Adamantite Prospecting Stats: A chart for the good stuff

As I mentioned in my most recent Jewelcrafting post, I’ve been mining and prospecting every day hoping to get rare gems to cut for skill points. That didn’t really happen, but I knew you guys would want to know what kind of stuff drops from Adamantite Ore (the last prospectable ore). So I took notes over the last three days to give you a rough idea what to expect. Here’s a list of all the prospecting actions I did this week:

#1: Adamantite Powder, Golden Draenite
#2: Adamantite Powder, Shadow Draenite, Talasite (rare gem)
#3: Adamantite Powder, Shadow Draenite, Deep Peridot
#4: Adamantite Powder

#1: Adamantite Powder, Shadow Draenite, Deep Peridot
#2: Adamantite Powder, Golden Draenite, Deep Peridot
#3: Adamantite Powder, Shadow Draenite
#4: Adamantite Powder

#1: Adamantite Powder, Flame Spessarite, Golden Draenite
#2: Adamantite Powder, Blood Garnet, Golden Draenite
#3: Adamantite Powder, Shadow Draenite
#4: Adamantite Powder, Shadow Draenite, Deep Peridot
#5: Adamantite Powder, Golden Draenite
#6: Adamantite Powder, Golden Draenite, Azure Moonstone

As you can see, I end up with lots of adamantite powder which is used to make mercurial adamantite for other recipes. I also ended up with notably more ‘draenite’ gems than the other types. But in general you end up with plenty of gems, even after you factor in the dud drops. By the time I got to the 350 range I was actually kind of tired of all the lesser gems I was getting. Right now I have over 40 uncut green gems in my bags and 20+ cut gems sitting in the bank. I’m not cutting them because they stack to 20 when uncut and do not stack when cut. Since I already have a surplus in the bank, it seems pointless to continue cutting the new ones. Anyway, I hope this gives you an idea of what to expect when it’s time to prospect adamantite.


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  1. wookiecookie Says:

    thanks for the info on how cut gems don’t stack. your articles are really helpful :D

  2. kaliope Says:

    Hi Wookie, I’m glad you’re finding the site useful. I’m trying to mention as many useful bits of info as I can so you guys won’t be total noobs when you hit the Outlands. Feel free to ask any questions you might have if you think of them, that’s what I’m here for!

  3. Justin Says:

    As always, your information is the best available. Here’s another question for you about JC. Have you found any JC recipes from any of the current faction vendors, such as Argent Dawn or Cenarion Circle?


  4. kaliope Says:

    Hmm, that’s a good question Justin. I have to say that I haven’t really spent much time on the old continents, except for some marathon thorium mining during my 250-300 jewelcrafting phase. Thottbot doesn’t seem to have any new recipes listed for the AD vendors, but that’s certainly not definitive. If I have time this week I’ll see if I can’t make it back to one of these vendors and look at their wares. If they do in fact have new recipes I’ll need to get those input into my database anyway.

  5. Dan Says:

    Just want to say another thanks… You info is very appreciated.

  6. kaliope Says:

    Thanks Dan, I’m glad you’re finding the info useful =)

  7. Blade Says:

    Unfortunately, they changed in the latest patch one of the JC designs I was planning on using from levels 190 – 200 ( citrine pendant of greater healing ) is not soulbound to the bank toon that was holding all my designs i bought over the last 4 weeks. So I can not send it to my lvl 60 toon that is going to be my JC.

    Any thoughts on what I can use from lvl 190 – 200?
    Will Solid Stone statues still be at least yellow at 190 ?

    Any info is appreciated, thanks in advance.

  8. Blade Says:

    correction … above … not = now * it IS soulbound to my bank alt ;( cant mail to my main.

  9. kaliope Says:

    Hi Blade, thanks for stopping by! To answer your question, l personally prefer the Engraved Truesilver Ring or the Citrine Ring of Rapid Healing for the 190-200 level. Both of these recipes use less mats than the citrine necklace and you can learn them from the trainer. Hold on to your mats from the citrine necklace, they are almost identical to the citrine ring recipe you get from the trainer and will work for the same gap you’re concerned about.

    I highly doubt the solid stone recipe will still be yellow at 190, my notes from the beta sessions indicate that it went yellow @ 175 so I’ll bet it’s green by 190. Not that you couldn’t still eek out a few skill points with a green recipe, but Thottbot says it goes gray at 195. If you wanna stock some extra stones just in case I can’t see what it would hurt.

    In case you didn’t spot this yet, I have a leveling guide and shopping list on Crafter’s Tome with all this info broken down for you. You can find the links here:

    Jewelcrafting Links

  10. Shivv Says:

    Kaliope, just wanted to finally comment and say how much I (and I’m sure all the other future Jewelcrafters) appreciate the work you’ve put in. While I’m not going to use your guide to level it has been very helpful in filling in the gaps in my strategy.

    I do have one question though: are the recipes you were buying to level post-300 expensive because of price gouging or because they are really THAT rare? From everything I’ve heard the beta server economy is way out of whack, so I’m curious as to whether you think it will cost as much to level when TBC goes live.

