Another dungeon: The Underbog

Yes, last night I went on another dungeon run. I had like 4 quests in The Underbog and I wanted to see what kind of XP I could get doing that instead of questing. So I plopped myself into the LFG system and went about my business. After 10 minutes or so I got one person added to my party, then another 5 minutes later a second. We sat in the queue for 10-15 minutes and then they got bored and left. I waited another 10-15 minutes and got another person joining in. Her name was Assarisa and I chatted with her a bit while we waited to see if anyone else would show up. A few minutes later we got another groupmate. At this point Assarisa started trying to recruit a couple more folks to see if we could get the show on the road. I got a /tell from a warlock who wanted in too. So we found a rogue and I invited the lock and we headed out. At this point we had druid (me), hunter (Assarisa), warrior, rogue and lock as our group composition. I seem to always end up with this mix, lol. At any rate, the LFG queue seems to work much like the BG queues. Just bop in and keep soloing until your group fills up, which was fine by me. Must less boring than standing around IF spamming the LFG channel.

Our tank and Risa had both been to this particular instance before, so we relied on them to fill us in on the strats. This instance seemed to consist of many of the same creatures that inhabit Zangarmarsh, which I could name for you but it would mean nothing =) Suffice it to say they are mostly beasts, with some giants and humanoids. They seemed to range from 63+ to 65+ for single pulls and bosses.

Our lock left after about an hour, I think right after the second boss. We found another tank to come in her place and he took off-tank duty. The third boss was somewhat interesting, a hunter fight similar to the one in DM, but obviously more difficult. After that we fought some groups of spore bats and stingers, which were annoying because they had some pretty potent poison. That was a bit tricky to cast cures and heals at the same time.

Then we made it to the final boss, which was a big Fen Strider. This was also an new type of fight for me because he did a tossing action that floated you in the air for about a minute, then you drop down again. Somehow I managed to get hit with this every time and end up out of range for heals. We wiped twice on this guy and the third time I tried to stay in close range with the melee folks so I could minimize the tossing range. Our tank seemed to think he was tossing the person who was furthest away. Since our hunter also got tossed, this seemed to make sense. I got tossed again on the third attempt, but luckily I was still in healing range so we managed to take the thing down =)

We didn’t get much loot on this run except for the 4 bosses in there each dropped a blue item. And of course, the fifty million Codex of Shadow Protection II that are the running joke of beta. I seriously ended up with 10 copies of this thing and I’m sure my groupmates had the same. We started leaving them on the bodies about 2/3rds through the run, I just had no space left for them. If you don’t believe me, check the drop rates on that link, it has a 25-50% drop rate off every mob in the dungeons.

Anyway, it was a fun run and I got to group with some nice people. I was able to complete three of my four quests, so I ended up with 5-6 bubbles of xp total for the run. If it hadn’t been for the wipes we probably could have cleared the place in an hour or so. Even with the wipes we managed to finish in about two. If most of the other dungeons are like this I could easily see this setup being within reason for casual players.


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