Leatherworking 330-345

Last night I finally collected enough leather (3+ stacks) to move up another 5 points to 345, so it’s time for a new leatherworking post. For this range you’ll need 12-15 pieces of knothide leather to make one item. This can take time since you’ll still be getting 50% leather scraps if you haven’t leveled past 65 yet. Despite the fact that my skinning is at 375, I’m still unable to reliably get full knothide leather from level 65 mobs.

You get two new trainer recipes at 330: the Thick Draenic Vest and the Wild Draenish Vest. Both of these recipes and the Scaled Draenic Vest remain orange until 340, so you can make any of these. I tended to go with the mail armor with my crafting because it uses slightly less leather and adds in fel scales instead. Since I need to conserve my leather and I actually ended up with scales from skinning basilisks, this worked out for me.

At 335 your trainer can teach you the recipe for Felscale Breastplate and Scaled Draenic Boots. Leatherworkers have kind of a good gig here because they can make armor sets for 4 classes: Wild Draenish (druid), Thick Draenic (rogue), Felscale (hunter) and Scaled Draenic (shaman). I think this gives us more selling options than smiths or tailors might have.

From 335 – 345 I made a lot of the scaled draenic boots because they use only 12 knothide leather and 2 fel scales. I sent some to my enchanter to DE and kept a couple to sell. I’m actually selling some of my shammy gear on beta since we have players leveling Draenei now.

At 340 you can learn how to make Drums of War from your trainer. I haven’t made one myself, since I’m mostly soloing, but I could see it coming in handy for groups. There are several variants of this recipe that you can buy from faction vendors, but I haven’t gotten my faction high enough with the right folks yet. Unfortunately this recipe is yellow when you learn it and it can only be used by leatherworkers, so the selling potential is low.

Just an FYI, the recipes on Thottbot at 340 skill are faction recipes, odds are you won’t be able to purchase those by the time you hit 340. Unless you mostly ignore your leatherworking you’ll be past 340 by the time you gain decent faction with most groups. So don’t plan on being able to buy the vendor recipes you see at 325+ for leatherworking. So far I’ve found only one non-faction vendor recipe for leatherworkers, and that was the one to make heavy knothide leather (bleh). I did get to Honored with the Cenarion Refuge and purchase a new armor kit from them (don’t recall the name), but that’s been it so far in terms of recipes. There don’t seem to be many factions with recipes for Leatherworkers at Friendly rep, so you’ll have to hit Honored or higher with someone to buy new recipes from them.

One other bit of info I wanted to share with you guys, it seems that all professions now have specialty BoP recipes that are supposed to be just for the crafter to make themselves. For leatherworkers this means rare leather armor in your specialization. For blacksmiths there are specialty trainers in Shattrath who will teach you these new recipes, but I found no such trainer for leatherworkers. I had to travel all the way back to Feralas and speak with my original trainer. Luckily Kaliope is Tribal – so she was able to get a recipe for the Living Crystal Breastplate. There are a few others as well, one for level 45 druids (I didn’t bother training that one) and a 3-piece epic set of Windhawk gear for level 70 folks. I think it’s great that Blizz is giving us epic recipes from our trainer =)


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  1. Amrasellion Says:

    I’m working on my Leatherworking too and im 356 so far. It’s getting really hard to level it now though since all the patterns that are orange or yellow requires at least 4 primals and ALOT of leather. Eg the Heavy Clefthoof Boots that requires 4 Primal Earth, 20 Thick Clefthoof Leather, 4 Heavy Knothide Leather and 2 Rune Tread. So unless theres some random drop patterns like the good old Wicked Leather pieces for this level it will be really really expensive or time consuming getting leatherworking to 375…

  2. Eldergrubel Says:

    I’ve just got Leatherworking to 365 and it is indeed very VERY expensive to level this trade. My recomendation would be to advertise like made to make yellow and orange recipes for FREE if someone else can provide the mats. Heck, I’d even pay 20g to anyone who gave the mats which levelled my LW. 100g to get to 375 would be incredibly cheap. :)

  3. Stresa Says:

    Once I got the Riding Crop pattern at 350, I made Riding Crops to 365. I only failed to get a skill up on one create. I was supplying the leather free to people if they could come up with the rest of the mats. Now at 365 I feel stuck.

