re not afraid of big numbers

Since my last JC post I’ve been purchasing additional rare (blue) gemcutting recipes from the auction. I have five now, one for each gem type. I bought them with the funds from gems I had sold, plus Kaliope and Korlyn both sent me a few hundred gold each to help out. At one point I had 1800g to play with but I used most of that for recipes. I’d say I’ve probably spent 1200-1500g on the five recipes I have.

I also started buying uncut gems from the auction. After my first six gems I haven’t been able to collect any more despite daily mining and prospecting. So I decided to use some of my extra funds to buy uncut gems and resell them, which is probably a break-even proposition for me. I’m not too concerned since I’m mostly in this for the skill points. The cut gems I’ve been selling for 350g, so I try to buy them for 300g or lower if I can.

Using this method I was able to get to 360 skill in jewelcrafting and my five cutting recipes were still yellow. I was starting to worry about this plan though, how long can they possibly stay yellow? Surely not all the way from 350 to 375. So I started shopping for additional recipes to fall back on when those stopped being viable. I found a recipe yesterday for the Braided Eternium Chain that was only a few hundred gold. It requires 360 skill, which I thought had a better chance of seeing me through to the finish line. Plus this will use up some of the mercurial adamantite I’ve been making (and selling off for cash), as well as the eternium bars that Korlyn had been collecting.

I made one today to get myself to 365 – and lo and behold my gem cutting recipes went green on me. Good timing eh? So I guess the gem cutting gravy train is over and it’s a good thing because buying all those gems was getting expensive. This new recipe uses all materials I can get from mining, so that will be easier on my wallet. I also found another recipe for 100g on the auction today for the Embrace of the Dawn (a 365 skill recipe). I figured for 100g I can hedge my bets in case the other recipe doesn’t carry me to 375. For now I’m good though, both new recipes are still orange.

Well this is the final stretch for me, only 10 more points to max out jewelcrafting. I’m not sure whether I’ll make it before they bring the beta server down, but I hope so!


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  1. Madphil Says:

    Hi again Kaliope,

    Great stuff, I love reading your posts, keep it up!

    I have a question about money. How would you say ‘earning’ money in TBC is? What I mean is, do ramdom grey drops and money drops off mobs carry on where they were left off at lv60? Or do they jump up a notch to more money making quantities?

    Ofcourse, on a beta server prices in the AH are not comparable to the real servers, but can you give us an idea of where we stand money wise?

    The rumours about the flying mount etc. costing 5k gold, how fast is that earned? or will that be somthing for the extremely rich in the game?

    I hope you get the point I am trying to get across :)

    Greetings, Madphil @ Hellscream

  2. kaliope Says:

    Hi Madphil, glad to see you’re still visiting the site! Yes, I understand what you’re saying about money and I can see why the 5k mount cost would be scary. I can confirm that they’ve ratcheted the economy in BC up to the next level. The basic flying mount (equivalent to our 40g mount) is 1000g and the swift flying mount (equivalent to our epic mount) is 5000g. It’s the same basic concept, most players will have 1000g by the time they hit level 70 to purchase the basic mount. More financially aggressive folks will probably be able to attain the 5000g for the swift gryphon, but the casuals probably won’t have that kind of cash. Or if they do they won’t want to blow it all in that fashion.

    In order to quantify how the average player would collect 1000g by the time they hit 70, I can give some examples. My hunter Korlyn came into BC with about 250g – I didn’t bother multicashing her since I didn’t expect her to need money in Beta. As of level 64 she’s already collected over 1000g through questing, mob drops and crafting. I sell my crafted weapons and armor for 10-20gold each. So for her, she’s got the money she needs now at level 63 (and 4/5ths). But I’m sure this is because she’s put in way more time mining and crafting than I spent leveling her.

    In general, quests will reward 3-5 gold each and to complete one level in BC you’ll probably do 25-30 quests, unless you spend a lot of time doing mindless grinding. So for each level, players have the potential to earn 75- 150g just from questing. You also get cash and loot from killing mobs, humanoids drop 10-20s each and most trash(gray) loot sells for 10 silver apiece. It’s not unusual after a couple of hours of killing mobs for me to return with 2-3 stacks of trash loot that I can vendor for 2-3 gold. In fact I’d say I typically end up with more like 4-5 gold worth of loot from a couple of hours of mob drops because you usually end up with 1-2 pieces of gray armor that sell for 1-2 gold each.

    So let’s say you quest for a full level and get about 100g from quest rewards. Then we add in the mob loot at an average of 10 kills per quest (this is a rough average, some quests require only 1 kill or none, other quests can require 30-40 kills or more depending on drop rate). So if we get a minimum of 10 silver per mob (either loot or cash) then we’d have another 30g from loot. Adding that all up means a player can earn about 130g per level with just questing. This wouldn’t even count crafting that you might do with materials you collect or harvest while you level, nor would it count any dungeon runs you might go on.

    If we assume that the average player can earn 130 gold per level, this would give them 1300g by the time they hit level 70. Which I’m sure is why Blizz made the flying mount price 1000g. I’ve read that they planned the number of quests to coincide with the leveling progression to enable players to fully quest through each level without having to grind. So far I have found this to hold true with Kaliope who is now at 65 1/2 (hoping for 66 this weekend).

    I’m going to copy this information over to the blog as well, I’m sure there are others who’d like to know if they can reasonably hope to buy a flying mount when they get to level 70.

  3. C.Jackson Says:

    This is very useful information,thank you for putting this nice piece of info for us to read.

  4. kaliope Says:

    Hey, no problem :) I got myself into the beta so I could beef up the content on my crafting site and give other folks a sneak peek into the new goodies, so I’m glad you guys are visiting my wee blog!

  5. Rich Says:

    Can you buy any of the 350 recepies off vendors or are they all random world drops?

  6. kaliope Says:

    They are all random world drops :(

  7. Rich Says:

    Man this is gonna suck… Thanks for the heads up..

    350 Designs on my server range from like 300-600g each :(

  8. kaliope Says:

    That’s true for many servers, I’ve paid 300g for some of mine as well. Keep your eye out for deals whenever you can. That money does come back to you though, the gems you cut from those recipes will likely sell for 40-60g each. So it doesn’t take long to recover your costs.

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