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I got a question a couple of days ago from a reader who wanted to know if I was researching the Hordie trainers for my site. Sadly I had not tackled this yet, although I want to get them online at some point. So I decided to do a stealth mission to Thrallmar to see how much I could scope out in kitty form.

Unfortunately the guards busted me several times and I was not able to enter any buildings. I could only stand on the outskirts of town and use my mouse cursor to find vendor names. I also had humanoid tracking on, which enabled me to narrow down the buildings but not the location inside. I did find a link posted on the WoW beta forums which helped fill in some of the blanks for me:

The Horde profession trainers for 300-375 are at Thrallmar:

  • Jewelcrafting – Kalaen is inside the Inn
  • Skinning – Moorutu is outside under a small tent in front of the Inn
  • Leatherworking – Barim Spilthoof is with the skinning trainer ;)
  • Tailoring – Dalinna is inside the Inn
  • Cooking – Baxter is inside the Inn
  • Alchemy – Apothecary Antonivich is inside the mage tower on the west side of Thrallmar
  • Enchanting – Felannia is inside the mage tower on the west side of Thrallmar
  • Engineering – Mack Diver at Zabra’jin in Zangarmarsh, located just outside the fence on the southeast side of town, standing under the bridge that leads into town.
  • Mining – Krugosh is standing in front of the barracks
  • Blacksmithing – Rohok is at the forge just south of the mage tower
  • First Aid – Aresella is at Falcon Watch on the southwestern side of Hellfire Peninsula
  • Fishing – Zurjaya at Zabra’jin in Zangarmarsh, standing by the bonfire in the center of town.

Also I thought it was worth mentioning that if anyone has trouble finding their trainer in their starting town, Shattrath City has many Grand Master trainers as well. You can ask a guard to mark your mini-map if you want to make it super easy =)

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  1. Andy Says:

    Hi, I attempted to ask a guard for the local fishing trainer in Shattrath City, and it wasn’t available under professions. Just a FYI.

  2. kaliope Says:

    Hmm, interesting. I was pretty certain I saw a fishing trainer there but I think he was a skettis. It’s also possible that since the secondary trainers are just vendors who sell you a book, maybe the guards don’t recognize them as trainers. Thanks for pointing this out, I’ll wander to Shattrath and test this theory and if you’re right we’ll update the guide.

  3. IPW133 Says:

    There is talk of portal trainers in Shattrath city – I know them well – but I cannot find the class trainer for mages. The guards don’t even give that option.

    Can you help please

  4. kaliope Says:

    There are no class trainers in Outland at all. For that you’ll have to return to one of the old cities (IF, SW, Darn).

  5. kaliope Says:

    I finally found a fishing and engineering trainer in Zangarmarsh for Horde and added them to my list above. These are confirmed trainers that I located using my stealth kitty form :)

  6. beatard Says:

    what lvl do you need to be to get past lvl 300 engineering?i am a lvl 49 twink elf hunter who quit 275 enchanting for engineering just cuz i want a cool trinket, can anyone tell me what lvl the chicken is if i have 300 engineering and i summon it at lvl 49? and i need to know what lvl the mithril Mechanical Dragonling is at 300 engineering and me being lvl 49 TY dont take forever to reply : /

  7. kaliope Says:

    You have to be level 50 to train over 300 in any primary profession. I can’t say for certain what level your combat pet would be at 300 engineering, but at 375 my combat pet is level 75. I would assume from my experience that a 300 engineering pet would be around level 60 or so. They have very little hitpoints though, they are helpful for additional dps but they cannot fight against a mob that is hitting them directly.

  8. magdale Says:

    There is also a grand master engineer trainer in Thrallmar. His name’s Zebig Lebowski and he’s about 2.5 steps southwest from the Thrallmar quartermaster in front of the barracks.

  9. beatard Says:

    whats with the quest Gnome Engineering and Goblin Engineering? I am a lvl 49 twink who cant get any xp at all or do any quest or i will level for shure.I was told going into engineering that there would be no quest to gain skill, thats why i quit my 275 enchanting.can someone plz let me know if i got to do the quest or tell me more about the quest and what they do?

  10. kalidos Says:

    haha dang it, i went all the way to thrall mar and them thought that i was wrong about a grandmaster engineer trainer there so i flew to the one in zangarmarsh, then read the comments here only to find out that there was a trainer in thrallmar, haha ouch

  11. givemeit Says:

    can’t find First Aid – Aresella is at Falcon Watch on the southwestern side of Hellfire Peninsula

  12. givemeit Says:

    nvm i found it

  13. Aleyahdawn Says:

    The Engineering trainer for Horde is also in Thrallmar. Directly outside the Inn to the Right, Short little goblin guy. Keep looking. He’s there. (No one can ever see him though ^_^)

  14. Aleyahdawn Says:

    Wow.. not reading comments FTL, seems someone already posted this. :)

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