  4. Amrasellion Says:

    ive hit 375 now… i found felstalker bracers to be the best pattern to lvl on after 365. Requires 4 primal air each so happy farming :P

  5. kaliope Says:

    Thanks so much for sharing! It’s good to know that it’s possible to hit 375 with something. I’m guessing the market potential for this item is rather low since it has more shammy looking stats instead of hunter? Anyone have experience selling these?

  6. Amrasellion Says:

    new tip, get exalted with Shatar or keepers of time and use the drums for lvling. RLY easy to make and gives skillups all the way to 365 for shatar and 375 for keepers iirc

  7. kaliope Says:

    Amra: How much work does it take to become exalted with Shatar or KoT? I’m only honored with Shatar on my 70 rogue. My leatherworker Kaliope has only recently hit friendly with Shatar and no KoT at all. Suggestions?

    I’m sitting at 345 now and I’ve been using the leg armor kits from Cenarion Expedition to get points. They are available at honored, which is much easier to achieve imo. It’s not going to hold me for long but it’s workable for now.

  8. Hermine Says:

    Great info! I am at 351 and my decision is to go with scaled draenic boots as long as possible. Lucky me, I have an enchanter alt for disposal (don’t seem to sell at all at my server).

    I will also look into those faction drums. If they are easy to make, fine :) I found them pretty useful to cheer up a team after a wipe or in other difficult situations, otherwise the buff duration is a bit too short.

  9. Borrodir Says:

    I’ve managed to hit 365 now, and it actually wasn’t too painful. I play with a lot of hunters (I’m one too) and have spent a lot of time looking at our quest and 5-man loot. I can pretty much guarantee you that no hunter will find any piece to replace ANY of the 3 felstalker pieces before kara. Truthfully, the only reason I would take the Beast Lord Curaiss is because it has a little more stamina and so is a little better suited to PvP than the felstalker. For all 3 pieces, anything that is picked up from a quest or dungeon will be probably not even be a side-grade. That said, the other 70 hunters in my guild have found the same thing. I’ve crafted the set for myself, 2 pieces for another hunter, and 1 piece for a third. And I’ll probably continue doing so as other hunters gather the primal airs (not that many considering the time investment in a dungeon run). I recommend checking out the gear of some of the hunters you play with and suggesting that they upgrade to the felstalker set. It really is awesome, and has 4 sockets for stats tweaking. The first felstalker pattern is bought from the HH quartermaster at friendly and the last two are purchased at Honored (which makes it much easier than the fel leather rogue set, which requires revered with consortium for the last piece).

    Anyway, that’s how I’ve been levelling up. With 4-5 level 70 hunters in my guild (and all of them unable to get anything better than felstalker), I’ll continue to craft this set until they are all outfitted and I’m 375. :)

  10. kaliope Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience with these items Borrodir! I had just been eyeballing the Felstalker items earlier today, as I’m currently stuck at 355 LW with Kaliope. I can make the Fel Leather Gloves and I’m trying to get Honored with Consortium, so I’ve been stalled collecting all the mats. But I already have all three Felstalker recipes in addition to a 63 hunter who will not be able to raid but I like to gear her up as well as I can. This is great information you shared, I was worried that the Felstalker gear would not be worth making. Particularly because hunters have traditionally preferred the “Monkey” gear instead of the “Falcon” items that I personally like better. That said, I’d sure hate to farm all those Primal Airs and lose money on the gear :( Thanks to your testimony, I can say that if nothing else, I know my girl Korlyn will wear them proudly!

  11. Borrodir Says:

    Glad it was useful. I was lucky because I had guildmates I could craft the pieces for. A lot of hunters might not want to buy the pieces because the cost is a bit high, but I expect they’d change their minds if they had taken the time to look at the alternatives. I’m thinking of gathering enough Primal Air, Heavy Knothide Leather, and Fel Hide to make any 1 of the 3 pieces and then just advertise them. If someone wants more than one, I can make one immediately and go farm the mats for the others (or they can farm them).

  12. Forkbeard Says:

    I found nothing useful at all about the BoP patterns.. Leatherworking is a profession to me. I use it to make things that are useful to others in my guild and for sale. It irked me to no end that some of the very best patterns now are BoP and therefore useless to me.

    Great travel log by the way.

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