  11. kaliope Says:

    Hi Shivv – I’m glad the site is helpful to you :)

    The economy on beta is out of whack – from what I can tell most people here engaged in money copying before they moved their character over. So now everyone has tons of gold, one guy even admitted that he raided the guild bank before copying his toon to the beta server.

    Not going to deny that I did it too, but frankly I would have been screwed without it considering how much I’m paying for things here. Seemingly everyone knows this and charges outrageous sums for everything. Would you pay 20g for a stack of Tigerseye? Apparently these folks think you should ;)

    To answer your question, no the recipes aren’t rare. I generally see at least half of the available blue recipes on the auction every day. They are probably selling for 2-3x their actual value because of beta inflation. That said, when the expansion first comes out everything related to jewelcrafting or the new expanded crafts will also be severely overpriced. I imagine it will be the same as the world event for AQ, the new AD quests, etc. Any materials relating to these events go sky-high and Outland will likely be no different. So prepare for the worst, at least for the first few months.

    If you’re in a guild everyone could try to make a pact to share recipes for a reasonable price. Possibly even set a firm price for all blue recipes and epic ones. This way everyone benefits from having friends who can make certain items and that crafter gets the recipe at reduced cost.

    Good luck!

  12. beef Says:

    good times. a quick question as i can’t find much information about cut gems. i’ve got a 200 jewelcrafting recipe for figurine – golden hare, that a friend wants me to make. But for the life of me I can’t find out where to acquire the skill to cut gems. do i need a certain skill level (currently 205 in the release), is there a recipe i have to pick up. so far i’ve talked to the mining and jewelcrafting trainers in silvermoon and the jewelcrafting trainer in shattrath with no luck.

  13. kaliope Says:

    All of the cut gem recipes are 300-350 skill, so you’re not there yet :) Also, you’ll note that the crafted trinkets are BoP, so *please* don’t try making one for your buddy!

    You’ll need to visit the JC trainer in Thrallmar to skill up past 300, she should also have about a dozen cutting recipes for you.

  14. beef Says:

    thanks for the info. i appreciate the help!

  15. changed Says:

    Thanks for the useful resources and post! I prospected my first stack of adamantite and got 2 rare/blue gems! I’m counting my lucky stars of Elune…

  16. kaliope Says:

    Rofl, that’s great Changed! I have to say I’ve never seen 2 rare gems drop at once =)

  17. Ture Says:

    Who says he dropped 2 rares at once kaliope? Read the text plx. :p He just prospected his first “stack” m8.. thats 4 prospects.. and if u havent tried getting 2 rare gems for prospecting 20xadamantive ores, you might just havent been prospecting enough i guess :p i did 3 blues on a stack today and 4 in a stack should be right around the conor if i keep beeing a little lucky :p

    Don’t belive it? gah what do i care..

  18. Tors Says:

    I prospected around 200 fel iron yesterday and got a lot of gems of course. Also 4 rare talasite and one noble topaz.

  19. ProspectingBongo Says:


    TY for publishing this article! it is great and yet disturbing…

    I would have hoped for more of the rare gems out of 70 Adamantite…

    While I am sure that you want to keep these gems for cutting, there are another use for these gems…

    I also realise the date of this post… I am posting in April 2007 :)…

    If you have an alchemist, you can use these as a part of your mats to produce Earthstorm and skyfire diamonds.

    Just wanted to say… :)

  20. kaliope Says:

    Hi Bongo – thanks for sharing your thoughts on this article. Although it’s a bit older, I still think the numbers here give a reasonably accurate picture of the prospecting drops. I am at 375 JC now, have been for several months. Typically when I prospect two stacks of adamantite I will end up with *one* blue gem. At least that’s the average I’ve been seeing in the last month or so. It used to be more random but I’m guessing they tweaked it at some point.

    I have used a few of my gems for making diamonds, but not too many since I don’t personally have a 350 alchemist. I’m trying to level mine up, but it’s a slow process since he was only 35 when TBC came out. He’s at 42 now…

    But as you know, prospecting is being modified in the 2.1 patch. Who knows what changes they will make in addition to the guaranteed gem per action? If I notice anything significant I’ll be sure to write an update.

  21. Untitled :: Blog Archive » prospecting math 2.1 Says:

    […] down some of the old prospecting math. Kaliope has a wonderful blog on WoW crafting issues and recorded some numbers on the subject. She also has posts on mithril, thorium, and lowbie ore prospecting results before […]

  22. hec Says:

    I got 7 blue gems from prospect 70 adamantite ore, probably really lucky, because I got 4 in a row, which basically means I got 4 from 1 stack

  23. kaliope Says:

    The drop rate of blue gems has been increased to about 1 blue per 20 ore since the 2.1 patch. It’s not unusual to get more blues than that, but the average would be about 1 blue per full stack of ore (fel iron or adamantite).

  24. Hirotto Says:

    The rate of adamantite’s blues is alot higher than fel iron. I get 1 blue gem from 2 stacks of fel iron most of the time. so far I have always gotten a blue from adaman.

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