Lvl 64… Enchanting… New Cooking Recipes

Quick enchanting factoid – cut gems are not disenchantable. This is too bad because I have about a bazillion Sovereign Shadow Draenite.

Also, I got Kaliope to level 64 this afternoon. I’ve decided to focus on just one toon from here on out. That’s the only way I’m going to make it to the upper 60s before release. Korlyn will continue mining ore but I won’t level her any higher since she can already mine all the ores needed for smithing and jewelcrafting.

I do however need someone to unlock the higher level vendors. It seems that most of the 65+ recipes are available through drops or faction. If I don’t get faction with these groups, I can’t even interact with the vendors to view their recipes. This is pretty important if I’m going to be able to bring more recipe information online. So Kaliope is going to try to unlock as much as she can over the next two weeks. Today I just got access to the Kurenai vendor, and they are also sending me to the Telaar folks in Nagrand. I haven’t been able to talk with either of these groups before today, so I’m happy about opening up these factions finally.

I’m also working on the updates for Cooking and First Aid this weekend – my other big project. The new Kurenai vendor had two recipes that I hadn’t been able to find previously. Thottbot has about twice as many new Cooking recipes than I’ve seen in game so far. What I’m finding out is that these missing recipes are tied to quests I can’t do yet and factions I haven’t unlocked. I’ll do my best to remedy that before release so that you guys know what to do if you want to collect the cooking recipes.

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  1. Brad Says:

    Hi, Brad again. Sorry to hear you have to focus on one toon.

    Are you finding the mobs your killing/grinding to be of equal difficulty for your level ? For example is killing a 63 mob at Level 63 the same difficulty as killing a 60 at 60 ? Or do they seem to have amped up the difficulty in general for BC.

  2. rahw Says:

    hey mate, come check out my TBC blog i’m starting:
    i’ll add you to my links thingy now

  3. kaliope Says:

    Hi again Brad – I always knew that keeping up with 4 toons with less than 2 months to release would be an impossible mission. I’m just glad that I got my hunter high enough to mine all the relevant ores. It’s really Kaliope that still needs to progress, she has yet to reliably skin knothide leather (as opposed to scraps).

    Well I started responding to your question about mob difficulty and it’s turning into a novella. Plus I think others might also want to see this info, so I’m going to put it into a post – look for it here shortly :)

    Thanks for sticking around my wee blog and sending me such great questions!

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