Blacksmithing 340-360

I leapfrogged quite a bit there eh? It’s not quite as amazing as it seems, I was inching along towards 350. I mostly made the Adamantite Dagger from 340-350, since it had the lowest ore requirement. It did not turn yellow @ 340 like Thottbot has it, it was yellow at 330 (maybe 335, I forgot to write that down). I continued to make it though because the only orange recipes I had were blue armor with seriously high mats. I got a point for most of the daggers I made so this ended up being a reasonable method for me.

Once I hit 350, all of my recipes went green except for the previously mentioned blue armor recipes. Luckily I spent several hours yesterday grinding my Cenarion Expedition rep to Honored. They sell three different recipes for 350 smithing skill that are low mats, great for grinding points. So in preparation for the sinkhole I was going to find myself in at 350, I made a point to gain faction with them so I could buy these recipes:

Adamantite Sharpening Stone
Adamantite Weight Stone

Greater Rune of Warding (not in my database yet, lol)

At any rate, these recipes were yellow as soon as I learned them, but the mats were so low it was still worth grinding on them. I made about 25 items between these three recipes and managed to get to 360 despite the fact that they went green at 355. Just an FYI, you can also learn the recipe for the Adamantite Rod @ 350 skill, but I don’t know that I’d make them just for skill points.

I’m not sure if I’m going to continue skilling up smithing beyond this point, all my recipes are either green or gray. I don’t have the faction to purchase any of the faction recipes that kick in now, nor do I have thousands of gold to purchase the epic drop recipes on the AH. But hopefully at this point you will be reasonably comfortable with what you can do and have your own ideas of what you’d like to make for the final skill points in Smithing =)

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